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Street art femme de grâce



Arteunok — Spain


The arcane graffiti arts, involving late night freehand spray can forays on to vacant urban walls, is a thing of the past these days, due to it gaining acceptance and the creative evolution of many of its artists in this independent art culture.. The spirit of spontaneity still survives but the presentation has more finesse and scale and the mixing of techniques such as collage, graffiti, stencil, painting and drawing have been introduced. The merging of photo realism, abstraction and street art savvy have resulted in striking visuals rich in emotion and reach.

As the street art juggernaut rolls on, conferring it to be one of the fastest growing art movements at the beginning of the 21st century, both male and female street artists have been expanding the street aesthetic and pushing the pigments to drive new expressions of femininity with their urban murals to attain higher levels of recognition and visibility for women.


Royyaldog-street-art-Seoul wall mural

Royyaldog street art Seoul


The involvement of female artists is growing and more have entered the street art fray. Several are featured here including the Cape Town street artist Faith 47, who has a focus on themes of equality, poverty and justice using a central figure of a women, quite often portrayed as an angel, lady liberty or an African mother with a child on her back, to communicate the message of a woman’s place in the world. Other female artists include the prolific French urban artist Vinnie, Amanda Lynne, Alice Pasquini, Diana Contreras, Toofly and Lady Aiko, who has been developing her Pop influenced street art using collages of mixed media landscapes since she moved to New York from Tokyo in the 90’s. She juxtaposes raw feminine imagery with touches of vivid butterflies and large flowers.

The male street visual artists also exploring female imagery include the UK artist’s Russ Mills of Byroglyphics, Mr Cenz with his colored futuristic female creations, David Walker’s color-explosive portrait abstractions and the Irish urban aesthetic painter FinDac. There’s also Hush with his mystique filled graffiti geishas, French artists Alexandre Monteiro aka Hopare and Loui Jouvier, the US based Ecuadorian artist Lenny Correa, Australian’s Anthony Lister and Reka One and Spanish based artist duo Pichi & Avo, recognized for their deft ability to ignite relationships between art, sculpture, architecture, space and social context.


‘No Limit Boras’, Pichi Arvo

Faith47 Miami wall art

Faith 47



Adrian-Takano wall mural

Adrian Takano




Alice Pasquini street art



Amanda Lynn-street-art-in-Wynwood,-Miami,-USA--

Amanda Lynn street art in Wynwood

Miami, USA


Anthony Lister Miami street mural

Anthony Lister Miami street mural



Blackpool Street Art---Gable End Girl

SmugOne Blackpool Street Art—Gable End Girl



Bogdan Scutaru-aarhus streetart festival 2017

Bogdan Scutaru- aarhus street art festival 2017


 VIEW WORKS SHARE Spanish based artist duo Pichi & Avo are recognized for their deft ability to ignite relationships between art, sculpture, architecture, space and social context

El Mac (Miles MacGregor)



Dan Kitchener-art-mural of a geisga

Dan Kitchener aka DANK



Peruvian artist Diana Contreras aka didi mural

Edgy feminine mural by Peruvian artist Diana Contreras aka Didi

“I love the idea of creating art for “the people” and sharing my vision with them. It’s so much fun! And it is also a great way for me to showcase my art. I want folks who see my art to feel positive about themselves. If there is a central message, it is: Enjoy your life! And I also want girls to know that they have the power to follow their dreams and create themselves.”    ... streetartNY


Toofly street art Welling Court NYC

Toofly street art

Welling Court NYC



Photo – Jason Lunn, Bristol



Street art by-N4T4

N4T4 —  Nuneaton,UK



Abstract female street-art by Russ Mills

Russ Mills, Byroglyphics



Bicicleta Sem Freio-large mural LA

Bicicleta, Sem, Freio — Los Angeles


Faith47-'Europa And The Winged Bird

Faith47-‘Europa And The Winged Bird




Capax Infiniti-New Mural by Faith47-in Portland USA

‘Capax Infiniti’ by Faith47

Portland USA



futuristic street-artist-Guache

Guache, Colombia



Coney Art walls_the-art-of-Lady Aiko

Lady Aiko — Coney Art walls, NY


‘Wandering Jovian Tribe’  — Robbiv Hood



Detalhe-Tucuruvi---São-Paulo--2010 female street art siren


Detalhe Tucuruvi — São Paulo



David-Walker-wall art woman's face

David Walker




‘Goddess Gaia’, Pichiavo

2016–Valencia Spain


David-Walker,-London female face close up wall art

David Walker



HUSH mixes techniques of collage, graffiti, stencil, painting and drawing to create his geisha inspired works.



David Walker, Wynwood, Miami



 French graffiti artist Erodn prod



Faith-47 South African artist

Faith 47


faith47 wall mural

Faith 47


Faith47--central Johannesburg,South Africa running zebras

Faith47 — Johannesburg, South Africa


Art Nouveau mural – ‘Our Lady of Grace’  – A’shop crew



Fashion Street mural, Shoreditch,London

 Ungry Young Man–flickr


Hush geisha inspired street art




Fin Dac -- Bogota, Colombia 2012

Fin Dac — Bogota, Colombia 2012



Fin+Dac exotic female Bradford+england-2013

Fin+Dac —  Bradford, England




Fin+Dac+Brest,+France geisha wall art

Fin Dac , Brest, France


lady with multi color fro

Harlem street art



Graffikon-'Natura'-in-Poland Mural on building of a woman with nature hair decoration

Graffikon – ‘Natura’




Hackney-Road-Street-Art- tattooed girl holding baby

Hackney Road Street Art



Ho Chi Minh City,-VietNam, wall art-2011

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, wall art




Geisha street art – HUSH


Joshua Gabriel mural wall art Brooklyn NYC

Joshua Gabriel mural, Brooklyn NYC



Jessy Monlouis Bonnaire Aka Doudou French street artist



Jim Vision mural,-Whitby Street, Shoreditch, London, England---Ungry-Young-Man

Jim Vision mural, Whitby Street, Shoreditch, London, England—

Ungry Young Man – Flickr




Hush San Francisco mural



Lady Aiko-pop-art-mural

Lady Aiko


L'arme de paix by Snek for Grenoble Street Art Festival

L’arme de paix by Snek for Grenoble Street Art Festival


Lady Aiko-stencil wall art

Ladt Aiko


‘She’ –  Justin Queal

Commissioned mural for Squid Ink Sushi Bar



Loui Jover-french-artist

Loui Jover


Mantra street artist at work

Street artist Mantra




Mr Cenz


Dourone Mural in Medina of Marrakech,-Morocco

Dourone Mural in Medina of Marrakech, Morocco



mantra-street-art-romantic-wall art Mantra is a French street artist, born in Metz (East of France)

Mantra, France



Wall art Mr-Cenz London-2016

Mr Cenz

London 2016



Large Mural-by-Lenny Correa

Lenny Correa




Mr Cenz outdoor mural Paris

Mr Cenz

Paris 2017


Faith47- - Madonna Mia Proteggimi

Faith47 – ‘Madonna Mia Proteggimi’



Nicholson Street Melbourne street art

Nicholson Street, Melbourne




Mr Cenz, London



Reka One--graffiti-artists-Art-Basel Miami

Reka One–graffiti artist

Art Basel Miami



beyond-walls-Cedric'Vise'-Douglas and Julie Roth's-mural.

Beyond Walls-Cedric’Vise’-Douglas and Julie Roth’s-mural




Russ Mills


Shepard Fairey-Peace Goddess street art

Shepard Fairey – ‘Peace Goddess’



Reka One -Washington-dc-

Reka One, Washington DC



Sunshowers-Replete Graffuturist art

‘Sunshowers’ – Replete  — Graffuturist art



Faith 47 wall-mural Glasgow

Faith47, Glasgow



Hopare, Paris, France



vinnie-graffiti-street art Paris

Vinnie, Paris



Vitché wall mural




Young Lady-–-Redchurch St and Brick Lane Junction

Young Lady-–-Redchurch St and Brick Lane Junction, London




Twin geishas street art by HUSH

Two geishas by Hush



futurist street art by Replete

Skid Redo by Replete


Faith47-bridge-mural - Toronto, Canada, is titled "The Pull of the Land".
Faith47  —  “The Pull of the Land”

Toronto, Canada