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Mid-Century moderne


Modernist magnificence


A new radical era of design evolved during the turn of the century which moved away from the excessive ornamental tradition which had dominated decor trends for decades to a streamlined, accessible functional design for a more minimalist aesthetic. The original designs of this modernist movement, regarded by some as non-conformist and even viewed by other contemporaries as audacious and scandalous, gradually gained wider acceptance and captivated the mainstream market when post war production got moving.

Marcel Breuer, the Bauhaus furniture designer and architect, began working with lightweight tubular steel in 1925, which together with flexible plywood had opened up a myriad of design possibilities to support the modernist design philosophy of clean lines and geometry. The new materials and production techniques were quickly adopted by the design greats of this era such as Alvar Aalto and his Finnish firm Artek, Americans Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier from France, Swedish Bruno Mathsson and Gio Ponti and Carlo Mollino from Italy. Their styles were like a breath of fresh air, offering a radically different alternative to the cluttered, busy decorating ideals that were ready for an overhaul.

HANS J. WEGNER 'Ox' suite 1960
Molding techniques, especially with the new plastics, allowed the design elements to be pushed even further, while still adhering to simple lines, and the decorative pieces were also adapted to this modern aesthetic to compliment these innovative styles.
Most of the 20th Centuries art movements: futurism, cubism, constructivism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, art deco all contributed to the evoltution of modernistic design. Manufacturers took iconic elements from these styles and simplified them for mass production.Their influence is detectable and contributes to their subtle attraction.
The modernist simplicity, timeless elegance and high craftmanship has led to a longevity that has preserved its contemporary and compelling appeal, which is reflected in the values being fetched today in the market place.
Featured below is a collection of modernist furniture and decorative pieces from 1905 to 1976



Georges Jouve 1957 Three ceramic bottles

Georges Jouve  –  Three ceramic bottles


( Phillips, London )



Alexandre Noll sculpture 1950


Alexandre Noll  abstract sculpture 1950

( Phillips, New York )



Abstract Ca t- André Freymond,-23cm 1950s

Abstract Ca t- André Freymond,-23cm


( ceramic-signatures.com )




André Masson modernist jug

André Masson modernist jug



Arabesque- coffee table Carlo Mollino 1950, Turin

Arabesque – Carlo Mollino 1950, Turin

architetto-contemporaneo.it )



AXEL JOHANN SALTO -ceramic lamp base 1968

Axel Johann Salto -ceramic lamp base 1968

( Phillips, London )



Casa Orengo chair --- Carlo Mollino

Casa Orengo  lounge chair — Carlo Mollino

italiaspeed.com )


Ceiling light, circa 1957 Stilnovo

Stilnovo – atomic ceiling light, circa 1957

( Phillips, London )



Charlotte Perriand -Tunisie modernist bookcase 1952

 Charlotte Perriand –Tunisie bookcase


( Phillips, New York )



Claudia-Australia- mid century jug

Claudia Australia – mid century jug

( Bemboka Gallery )



constructivism sculpture _Naum Gabo

Constructivism sculpture  – Naum Gabo



Cosmic Bowl May Hamilton1936 Photo-Peter-Brenner

Cosmic Bowl  – May Hamilton, USA  1936

Photo – Peter Brenner




Design Market in Ghent - Danish furniture

Display at Ghent Design Market

( thegoodolddayz.wordpress.com )

Ettore Sottsass Jr 4 vases

Ettore Sottsass Jr  – ‘ Ho’ vase, 1968

( Phillips, London )



Lucie Rie - Flattened ovoid vase,-ca 1965

Lucie Rie – Flattened ovoid vase,- ca 1965

( Phillips, London )



Gabriella Crespi-modernist table

Gabriella Crespi- ” z ” desk -Italy, 1973

Brass covered wood

( A classic piece but talk about modernist madness – the estimate was $10,000 t0 $15,000, it fetched $220,000  )

 Phillips, London



GEORGES-JOUVE-lime green vase1947

Georges Jouve -lime green vase


( Phillips, New York )



GEORGES-JOUVE 1955 lidded box

Georges Jouve – lidded box


( Phillips, London )



Georges Jouve 1956 Lyre-wall-lights-stoneware

Georges Jouve- stoneware ” lyre ” wall lights


( Phillips, New York )




Gio Ponti Italian vase

Gio Ponti  “Il Circo” circus themed porcelain vase, Italy


therepublicofless.wordpress.com )



Gordon B. Newell Anteater

Gordon B. Newell  USA 1958

I’ve seen this labelled as Anteater and  Polar Bear, take your pick.

( Artprice )



Ovoid form vase, circa 1913 -Jean Dunand

Ovoid form vase, circa 1913  – Jean Dunand, France

( Phillips, New York )



Henri Simmen and Eugene O'Kin Pear shaped bottle - 1920

Henri Simmen and Eugene O’Kin Pear shaped bottle – 1920



Andre Gigon 1951

 Andre Gigon  mid-century ceramic bottle




Vase in the 'budding' style, 1944-AlexJohhanSalto $375,250

This Nordic vase in the ‘budding’ style certainly got them ‘ bidding ‘  – Alex Johhan Salto for Royal Copenhagen, 1944

Height 16 inch

( realized $603,000 at a 273.25% increase on the valuation at Phillips,London )





Jacques Innocenti (1926-1958) – large earthenware baluster vase, decorated with two large birds, green slip on black and turquoise enamel highlights




Jaques and Dani Ruelland lamp base1960

Jaques and Dani Ruelland lamp base 1960

( Phillips, London )



Jeroen Verhoeven- cinderella table

Jeroen Verhoeven- cinderella table




Karl-Scheid  – stoneware footed bowl 1973



Waylande Gregory Phoenix Lamp Base,-Renaissance-Man,-1stdibs

Waylande Gregory Phoenix Lamp Base – 1940’s

(  Renaissance Man Antiques -1stdibs )



Large ‘Seed pod’ vase, 1949 Alex Johhan Salto

Large ‘Seed pod’ vase, 1949 – Alex Johhan Salto  for Royal Copenhagen

( Phillips, London )



Le Corbusier abstract sculpture

Le Corbusier abstract sculpture – 1957

( http://mondo-blogo.blogspot.com.au/ )



Marcello Fantoni glazed earthenware sculpture 1976

Marcello Fantoni glazed earthenware sculpture 1976

( Phillips, London )



Maria Pergay - Ring chair 1968

Maria Pergay – Ring Chair 1968




'Miranda' vase, designed 1938 for Rorstrand Sweden

‘Miranda’ vase, designed for Rorstrand, Sweden



PAOLO DE POLI ceramic bottles 50's

PAOLO DE POLI ceramic bottles 50’s




 Created by Jayme Odgers for the 1972 catalog of Architectural Pottery’s Pro Artisan Collection





Pierced porcelain modernist vase - Rosenthal, Germany

Pierced porcelain modernist vase – Rosenthal, Germany



Preben Fabricius and Jorgen KastholmeEarly 'Grasshopper' chaise longue, designed 1968

Preben Fabricius and Jorgen Kastholme Early ‘Grasshopper’ chaise longue, designed  1968

( Phillips, London )



Rare, Brilliantly Glazed Toucan by Waylande Gregory,-1950s

Glazed Toucan by Waylande Gregory – 1950’s

(  Renaissance Man Antiques -1stdibs )



Roberto Pennetta mid-century chair

 Roberto Pennetta mid-century chair



Lampe Morille--Maison Charles-circa-1970

Lampe Morille –Maison Charles -circa-1970

Dalo vases and Roger Capron table

 DAniel Derock and LOïc de Bailliencourt ( DALO ), and ceramic top table by Roger Capron

galerieriviera.com )



Serge Mouille --Monotype sculpture 1955

Serge Mouille –Monotype sculpture 1955

( Phillips, New York )



STIG LINDBERG-1950's Egg sculpture

STIG LINDBERG-1950’s Egg sculpture

( Phillips, London )



Tapio Wirkkala bird sculpture 1951

Tapio Wirkkala bird sculpture


( Phillips, London )



Toni Muona 1940's ceramic vase

Toni Muona  for Arabia, Finland 1940’s ceramic vase



Marcello Fantoni sculpture

 Marcello Fantoni sculpture – 1973

( Phillips, London )



Constellation with Two Pins--1943-calder-fooundation

Constellation with Two Pins – Alexander Calder


( calder-foundation )




 CARSTENS – giant fat lava floor vase


'La Biche - No. 37' Le Corbesier

‘ La Biche  No. 37 ‘   – Le Corbusier

Theodore Roszak Bi Polar in Red 1940 MondoBlogo

Theodore Roszak – Bi Polar in Red 1940

( MondoBlogo )

Hourglass Planter-1950 by LaGardo Tackett

Hourglass Planter by LaGardo Tackett



Unless stated otherwise all the above images were sourced from Phillips de Pury & Company, see here