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Fun sculptures of the playground


Dinosaur-park Half Moon Bay, Spanish Town, CA

Dinosaur Park


Ideal interactive playscapes arouse a sense of intrigue and encourage participants into the pursuit of climbing, exploring, touching of textures and are stimulative to a child’s imagination. Sculptures of amorphic shape are a natural fit for childrens play structures due to their typical abundance of rounded shapes and edges. The use of glittering mosaic tiles help to create a visage of fantasy and are pragmatic due to their durability, flexibility and adaptability to large monumental projects.

The first three artists in this article, Alexandra Koláčkovás, Niki Saint Phalle and Ruslan Sergeev have all dedicated much time and energy to creating large scale playground sculptures that favor amorphic structures with a profusion of sparkling colours and the integration of unusual shapes that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways to inspire wonder, awe and a desire for discovery.


Alexandra Kolackovas


Alexandra Koláčkovás has an atelier in Janov nad Nisou, Czechoslovakia and has been producing large scale ceramic and concrete sculptures for installation in public locations for over two decades. Alexandra combines simple rounded morphology with expressive colour palettes while highlighting playful elements that are inviting to the eye and attractive to children for encouraging interaction.

While Alexandra’s input is concerned with the artistic conceptualization and execution, her husband George Koláčková, handles the technological demands of different projects and has been instrumental in merging traditional sculpting techniques with the use of modern technologies and materials. Her sculptures have been designed to endure the temperature fluctuations of the cold winter months with longevity in mind.


Abstract yellow dog sculpture by Alexandra-Koláčková, Prague

Yellow dog sculpture by Alexandra Koláčková – Letna Park, Prague (CZ)





Mosaic playground monster – Alexandra Koláčková

This was constructed in the studio and transported by crane to the park.




Alexandra-Koláčková playground sculpture, Letna Park, Prague

Playground sculpture in Stromovka Park, Prague (CZ) –  Alexandra Koláčková



Alexandra-Koláčková ceramic monster play sculpture

Alexandra Koláčková abstract dog sculpture




 ‘The Cat’ in Zamecek Petrovice park  – Alexandra Koláčková




Dancers-in-Hradec-Kralove Czech Republic by Alexandra Koláčková

Dancer sculptures at Hradec Kralove – Alexandra Koláčková




big-toy-fish--Alexandra-Koláčková large ceramic fish sculpture on wheels

Large mosaic fish sculpture on wheels – Alexandra Koláčková

Streets of the Czech Budejovice and Hluboká, 2014




tata-a-mama-Alexandra Koláčková-Prague-housing estate

‘Dad and Mom’ –  Alexandra Koláčková playground sculptures

Prague housing estate



Monumental fish sculpture




Alexandra Koláčková with her Easter toy sculpture




kolackova-zvire amorphic public sculpture

Zoomorphic sculpture –  Alexandra Koláčková


Niki de Saint Phalle

(1930 – 2002)


The artistically gifted Niki de Saint Phalle had no formal training in her field, and her vivid, exuberant sculptures are compelling examples of an artist being driven through emotional release and  intuitive instincts. In her teens she entered the world of fashion modelling, appearing in Vogue, Life and Harpers Bazaar. It wasn’t long before she gravitated towards the art world. “ I embraced art as a salvation and necessity ” During the fifties she worked as a performance artist, bombarding plaster reliefs with paint bombs that were exploded with a shotgun and this was the beginning of her developing a reputation as an artist provocateur.

On a trip to Spain in the late fifties Saint Phalle was touched by the work of Antoni Gaudi, and his use of natural materials. His integration of shapes from the natural world in his ‘Park Guëll’ public park and buildings became a pivotal influence on her future public sculptures. In 1964 she moved into her ‘Nanas’ phase where her artwork was influenced by archetypal female figures. This became a central figure in her art along with a childlike narrative of animals, castles, monsters, goddesses, small girls and the sun and moon. Her bulbous, voluptuous Nana sculptures reflected ancient depictions of the Earth Goddess and she claimed she felt she was entering the sacred land of myth with these creations.
In 1979 she undertook the biggest artistic endeavor of her career when she began the ‘Tarot Garden” in Capalbio, Italy – a monumental fantasy garden that expressed a dialogue between sculpture and nature with vibrant mosaics and colossal sculptures that took 15 years to complete.
After moving to California, she went on to produce more vivid, bold sculptures that were appealing to children and even captivating to adults for rediscovering their carefree past. Some were installed at the Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden in Escondido, California along with others in Europe and Israel.



Queen Califia’s magical circle mosaic sculptures – Niki de Saint Phalle





‘La Cabeza’ (skull) –  Niki de Saint Phalle





Niki de Saint Phalle in a Vogue fashion shoot in Paris with Robert-Doisneau





Lion sculpture –  Niki de Saint Phalle

auroraglow – Flickr




‘The Golem’,- Niki de Saint Phalle

Kiryat Hayovel, Israel




Niki de Saint Phalle

Most beautiful woman to ever make art with a shotgun- fashion model, painter, sculptor, wife of meta-matic sculptor Jean Tinguely

Photo – Rogge



The L’arbre-serpents, a fountain sculpture of resin and polyurethane paint, 1992

Terrace of the Museum Fine Arts, Angers.



Tarot-Garden- Giardino-dei-Tarocchi)-of-Capalbio,-Italy - Niki de Saint Phalle

‘Tarot Garden’ (Giardino dei Tarocchi) – Niki de Saint Phalle

Tuscany, Italy




Niki de Saint Phalle  – Dog and wolf howling at the moon with a red lobster (Tarot card 18)

Tarot Garden (Capalbio, Italy)




Totems at Queen Califia's magical circle mosaic sculptures - Niki de Saint Phalle

Queen Califia’s magical circle mosaic sculptures – Niki de Saint Phalle




Nana sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle at the entrance to the Guggenheim, Bilbao.

Photograph: Miguel Tona/EPA



Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Queen Califia’s Magical Circle

Queen Califia’s Magical Circle – Niki de Saint Phalle




Niki de Saint Phalle in her studio at Soisy, surrounded by Le Mangeur  d’Enfants, La Mariée sous l’Arbre, and Le Cheval et la Mariée.

Photo: © Monique Jacot

In the 60‘s, Niki de Saint Phalle was involved with the Nouveau Realisme contemporary art movement, founded in 1960 by the painter Yves Klein and art critic Pierre Restany. Members of this movement believed in taking elements from real life and incorporating them into their art.



‘Two dancing figures’ – Niki de Saint Phalle


Gallery Delaive




Tarot Garden – Niki de Saint Phalle, Italy





‘Dragon’ – 1975

Niki de Saint Phalle – In the garden of the imagination – Essl Museum



Ruslan Sergeev


Mosaic sculptor Ruslan Sergeev studied at the Academy of Art & Design in Minsk, Belarus. He creates monumental, zoomorphic outdoor sculptures representing an array of creatures and phantasmagoria monsters that immediately arouse enthusiastic wonder and intrigue in an adventurous child. His use of glittering jewel-like mosaic tiles add to the sense of fantasy along with the ambitious dimensions of the sculptures. Filled with unpredictable winding passages, stairs, elevation, mystique and whimsy, all combining to create a children’s wonderland.

Ruslan has created over 100 large-scale landscape mosaic sculptures and built several unique sculpture parks: Sensory Park, Science Park, the Sound Park and Nature Park.


Bio-9---Ashdod,-Israel-Ruslan-Sergeev mosaic public sculpture

‘Bio 9’  – Ruslan Sergeev

Ashdod, Israel




Jerusulum mosaic Lion---Ruslan-Sergeev

‘Jerusalem Lion’ – Ruslan Sergeev





‘Magic Flower’  – Ruslan Sergeev




Mosaic sculpture with sound playground by Ruslan-Sergeev

Sound playground – Ruslan Sergeev, Coral Beach

 An environmental sensory sculpture park with 4 mosaic playground sculptures with sensory playground elements






Ruslan Sergeev





‘Jellyfish’ — Ruslan Sergeev

Sensory Park, Coral Beach, Israel



Ruslan-Sergeev---Magic Hat monumental mosaic sculpture

‘Magic Hat’  –  Ruslan Sergeev





‘Grasshopper’ – Ruslan Sergeev




Starfish with bench seating Ruslan Sergeev

‘Starfish’ – Ruslan Sergeev


More playground sculptures



Airstream Spaceship in Southside Park San Francisco by artist Joe Scarpa




The Blue Whale in Plikta park, Gothenburg, Sweden. Designed by Monstrum

 ‘Blue Whale’   Designed by Monstrum

Plikta park, Gothenburg, Sweden.




 Laura Jean McLaughlin and Bob Ziller created this sculpture in Pittsburg  – ‘Fabulousa Lochnessa Kaleidoscopa Mosaica’. It features a birdhouse on the creature’s tail and functional kaleidoscopes throughout the sculpture.




Artista-Julie-Vernon-Mosaicos Golden Gromit mosaic sculpture

‘Golden Gromit’ – Julie Vernon, UK





Bilarong playground dragon 3  – Narrabeen Lake, NSW




‘Playground’ by artist Tom Otterness

Aspinwall Riverfront Park, USA




children-landscape-park-kiev-ukraine-blue cat wall reliefs

Blue cats wall relief, children’s landscape park

Kiev, Ukraine





1930’s Art Deco park sculpture by Edgar Miller




Egon-Moeller-Nielsen abstract play scukpture

‘Agget’ – Egon Moeller Nielsen

Tessin park in Stockholm, 1951



Forward-Surge-by-Inge-King, NGV

‘Forward Surge’  by Inge King, NGV





Mosaic octopus

The Walk, Spain





Children’s marine life park sculpture

Guangzhou. China




Dinosaur sculptures

Half Moon Bay, Spanish Town, CA



Kim-Emerson sculpture at Cerritos-park, LA

‘Water Henge H20 = Life’, – Kim Emerson

Cerritos Park, CA




laumeier-sculpture-park_Sunset Hills, Missouri, near St. Louis

Alexander Liberman’s “The Way”

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Sunset Hills, Missouri, near St. Louis





Mosaic Bananalamb

Celine Latrine, Flickr





Elephant slide, Sofia, Bulgaria





Pod Playground by T.C.L. (Taylor, Cullity, Lethlean), Melbourne




Totem sculptures by Suzy Birstein— Van Dusen Botanical Garden




Olympic-Roller-Coaster - with the-ArcelorMittal-sculpture-in-London

Arcelor Mittal sculpture at the Olympic Roller Coaster in London




WORM-sculpture by forestcrafts.UK

Worm Play sculpture – Forestcrafts, UK





‘The Game’  bear and children sculpture – Wang DeLong

West Hollywood Park



Xu-Hongfei’---Chubby-Woman---Berlin - Girl riding a skateboard

‘Chubby Woman’ – Xu Hongfei’






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