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Elegant design nuance of Art Nouveau



Art-Nouveau elegant design




Pierre Adrien Dalpayrat, Bourg-la-Reine, France

Jean-Pierre Dalbéra – flickr




Hotel Bouctot Vagniez, Amiens, France – Art Nouveau fireplace

When I saw this stunning Art Nouveau fireplace, I was immediately inspired to do another article on the fascinating Art Nouveau, fleshed out with other images from this remarkable genre.



The allure of Art Nouveau


At the dawn of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau artistic movement was thriving and peaked in popularity from 1890-1905. It was characterized by distinctive plant, insect and animal motifs that were presented with stylized forms, and accentuated with sensuous, curvilinear details mixed with the abstract and asymmetrical. These were further highlighted by sudden ‘whiplash’ curves, angular contours and other graphical maneuvers adding to the elegant grandeur. This revolutionary reaction to the eclectic, historical and academic styles of nineteenth-century art was embraced by a diversity of artists and craftspeople wanting to move towards new styling for the ‘modern age’ of the 20th Century. Its pervasive influence was witnessed with the participation of painters, illustrators, sculptors, architects, ironworkers, furniture designers, interior decorators, potters, jewelry designers — in fact, nearly every kind of artist-craftsman.
The organic naturalism of Art Nouveau, with its intricate patterns of vines, flowers, tree branches and other botanical aspects reflected the late 19th Century European fascination with Japonism (Japanese arts), which had been particularly popularized with ukiyo-e (woodblock) prints and the sophisticated aestheticism of the Japanese ceramics.


Ernst-Wahliss-Porcelain-Paul-Dachsel-Leaf-Vase with 4 lug handles

Porcelain Leaf Vase by Paul Dachsel for Ernst Wahliss Co


The flowing, graceful style of Art Nouveau was promoted through its use in architectural features, being visible with balconies, staircases, doorways, facades, wrought iron gates, lampposts and railings, all displayed with rich details and superb craftsmanship. Every time you entered the Paris Metro you were confronted with a beautiful Art Nouveau entrance designed by Guimard. The genre was also highly visible with the embellishment of panels, ceilings, borders, friezes and walls with elaborate images of animals, insects, flowers, lush decorative details and other inspirations from nature. The use of exquisitely ornate typography in the popular Art Nouveau posters and advertising was also a poignant feature.


Art-Nouveau-staircase at Gorky House Museum in Moscow

Gorky House Museum, Moscow


Yesterday upon the stairs
Glanced a forest full of maidens bare
Nymphs and fairies dwelt there to
Enchanting world this art nouveau


There was a collective desire at the beginning of the 20th century for the newly rich to decorate and enhance their dwellings in an innovative style, combined with people beginning to appreciate furniture, interior and decorative products as entwined parameters in an environment that could be integrated through design. The sumptuous, stylized creations of the distinctive Art Nouveau seemed to be a perfect fit. The sheer sensuality of line and delicate interplay of color provided the lavish design elements that were craved along with the diversity of choice. Original styles abounded with entertaining fantasies populated with a remarkable array of exotic motifs, including peacocks, parrots, dragons, beguiling women, lilies, wild roses and butterflies on offer.
The curvaceous, sinuous lines and geometric patterns adapted naturally to the curves of ceramic vases as it did with precious stones and the intricate details of metal jewelry. Art Nouveau ushered in a liberated design era with its influence spreading to subsequent forms of modernist art, style innovation and awareness that has perpetuated to this day.



ANTIQUE-AUSTRIAN-ART-NOUVEAU-Iris female figurine vase

 Amphora Iris vase





Belle Epoque Carved Agate, Pearl, Gold Naiad (fresh water mermaid) and Sturgeons jewellry brooch

Tadema Gallery




Amphora-Ceramic-Figural-Centerpiece of a girl seated on a leaf

Amphora Art Nouveau figurine




Saules-soleil-couchant-( sun setting Saules ) vase Daum-Nancy

Saules soleil couchant-(sun setting in Saules) vase Daum-Nancy





Zsolnay-Art-Nouveau-teapotTurkish coffee server with lid c. 1880Hand-painted majolica undulating leaves and buds...

Turkish coffee server with lid by Zsolnay, Hungry

c. 1880 – Hand-painted majolica with undulating leaves and buds



Art-Nouveau-nude-female-bronze sculpture

‘Reine Des Pres’ vase – Louis Chalon




Zsolnay-Three-Graces-figural lustre glaze bowl--Pinter-Auctions

‘Three Graces’ eosin lustre dish – Zsolnay






Royal Vienna – Turn Ernst Wahliss Art Nouveau Slip Glazed Majolica Vase




Royal-Copenhagen-Art-Nouveau-Vase,-Decorated-with-lily Flower

Royal Copenhagen Art Nouveau Vase



Zsolnay-vase-with-dancing-female-figures and eosin lustre glaze

Zsolnay eosin vase with raised relief dancing female figures




Rosenthal Germany Rare Figurine Temple Dedication by F. Liebermann, circa 1914---City-Antik-Vienna

 ‘Temple Dedication’ by F. Liebermann, Rosenthal Germany

circa 1914—City Antik, Vienna





Calla Lily Vase. Glazed & Gilt Pottery. Paul Dachsel

Turn Teplitz,  Austria. Circa 1906 – height 14″




Patten-Wilson---Deceit-1898 seated women with serpent

‘Deceit’ – Patten Wilson





‘Moon Alley’,-  John Atkinson Grimshaw





Art Nouveau brooch – Luis Masriera




wmf Art Nouveau pewter twin handled vase

circa 1906, Christies




Teplitz Art Nouveau centrepiece – Eduard Stellmacher





‘Allégorie’ vase by Amphora Werke Reissner






 Porcelain Figural Candle holder – Ernst Wahliss





Royal Dux Porcelain Figurine






Bronze two light Sconce on Marquetry Easel – Georges Flamand French Art Nouveau

Macklowe Gallery NY




Gustav Manz for F. Walter Lawrence Art Nouveau Chimera Brooch-Vintage Luxury

Gustav Manz for F. Walter Lawrence Art Nouveau Chimera Brooch






Hotel Bouctot Vagniez, Amiens





Eternal Entwined–peridot and pearl Serpent Brooch  – Karl Rothmuller





Loïe-Fuller-1900 art-nouveau statue

Loïe Fuller, 1900





Alabaster Lamp of an Art Nouveau woman – carved by O. Rossi, Italy circa 1920





 ‘LE Secret’  –  Charles Korschann, an Art Nouveau Two Patina Bronze Clock


Robert Zehil Gallery, Monte Carlo




Black-Lacquer-and-Gold-Screen-Attributed-to-Paul-Feher- hybrid art deco - art nouveau

Black Lacquer and Gold Screen- Art Deco/Art Nouveau – Paul Feher






Amphora reptile textured ceramic vase





Elvira Studio Art Nouveau facade designed by August Endell

Munich 1897 ( destroyed in 1944)



Art-Nouveau-vase with face motif and mushrooms on the rim

Amphora art nouveau vase




Art-Nouveau-pendant of a nude female.-Maison-Vever

Art Nouveau pendant -Maison Vever




Red Art-Nouveau-Sang-de-Boeuf-Gourd-Vase-by-Pierre-Adrien-Dalpayrat Jason-Jacques-Gallery-NY

Art Nouveau Sang de Boeuf Gourd Vase by Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat

Jason Jacques Gallery-NY



Art-Nouveau-Porcelain-Jardiniere with nude female figure relief-by-Amphora-Teplitz-1900-1910

Art Nouveau Porcelain Jardinière by Amphora, Teplitz




Parisian Art-Nouveau-facade

Parisian Art Nouveau entrance





Art Nouveau Blood Vine Pitcher by Léon Kann for Sèvres

1stDibs Jason Jacques Gallery-NY




Art Nouveau/Art Deco marble mantel clock—Ruyten





Art Nouveau figural  vase – Amphora





Art Nouveau Amphora Figurative Vase Centerpiece Bowl

A Touch of The Past Antiques





Art Nouveau Amphora Blow Out Portrait Vase

Austria, 1900




 ‘Sweet Pea with Bust of a Woman’ Lorgnette Handle gold-enamel-cast glass. Art Nouveau ~ Rene Lalique 1899-1900

via ‘The Jewels of Lalique’ Yvonne Brunhammer






Arial—Graal Vase by Edvin Ohrstrom for Orrefors





Austrian Art Nouveau figural winged nymph lamp




Amphora Winter Snow Art Nouveau Vase by Ernst Wahliss





Ceramic footed vase with owl – Amphora




Amphora face motif ovoid vase - -Philip-Chasen-Antiques

Amphora vase – crowned female motif




Art-Deco-Art Nouveau Medallion-by-Pierre Turin

Octagonal medallion sculpted by Pierre Turin



Amphora-Klimt-gold, blue and white Vase-1901

Amphora Klimt vase



Amphora-Ceramic-Gourd Vase-w--Applied-Dragon-Handles

Amphora ceramic gourd vase twin dragon old handles





Art Nouveau bird motif vessel with mermaid handle





Amphora vase




Vase soliflore by Amphora Werke Reissner





Quad gold handled Amphora vase





Amphora Ceramics Art Nouveau Figural Vide Poche dish





Amphora Gres Bijou Pitcher




Amphora-Ceramic-Green Dragon-Vase

Amphora dragon vase




Amphora-Art-Nouveau-Vase-Circa-1898 Very-Vintage-LA-Gallery

Amphora Art Nouveau Vase

Circa 1898

1stDibs Very Vintage LA Gallery




Amphora Allegory Portrait vase

Chasen Antiques




Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat

Art Nouveau Gourd Vase by Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat

19th C.

1stDibs Jason Jacques NY




Plique A Jour Butterfly Nude Lady Brooch





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