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The ceramic recreations of Munemi Yorigami


re-creations - Munemi Yorigami symmetrical sculpture

Munemi Yorigami


Breaking from Japanese ceramic tradition – Munemi Yorigami & Chieko Yorigami


Yorigami finds inspiration in the resurrection of broken ceramic pieces which rise like a phoenix from his kiln. He immensely enjoys the unpredictable abstractions and reconstruction to the modified form. His exploration of the opposing forces of control and unpredictability along with destruction and recreation, leading to the modeling of a new ‘whole’, has been a major influence in his direction in ceramics for several decades. By breaking the form, Yorigami believes he is exposing the ‘heart and soul’ of the clay, which leads to revealing its intrinsic nature. He feels it highlights the hazards of transforming clay during its passage through fire and the risks in kiln baking and the inherent vulnerability to breakage.
The modification of the unexpected results is enhanced by the choice of different glazes and firing for the pieces before reassembly, and Yorigami describes this process of manipulating the clay elements as “transferring memory”. Yorigami rebuilds his sculptures in a vivid patchwork based on the four colours of white, black, ochre and ivory and builds his sculptural pieces from dolomite or porcelain clay with a combination of slabbing, coiling and press-moulding techniques.
Yorigami was born into a family of ceramicists in Kyoto and his father specialized in making teaware. In the late 1940‘s, Yagi Kazuo formed the Sodeisha group which represented avant-garde ideals and looking beyond Japanese ceramic traditions. Yorigami joined this group and was influenced by Kazuo, which contributed to his break from the established ceramic arts.
Yorigami claims that ‘when confronted with clay, it is our instinct to want to conquer it’. He took this to another level where his desire to conquer the baked clay with the re-arrangement of its solid form. Included in the images here is some ceramic pieces by his wife Chieko Yorigami.




the-delightful-days-A pair of recreation sculptures by munemi-yorigami

Re-constructed ceramic sculptures – ‘The Delightful Days’ – Munemi Yorigami


The pieces are baked using three methodologies. The black ceramics are fired in a kiln at a temperature which is elevated to 900℃, then naturally lowered to 500~600℃. I then take fully soaked pine tree leaves and pour them at the opening of the kiln to seal it and smoke the black ceramics. As for white ceramics, it’s burned at 900℃ either under oxidation or reduction atmosphere. Oxidation firing will give an ivory color, while reduction firing will give an even whiter color. With the ceramics kiln used for the orange colour, I take the broken pieces and add vermiculite, and start the reduction firing at 800℃, and smoke burn at 900℃. I re-attach the pieces with adhesives to regenerate its original shape, and finally add plaster to the seam to accomplish the artwork.



Outdoor Re-creation sculpture – Munemi Yorigami




Re-creation Bottle – Munemi Yorigami



5 ceramic sculptures by Munemi Yorigami

Munemi Yorigami



ceramic abstract arrete-sculpture munemi-yorigami

Abstract ‘Arrete’ sculpture – Munemi Yorigami



munemi-yorigami-triangular shaped recreation sculpture

Triangular re-creation sculpture – Munemi Yorigami



munemi-yorigami-wall-panels - three rectangular recreation sculptures

Re-creation Wall Panels – Munemi Yorigami



aya-kon-pot by Cheiko-Yorigami

‘Aya Kon Pot’ – Chieko Yorigami

Chieko Yorigami graduated in ceramics in 1968 and following an industrial ceramics course for a year, she studied for two years under Mr Junkichi Kumakura.




chieko--yorigami-teapot-in black,and sliver with a gold lid

Chieko Yorigami teapot




Lidded ceramic box – Chieko Yorigami





‘Silver color dispenser’ – Chieko Yorigami



clever-writing-munemi-yorigami ikebana-sculpture display with two geometric ceramic pieces

‘Clever Writing’  – Munemi Yorigami




wall-of-red-munemi-yorigami - red, black, white sculpture

‘Wall of Red’ – Munemi Yorigami




‘Cone 1’ – Munemi Yorigami



flower-arrangement green--and-vase-munemi-yorigami

Square ceramic vase with ikebana display – Munemi Yorigami




flower-arrangement green-1-device

Ikebana vase with flower arrangement – Munemi Yorigami




form-of-old Munemi Yorigami-abstract sculpture

‘Form of old’  – Munemi Yorigami




4 lidded vessels – Chieko Yorigami




gold-and-silver-aya-angle-platter-Cheiko Yorigami

‘Gold and silver aya angle platter’ – Chieko Yorigami




Balancing Ball sculpture -Munemi Yorigami



jin-choi-dispenser - Chieko Yorigami teapot with triangle motifs

‘Jin Choi dispenser’ – Chieko Yorigami





‘Mount’ – Munemi Yorigami




munemi-yorigami ikebana cube vase

Ikebana vase – Munemi Yorigami



munemi-yorigami recreation ovoid sculpture on marble base

 Munemi Yorigami ceramic re-creation sculpture




munemi-yorigami conical sculpture

Conical recreation sculpture Munemi Yorigami



munemi-yorigami recreation biomorphic sculpture

Biomorphic re-creation sculpture – Munemi Yorigami




munemi-yorigami symmetrical V sculpture

Munemi Yorigami

“Objects That Preserve The Dignity of Space” 2013

Orie Gallery


munemi-yorigami-thick disc sculpture

Munemi Yorigami re-creation sculpture



munemi-yorigami-recreation sculpture

Munemi Yorigami




Munemi Yorigami




munemi-yorigami-recreations abtract sculptures

Munemi Yorigami




Munemi Yorigami




munemi-yorigami-ceramic-egg-scuulpture artland-gallery-jp

Re-creation Egg Sculpture – Munemi Yorigami





Saki Vessel – Chieko Yorigami




Re-creation Wall Sculpture – Munemi Yorigami





Public Re-creation sculpture – Munemi Yorigami




Munemi Yorigami




Public Re-creation sculpture – Munemi Yorigami





Re-creation sculpture – Munemi Yorigami




 Re-creation sculpture – Munemi Yorigami




ovale-recreation sculpture - Munemi Yorigami

‘Ovale’  – Munemi Yorigami




re-creations-idaku-part-3 by - Munemi-Yorigami-

Re-creations Idaku part 3 –  Munemi Yorigami




‘Oh Yeah’ –  Munemi Yorigami




‘Rings’ –  Munemi Yorigami



the-shape-of-the-pot-munemi-yorigami ceramic art

‘The Shape Of The Pot’  Munemi Yorigami



torso-in-hexagonal-Munemi- Yorigami Japanese ceramic sculpture

‘Torso In Hexagonal’ – Munemi- Yorigami




Chieko Yorigami

Aberystwyth University Ceramics Collection



house-2-munemi-yorigami - contemporary Japanese ceramic srt

House 2 – Munemi Yorigami





‘Pebble Cup’ Chieko Yorigami

Porcelain 9cm high–1992




Contemporary porcelain dual crescent sculpture – Munemi Yorigami






Re-Creations ‘Idaku part 1′ –  Munemi Yorigami






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