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Sculptural teapot tempests



ceramic-teapot-in-browns by Suze Lindsay

Suze Lindsay


Blue and Yellow Running Man ceramic teapot---Tony Bennett

‘Blue and Yellow Running Man’  teapot — Tony Bennett

T’s made exhibition – Rye Art Gallery, UK


Tempest in a teapot


Storm in a teacup, tempest in a teapot, exaggerated sculptural teapot forms brewing up intriguing shapes that seem to transcend any wholistic coherence. Most of us were exposed to the quirkiness of teapots at a young age when we were treated to renditions of “I’m A Little Teapot” at kindergarten. Maybe this  partially explains how a certain childlike freedom of expression seems to manifest when potters cross paths with teapots. As most are hand built and asymmetrical, there is possibly of a release being experienced from the symmetrical constraints of wheel thrown forms. There certainly seems to be an enthusiastic amount of form manipulation, shape shifting and stretching of teapot boundaries occurring.
In Design Theory, form follows function, but the new paradigm of teapot construction is function might possibly follow exaggerated form and if it doesn’t, then you always have a teabag to fall back on. There are plenty of these tea brewing masterpieces that manage to be utilitarian but others are purely decorative. Teapots apparently bring luck, as tradition has it in Russia for giving a bridesmaid a teapot – as a gesture of better luck next time.


Michael Lucero ceramic teapot on stand

Michael Lucero

Some of the following teapots look like they are eagerly waiting to be part of a tea break conversation and quite capable of participating in an animated discussion. Being a 4-5 cup a day tea connoisseur myself, my teapot gets more than enough attention, but they do appear to suffer from a ‘look at me’ complex, relative to the other table wares. Being a favorite British preoccupation, I always associated their ritualistic tea habit with being a slightly eccentric pastime, this being reinforced by outlandish spectacles like Lewis Caroll’s Mad Hatter tea party. Not to mention the teapot’s Seer like attributes for being a source of tea leaves for predicting the future. The appearance of most of this collection of teapots here tends to support this notion. In times of chaos there is nothing more reassuring then an orderly cup of tea from a teapot of whimsy.  As they say, “this morning’s tea makes yesterday distant”


Tea here now – one pot, infinite flavors

Some ancient sayings reinforcing teas reputation for quirkiness and wisdom:


The sounds of the tea being made invites the peach blossoms to peep in through the window. ~Uson, quoted in Sasaki Sanmi, Sadô Saijiki


Having picked some tea, he drank it,
Then he sprouted wings,
And flew to a fairy mansion,
To escape the emptiness of the world….
~Chiao Jen


If you have one teapot
And can brew your tea in it
That will do quite well.
How much does he lack himself
Who needs to have more things?
~Sen no Rikyū



Afternoon teap ritual

‘The King’s Speech’ afternoon tea



Glass French-Teapot with a gold filigree surround

Glass French teapot – 1840



The teapot song a man in a tuxedo holding illustrated teapots

This cheeky song was penned in 1939 by George Harry Sanders and Clarence Kelley with the intention of creating a tune that would support tap dancing at Kelley’s dance school. The staccato rhythm of “I’m a little teapot, short and stout” was ideal for the young toe tappers.

A girl with a tiny play teaset

Coralie Beatrix dress



Gail-Mackiewic creative ceramic teapots

Gail Mackiewic


‘Dragonfly Teapot’Barbara Chadwick



Penguin ring teapot

Ray Bub – ‘King Penguins Upright Ring Teapot’




Egyptian revival teapot - Royal-Manufacture-of-Naples

Egyptian Revival teapot—1785.-Royal Manufacture of Naples

Florence Porcelain Museum



sea liner teapot

Ceramic sea liner teapot



Marlene Bowman elegant ceramic teapot

Marlene Bowman



Adrian-Sandstrom quaint ceramic teapot

Adrian Sandstrom



Adrian-Saxe gold swirl teapot with rock base

Golden glaze teapot with rock base – Adrian Saxe




Michael-Lucero,-Conquistador mas with a red teapot head

Michael Lucero,   ‘Conquistador’




Amy-Sanders-orange and brown deep textured teapot

Amy Sanders

Mud Fire Gallery



Chameleon pourer – Ardmore Ceramics




Long Neck Teapot – Carol Wedemeyer


Carol Wedemeyer constructing a ceramic teapot

Carol Wedemeyer



alexander-miroshnychenko ceramic teapot in turquoise and brown

Alexander Miroshnychenko



Leopard in a leopard skin boot teapot

‘Fit to a Tea’ is a teapot in the form of a leopard in a patterned boot – Meryl Ruth




Geoffrey-Swindell-teardrop teapot

Geoffrey Swindell



Joanne-Russo teapot with geometric pattern in relief texture

Joanne Russo



 Judy and Larry Cunningham of California handcrafted gourd teapot with glass handle

Gourd teapot with glass handle   Judy and Larry Cunningham





rebeccalowery-on-Etsy green teapot

rebeccalowery on Etsy



John-Kellum ceramic teapot

John Kellum


Josie-Jurczenia red ceramic teapot with white underglaze sgaffito

Josie Jurczenia red teapot with white underglaze and scratching



Jake-Johnson-Teapot - pastel turquoise matt green

Jake Johnson – 2010




Kurt-Weiser-Adam-and-Eve and large bird teapot

Kurt Weiser  –  ‘Adam and Eve’ 




Panda eating bamboo teapot

Giant Panda munching bamboo teapot



Jane-Shellenbarger oriental style teapot

Jane Shellenbarger orental style tea/coffee pot




Judy-Weeden black and white geometric sgraffito teapot

Judy Weeden, Canada – ‘Memimage’ teapot




Karen Portaleo – lady holding child and pig teapot




Charming octopus wood teapot

Cheery octo teapot with octopus nose lid

Hand carved bass wood and acrylic paint. Kamm Foundation



-Lydia-Buzio ceramic teapot

‘Roofscape Teapot’ – Lydia Buzio




Lana-Wilson blue with purple highlights teapot

Lana Wilson



Liz-Quackenbush teapot with blue spirals on white

Liz Quackenbush




Red Weldon Sandlin teapot with female figure lid

Red Weldon Sandlin




Tokumaru-Kyoko-white teapot

Tokumaru Kyoko




Meryl-Ruth..queen of hearts teapot

Meryl Ruth –  ‘The Queens Tea Yara’

photo Robert Diamonte


1785 teapot

Creamware taeapot – 1785



Gourd teapot with white rabbit motif on black and orange

Gourd teapot with glass handle –   Judy and Larry Cunningham



Michael-Lucero Head-with-Two-Curls-Teapot,

Michael Lucero – ‘Head with Two Curls Teapot’




Nicholas Joerling



Noel-Bailey white gourd like teaspot

Noel  Bailey




Noi Volkov – Dali Don Quixote teapot



Pamela-MacGregor orange and black detail teapot

‘Not A Rusty Bucket’ – Pamela MacGregor



julia-Galoway ceramic teapot - blue glaze with geometric detailed panels

Julia Galloway

Schaller Gallery



Ray-Bub ceramic tubular teapot

Ray Bub



Lomonosov porcelain teapot

Russian Lomonosov teapot



Richard-Notkin pyramid teapot

Richard Notkin




Vadim-Malkin-teapot-green and brown glaze

Vadim Malkin

In my work I attempt to investigate a transcendental facet of life, to find a soulful meaning to everyday living and combine it with style and whimsy. My work reflects growth, change, and adaptation. Stemming from an idealistic perspective of childhood memories, I have found a fondness for the ceremonial aspects of the tradition of tea. This nightly ritual brings families and friends together as they lounge, sip, and discuss the day’s events and adversities.



Sencha ewer or export teapot in the form of bamboo with painting of the three creeds Fengan with tiger, Confucius, and Laozi – 19th Century

© Los Angeles County Museum of Art




Steel-Plated-Teapot Scott Dooley

Steel Plated Teapot – porcelain sculpture by Scott Dooley





Helene Fielder Tea Pot Sculpture




Alice-DeLisle Tea Matron ceramic teapot

Alice DeLisle



German Meissen porcelain teapot

Meissan teapot in the shape of a peach, Germany 1725



Chandra-DeBuse lime green abstract pattern teapot

Chandra DeBuse




Tom Coleman

Tom and Elaine Coleman Gallery



Tom-Hubert-flamboyant teapot

Tom Hubert

Hubert Ceramics


Vorobiev teapot

Vorobiev teapot




Sgraffito female face motif teapot

 Fuller Craft Museum Image by Mryipyop, via flickr




Xenia-Mitrokhin-teapot with psychedelic decoration

Xenia Mitrokhin




Richard Godfrey polychrome futuristic ceramic teapot

Raygun atomic futuristic teapot – Richard Godfrey



Meissen-porcelain teapot with swimming fish and sea serpent

Meissen porcelain ocean theme teapot

circa 1729-31



David-Bennett wood carved teapot in a sea horse form

‘Tea Horse’David Bennett




Dwo-Wen-Chen whinsical teapot

Whimsical teapot with wizard hat lid – Dwo Wen Chen



Sausage dog teapot by Meryl Ruth

Sausage dog teapot – Meryl Ruth



‘Teapot and stand’  by Ralph Bacerra





joellynrock_ceramic--(Nicaraguan-Coffee-Break) black and white teapot

Joellyn Rock ceramic — ‘Nicaraguan Coffee Break’

Narrative teapot




Rebecca Mazur-(aka-Zimmerman),-Sandbag-Teapot,-1998

Rebecca Mazur – -yellow ‘Sandbag Teapot’





Ceramic teapot Yoshiro Ikeda








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