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Shoshona Snow Ceramics


Shoshona Snow in her studio.


New York based Shoshona Snow has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in ceramics and claims she is inspired by designs from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th century. She states she loves clean lines and colours and this is obvious in the vivid clarity that her pieces exude. The juxtaposition of her black and white elements against her bold colors seems to make the colors have a greater presence. Her pieces are truly handmade as she also makes her own clay and glazes. Her porcelain  animal sculptures are brilliant with their abstract style and animated appearance.

Shoshona’s artistic statement :   ” Growing up in a family of antique dealers and collectors fueled my obsession with objects from the past. I am constantly looking at ceramics from all time periods and all regions of the world. My goal is to create work that is inspired by the past, but with a more modern sensibility. I also enjoy finding lines, shapes and patterns in nature. Animals and plants provide endless inspiration. ”

” I am very interested in the ritual use of handmade ceramic objects and I want to create a sensory experience for the user. I use a technique called sgraffito to produce not only a tactile quality, but a very graphic quality as well, that allows me to emphasize particular shapes and add visual movement to the piece. The hand carved lines contrast the sometimes rigid, modern forms and help me add detail to every small, overlooked space, like the bottoms of each piece. I strive to find the place where nature and modern design meet, and where my love of pattern and ornamentation can become part of the clay instead of a layer on top.”


Shoshna Snow giraffe

Ceramic Giraffe figurine – Shoshona Snow




Modern Porcelain Vase black and white stripes - Shoshona Snow

Shoshona Snow sgraffito vase

Shoshona-Snow black and white vertical striped sgraffito vaseMod Porcelain Vase – Shoshona Snow

Thrown on the potter’s wheel, painted with black slip (liquid clay) and then carefully carved to reveal the white porcelain beneath. Glazed with yellow and a thin layer of glossy clear over the black and white. The carving continues right onto the bottom with  Shoshona’s signature “s” and snowflake. Could also be used as a cup!



Shoshona Snow vase with 4 handles and striped sgraffito with olive green panels

Shoshona Snow vase



Shoshona Snow art deco style cups

Art Deco style porcelain mug cups – Shoshona Snow



Shosona Snow ceramic sgraffito cat in black and white

Shoshona Snow sgraffito cat vase



Shoshona Snow black and white female sgraffito figure vase or decanter

Sleek Porcelain Art Nouveau Inspired Lady Vase

Shoshona’s description :

A modern, abstract version of and old fashioned, fashionable lady.  This piece was cast from a basic mold, BUT then altered to make it more lady like. Glazed with a “peacock” on the inside and some outside highlights and then clear over the black and white. It can also be used as a decanter.




Ceramic Chicken Bowl in black and white sgraffito and red and orange by Shoshona Snow

Shoshona Snow

The piece was slowly dried and then painted with black slip (liquid clay) and  carved to reveal the white porcelain beneath. It has been glazed with tomato red (this is not a primary red, it has a bit of orange to it) and has highlights of orange and blue. There is a thin layer of clear glaze over the black and white. The carving continues onto the bottom with the  signature “s” and snowflake.




Leaf Platter Shoshona Snow

Leaf Platter- Shoshona Snow



Ceramic Fish Tray by Shoshona Snow

Abstract Fish Tray – Shoshona Snow



Shoshona Snow Teapot in green, black and white sgraffito

Porcelain Teapot




Jazz Vase Shoshona Snow-456x342.jpgMod Porcelain Jazz Vase – Shoshona Snow




Shoshona Snow green and orange fish bowls

Shoshona Snow fish bowls




Snowflake Jewellry Shoshona Snow

Snowflake Ceramic Jewelry



Carved Porcelain Cereal Bowl by Shoshona Snow

Carved Porcelain Cereal bowl

This is made from gray porcelain , painted with white slip (liquefied clay) and then carved. With an interior purple color.



Ceramic Illama figurine by Shoshona Snow

Mod Llama Sculpture




Shoshona Snow sgraffito tray in black and white with red and yellow

Shoshona Snow




Modern-chick-bowl-BLUE-black-white by Shoshona Snow

Shoshona Snow chicken bowl




Modern-FISH-serving-bowl-tray by Shoshona Snow

Shoshona Snow fish shaped serving bowl




Shoshona-Snow-ceramics sgraffito owl vase with orange eyes

Sgraffito Owl – Shoshona Snow




Shoshona-Snow-sgraffito bowl

Shoshona Snow



Shoshona-Snow-ceramic-art porcelain science fiction tray

Ceramic sgraffito tray by Shoshona Snow

This is from a series of trays based on  40’s and 50’s Science Fiction comics.

It was hand built out of a slab of fine (and fussy) porcelain. The piece was slowly dried and then painted with black slip (liquid clay) and carefully carved to reveal the white porcelain beneath.

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