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Roelna Louw sculptures


Arborist-15x7x3 Roelna Louw ceramic scuulpture - abstract body with tree encased in a window

‘Arborist’ – Roelna Louw

15 x 7 x 3 inches – from the ‘ist’ series



Roelna’s Artist statement: “I sculpt because I love it!”

Roelna’s rich textural clay forms have a primitive schematic quality while exuding a contemporary spirit. Her South African background is an obvious influence and she possesses an innate ability to infuse a warmth into all her sculptural creations. Her transition from writing and directing award winning children’s TV programs in South Africa to clay sculpting, after relocating to the United States in the 90‘s, has proved to be an intriguing shift in her storytelling, still maintaining a continuance of child-like  innocence and humour in her art.

Roelna’ Louw website


Woof 18  ‘Love U More’ – Roelna Louw

11 inch height






‘On the Verge’ – Roelna Louw

  Acid stained Concrete sculpture with resin head on stained Limestone base

35 x 9 x 7 inches




‘The Space Between Us’ – Roelna Louw

from the “Between” series

 Finished in stains and under-glazes Standing on a stained limestone base.






‘Ornithologist’ – Roelna Louw

13x7x3 inches




Roelna Louw - accompanist - ceramic abstract sculpture

 ‘Accompanist’ – Roelna Louw





‘Tall Guardians’ – Roelna Louw

from the Guardians series





‘The space between us – I’m here’ – Roelna Louw



roelna-woof5-paint_ceramic dog sculpture

‘Woof 5’  – Roelna Louw




Saatchi-Art-Artist--Roelna-Louw--Ceramic-2014-Sculpture--Dream-Guardian-05--SOLD-- ceramic Dream Guardian to share your journey. Finished in stains and underglaze on a black marble base.

Roelna Louw — ceramic ‘Dream Guardian’ to share your journey.

Finished in stains and underglaze on a black marble base.

Saatchi Art …..Sold




 ‘Love You More Than All The Stars’   Roelna Louw  Ceramic


Saatchi Art  Sold




Saatchi-Art-Artist--Roelna-Louw--Ceramic-2014-Sculpture--Woof-17 Pottery dog bust

Woof 17  – Roelna Louw


Saatchi Art




Scuzzi-&-Guinea-Fowl cast-in-Bronze-and-Resin - bird sculptures by Roelna Louw

Scuzzi & Guinea Fowl sculptures

Cast in Bronze and Resin



Sir-Reginald ceramic dog statue - Roelna Louw

‘Sir Reginald’ – Roelna Louw



Us - Roelna Louw clay human figure sculpture

‘Us’ – Roelna Louw





uscrafters Roelna Louw - ceramic face wall sculptures

Ceramic wall art face sculptures – Roelna Louw




Woof-15 Bloo Ceramic dog bust by Roelna Louw

‘Woof 15  Bloo’   Ceramic dog bust by Roelna Louw






Concrete figure sculpture – Roelna Louw

height 25 “



Woof 10 dog sculpture by Roelna Louw

‘Woof 10’  — Roelna Louw




Roelna Louw ceramic figure sculpture

Roelna Louw sculpture



Orange ceramic dog figure - Roelna Louw

‘Ozone’ – Roelna Louw

height 14″




Zebra human figure sculpture - Roelna Louw

‘Zebra’  – Roelna Louw



Woof-16 - Roelna Louw

‘Woof 16 – Windhound ‘  – Roelna Louw




African couple figurine by Roelna Louw

African couple sculpture – Roelna Louw

from the ‘Africa’ series – “reflecting childhood dreams while growing up in South Africa”





Roelna Louw




africa-05 sculpture by Roelna Louw

‘Africa 05’  – Roelna Louw




africa-06 Abstract african sculpture by Roelna Louw

Africa 06 – Roelna Louw




africa-09 tree of life sculpture-Roelna Louw

Roelna Louw –  ‘Africa 09’




africa-11 clay sculpture by Roelna Louw

‘Africa 11’ – Roelna Louw




‘Africa Dreams’ – Roelna Louw

Acrylic on canvas



Motorist-14x8x7 inches Relna Louw

‘Motorist’ – Roelna Louw



I've-Got-Your-Back figurine sculpture - Roelna Louw

‘I’ve Got Your Back’ – Roelna Louw