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Modern Italian Mosaics Design – SICIS



Luxus Stuhl 'a heart so big' large mosaic wall panel

 Mosaic mural with matching pink velvet heart chairs – SICIS



The decor panache of SICIS :


Since its beginning in Ravenna in 1986, SICIS has been on a mission to merge the art of the ancients in the craft of mosaics, with modern industrial techniques. Incorporating SICIS’s diverse glass mosaic collections, which include transparent, iridescent, mirrored, and textured materials, it has flourished to become a premier mosaic innovator. Flamboyant, exuberant and fearless in the implementation of ideas has been an enduring feature of Italian design, especially since the post war modernist resurgence. Sicis is continuing this adventurous tradition, offering modern mosaic concepts that capture a contemporary realm of design, taking the rich, classical Italian mosaic art of the past to new captivating levels. SICIS is a factory of artists, mosaic innovators, interior designers and glass makers who research, create, interpret and revitalize. They cater for a diverse range of clients producing monumental murals, bathroom and living space wall panels, mosaic sculptures, mosaic floors/rugs, mosaic jewellry and furnishings.
The city of Ravenna is filled with exquisite works that adorn the monuments, historic buildings and interiors of Ravenna’s churches, dating back over 1500 years. The mosaic medium made a considerable addition to the arts that reflect the might of Christian rule within the Roman empire. In the 5th – 6th century AD there were notable contributions from the Byzantine rulers and Theodoric, who decorated the holy buildings of Ravenna in glittering mosaics.


The-Magi- - Basilica of Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna by travel photographer Kathryn Burrington

Basilica of Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy


Manufacturing its own “tesserae” directly in Ravenna has given SICIS a lot of flexibility with colour, texture and styles to develop innumerable patterns and palettes in their custom designs of figurative and abstract murals and floors. SICIS has also made a foray into the design of furniture, lighting fixtures and other interior design accessories to support their philosophy of ‘elementi decorativi’ to create integrated outcomes. The longevity of Ravennas steep history in the mosaic arts. is guaranteed with the inventive, pioneering flair and dedication of SICIS.




‘Constable’ Mosaic Rug – the design is inspired by the carpet Savonnerie, XIX century




Exotic-Furniture-Design-Moi-Et-La-Rose-Sicis-Next-Art by SICIS

‘Me and Rose 1 Sofa’ – SICIS



Flower-Power---Collections---Mosaic wall art with floral designs

SICIS – ‘Flower Power’ Mosaic Collections



ipix-2013-SICIS mosaic wall art Vie En Roses Ballerina dancing with mosaic rose art

‘Vie En Roses’ – Salmon – SICIS




ipix-2013-catalog-Ocean Blue mosaic wall mural

‘Ocean Blue’ mosaic wall mural – SICIS




Mosaic Byzantine style panel of the 6th century portrait of Justinian’s wife, the  Empress Theodora, to compliment the Christian Lacroix furniture collection for Sicis





SICIS factory, Ravenna





Mosaic artist at SICIS



SICIS----Flo 1c mosaic floral mural

SICIS –  Flo 1C  – Mosaic Flower Power panel




SICIS contemporary mosaic floor in red and white

Red and white mosaic floor – SICIS




SICIS---Colibri-Altea wall mosaic art in deep greens

SICIS—Colibri Altea mosaic mural



SICIS---Colibri Cheviot Art White mosaic bath on white and gold mosaic floor

Colibri Cheviot Art White – SICIS




SICIS---Colibri--Circlex wall mosaic

Colibri – Circlex wall mosaic – SICIS



Sofa Madame Butterfly 1 - blue and whits sofa with butterfly wings

Sofa Madame Butterfly 1




SICIS-mosaic floor

SICIS Wheel Neoglass mosaic floor




SICIS-Diana-Amethyst decorative High Heeled Shoe

SICIS @ Penthouse · Miami, USA – ‘Diana Amethyst’





Flower Power mosaic – Flo 12C


Black-cosmati-collection SICIS

‘Cosmati’ Mosaic Floor Tile Collection -SICIS




Itlaian SICIS---Hedonism wall mosaic

SICIS – ‘Hedonism’ mosaic




Sicis-lif-essence-Klimit 2013

Sicis lif essence -‘Tribute to Klimt’



SICIS---Colibri-Dalia-Grananda orange and yellow wall mosaic

SICIS — ‘Colibri Dalia Grananda’ mosaic




SICIS · Lush leaf armchairs · Blue Papillons 1




Mosaics SICIS-Baeza-Heno

SICIS mosaic bathroom




SICIS @ Sicis Showroom · New York, USA





SICIS @ Design Hotel · Cosmati Collection

This Project has been inspired by the original floor pattern in St. Marks Church, Venice





‘Skyline Bridge’ mosaic- SICIS




SICIS mosaic wall mural --Showroom-Milan-2015j

SICIS mosaic showroom, Milan




SICIS @ Private House · Los Angeles, California, USA



Mosaic fireplace – SICIS




SICIS Polished Sicistone : Collection Red




SICIS--Sketch-Red mosaic wall in red and black

Contemporary mosaic wall – ‘Sketch Red’ – SICIS



Sylvan-Blue botanical theme wall mosaic

‘Sylvan Blue’ – SICIS





SICIS @ Private House · Cote d’Azur, France –  Lifessence 2013



SICIS-Skyline-Gothic wall mosaic - tall skyscraper building wall art with batman window

‘Skyline Gothic’ mosaic – SICIS



SICIS-Skyline-Dream-11 mosaic wall art

‘Skyline Dream’ wall mosaic – SICIS



SICIS---The Rug-Argentario Original mosaic execution inspired by a Byzantine carpet of the VI Century

Mosaic Rug- ‘Argentario’ – SICIS Bisanzio Collection

Original mosaic execution inspired by a Byzantine carpet of the VI Century





I Romantici Collection – ‘Lancret’ mosaic rug – SICIS

Original mosaic execution inspired by a carpet from Agra ( Taj Mahal ) of the XVIII century



SICIS---The One Marble circular mosaic patterned floor

SICIS mosaic floor – Meeting Room – DM1 Headquarters



indoor-mosaic-wall-glass-textured-Derby - Pinup-mosaic-collection SICIS Italy

‘Derby’ from Pinup mosaic collection SICIS


Italian Acero-Rosso-Armchair-2---SICIS - pink/crimson modernist furniture

‘Acero Rosso Armchair 2’ – SICIS




Hotel Terme Menzi entrance hall · Ischia Island · ITALY



SICIS---Giardini Collection - Lagav Black Flower Power wall mural

SICIS—Giardini Collection – ‘Lagav Black’ mosaic floor rug, Flower Power wall mural, Sultan bath




SICIS---The Rug--realistic looking mosaic floor rug

‘Boucher’ mosaic rug – I Romantici Collection




SICIS---Mosaic Rug-Bisanzio Collection - mosaic rug prepared in the factory for installation

SICIS Bisanzio Collection – factory assembled, Raverna




SICIS---The Rug-Cezanne-Brown

‘Cezanne’ mosaic rug – SICIS

The foyer of the Wisconsin Electric Power Company building, designed by Zimmermann Design




SICIS---Mosaic Rug-Signac

‘Signac’ mosaic rug – SICIS





Working on Moses for the Book Of Genesis mural



SICIS---The Rug Teoderico Original mosaic execution inspired by a Byzantine carpet of the VI Century

SICIS—The Rug ‘Teoderico’

Original mosaic creation inspired by a Byzantine carpet of the VI Century




SICIS---Mosaic Rug-Trotter-Grey

‘Trotter Grey’ mosaic rug – SICIS



Italian Sicis ming mosaic panel

SICIS · 3D Artistic Mosaic



SICIS-Skyline-Venice mosaic wall panel depicting gothic arches

SICIS – ‘Skyline Venice’



sicis-lif-essence-2013-Private House Doha Qatar - purple and white mosaic wall panel

Sicis lif essence – – Private House Doha Qatar




Pink velvet Kundalini-spiral-chair-sicis

Mosaic and velvet ‘Kundalini’ chair – SICIS

Chair whose back is a spiral, a whirlwind of light and vibrations, splashes of colour and dazzling lights, recalling Oriental energy.




Venetian mosaic of precious stones, Venice

Between 2nd half of 17th century and 1st half of 18th century





Basilica of San Vitale

Ravenna, Italy

SICIS website