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Women with pots.

Zulu Women Carrying Pots Zulu woman in traditional outfits.

There is something eternally graceful about seeing a women carrying a pot on her head. A vision of feminity, balance and sustanence with their gait being slow and gentle and their posture, dictated by maintanence of their load, remaining perfect. The daily pilgrimage to the village well was essential for suppl;y of water for drinking, cooking and washing.
I have spent time in rural India villages and it was a regular occurance to witness the village women carrying their pots.They never seemed to struggle with this task, even when transporting large vessels and strolled along with ease. I have always been transfixed by the timelessnes of this imagery whenever I have seen this in my travels , so I want to do a feature of visuals along this theme.

A Mali woman carryng pots in the village of Songha hjfklein - flickr   Woman carrying pot, village of Songha, Mali

hjfklein – flickr

Bali Batikof woman with pottery

Bail Batik


Dancing with pots on head

Dancing performance in India ( Elica.org)


Goddess Savatri blessing for married women

Celebration of  Vat  Savatri. On this day a married women invokes the blessing of Devi (Goddess) Savatri for the general well being of her husband and for the prolonging of her marital life. ( Photo by Rajen Nair



Batwa women with pots  Batwa women with traditional pots. Taken in Burundi, in the village of Kiganda in the province of Muramvya.



African girl carrying a pot

African woman with a large pot

Photo by echwaluphotography





Making pots in Malawi Village



African Cocoa Farming lady

An old water  pot.



Rajastani women with pots

Women from a nomadic community from Rajasthan state carry drinking water.



African fulani woman with large pot

Fulani woman



Egyptian traditional bread baking

Egyptian traditional bread baking



African pottery making

African pottery making. Photo by Mjengwa




Pot cleaning



Balinese pot transport

Balinese pot transport



African Swazi women holding pots

Young Swazi Woman



Woman carrying traditional water pots for sale in Niger

Woman carrying traditional water pots for sale in Niger



Indian seed festival parade

Seeds Festival

Indian woman with hand painted pots

Indian women with decorated pots

women carrying a pot, bottle and a barrel Eastern Cape

Xhosa women off to paarty ?

Photo by Lister Hunter

A women holding a pot in India decorated with neem leaves

Bonalu means Bojanaalu (meal) in Telugu, is an offering to the Goddess of power. Women prepare Bonam with cooked rice, milk, sugar, onions in a pot, decorated  with small neem breanches and turmeric, kunkum and a lamp on the top it. Women put the pots on their heads and take it to Goddess temple, led by drummers and dancing men. ( Tellanga region, Andhra  Pradash India http://chandu-telangana.blogspot.com.au

Women transporting pots in Togo , Africa

Togo, West Africa



Bangladeshi-women-protesting water shortages

Two hundred women from indigenous (or adivashi) communities in Rajshahi, north-western Bangladesh, carried empty clay water pots to symbolically highlight the problem of water shortages.

( caroschoice blogspot )



Rajasthani women with her pot

Rajastani villager carrying a pot

Sulu girl with a beer pot

Zulu woman carrying beer pot

Photo – Ariadne van Zandbergen

Pottery selling in Argentina

Pottery selling at an Argentina train station.


Vintage postcard of a Mexican girl carrying a pot

Mexican girl carrying  pot

( Mexican Postcard )



Cooking in clay pot

This woman stirs traditional atole (a thick, usually sweetened corn drink), prepared in an olla de barro (clay pot) over a wood fire.

Morelia, Mexico



market in Gorom Gorom

Songhay pottery market,  Gorom Gorom



Balinese women making an offering

Girl with offering in Bali

Zulu woman with beer pot

Zulu beer pot



Indian woman carrying several pots in black and white vintage photo by Paul Joyce

An Indian woman carrying grain pots

photo – Margaret Bourke White

1946, Life magazine



Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Bali-Indonesia

Taking offerings to the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Bali Indonesia



African Zulu girl with large basket

Zulu girl with large basket



Native American girl with Zuni jar

Zuni girl carrying jar ,New Mexico




 Making pottery in Segou village, Mali


Women with pots at sunset in Sri lanka Sri Lanka Sunset

Woman of Niger carrying pots

Parade of Fulani women with pots





Portuguese Azulejos





Female African figurine




vanessa-by-james-denmark painting

‘Vanessa’ by James Denmark




Girls Pounding corn outside their homes

 Monkey Bay, South End of Lake Malawi

Photo by Nigel Pavitt

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