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Ute Grossman



I-prongs ceramic vessel with geometric triangular patterns - Ute Grossman

I – Prongs – Ute Grossman


Ute Grossman was born in Dresden ,Germany in 1960. Having originally studied Chemical Engineering, she gravitated towards the arts with studies in painting and graphics at the  Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden in 1998/1999. She became a member of the  Association of Artists as a freelance ceramicist in 2003 and has since developed a considerable portfolio of ceramic vessels and sculptural objects. Her early work also involved doing mosaic sculptures in public places. All her ceramic art still displays mosaic aspects, but are now also mixed with raku, which has become a more prominent feature over the last three years.

Recently she has also introduced porcelain clay with finely structured graphic surfaces. Nearly all her vessels are asymmetrical with playful proportions and when combined with the vivacious mixture of colour palettes and textural lines, serve to create striking pieces of ceramic art. Ute claims her work now has either humorous portraits which describe interpersonal relationships or obvious abstracted portraits which explain higher social contexts.

Within the last three years, I concentrated mostly on the Raku-technique.. These are either humorous portraits which describe interpersonal relationships or obvious abstracted portraits which explain higher social context.



Faded-Beauty contemporary ceramic vessel vy Ute Grossman

‘Faded Beauty’ 

raku vase, 2006



In the bushes

‘In the bushes’ – Ute Grossman

raku bottle, 2006




I love old - ceramic vase by Ute Grossman - abstract mosaic decoration in green shades and black

‘I love old’  Ute Grossman

Raku vessel, 2009




Woman Gutsel spending spree by Ute Grossman

‘Woman Gutsel spending spree’

White stoneware clay, Porzellanengobe, glazes, electric kiln 1120 ° C




Abstract ceramic vase called Woman by Ute Grossman

‘Woman’ – Ute Grossman



 Utes Unke - ceramic abstract animal figure by Ute Grossman

‘Utes Unke’   by Ute Grossman

 White stoneware clay, Porzellanengobe, electric fire 1120 ° C,




Ute Grossmann - Keramion 2012 outdoor installation of reclining eggman

 Ute Grossmann installation- Keramion 2012



Ute2 mosaic surface pattern vase - Ute Grossman

 ‘Ute 2’ – Ute Grossman



Unfolded - contemporary vessel with geometric design by Ute Grossman

‘Unfolded’ – Ute Grossman





Towels ceramic vase - Ute Grossman

‘Towels’ – Ute Grossman



Timely Spring

‘Timely Spring’ – Ute Grossman



Ute Grossman-Illusions-2005 asymmetrical vases

Ute Grossman ‘Illusions’





Kernig III by Ute Grossman Green contemporary vessel

Ute Grossman ‘Kernig III’





 Langer Winter 2006 vase by Ute Grossman with geometric patterns

  ‘Langer Winter’ – Ute Grossman




Large Tourmaline - rectangular vase - Ute Grossman

 ‘Large Tourmaline’  – Ute Grossman


Ute Grossmann -Pennant vases with triangle patterns

 ‘Pennant’   Ute Grossman

Raku Vases




Nature scenery vase by Ute Grossman with mosaic finish

‘Nature scenery’ 

white stoneware clay, glazes, raku 1020 ° C




Reversible Afraid two raku bottles by Ute Grossman

‘Reversible Afraid’ – Ute Grossman





Sedate - raku vessel by Utr Grossman

‘Sedate’ – Ute Grossman




Small town (after-Feininger)

‘Small town (after Feininger)’ – Ute Grossman




Luftfassade rectangular vase with abstract decoration

‘Luftfassade’ – Ute Grossman

white stoneware clay, engobe,
electric kiln 1080 ° C





Sweet-Glass- Three ceramic vessels by Ute Grossman

‘Sweet Glass’ – Ute Grossman




473px-338px-Bowl-for-a-baroque-lady Ute Grossman

Ute Grossman



Ute Grossman



Bauhaus sequence with impurity by Ute Grossman - rectangular vase with horizontal stripes
‘Bauhaus sequence with impurity’ – Ute Grossman

Raku, white stoneware clay, glazes, 1020 ° C



Baroque footed vessel by Ute Grossman in red and black

‘Baroque’ – Ute Grossman





Autumnal vase by Ute-Grossman

‘Autumnal’ – Ute Grossman





Ute Grossman ceramic vase with biomorphic designs

Ute Grossman vase





Female sculpture figure – Ute Grossman




Ute Grossman Raku Vase




Russian eggs vase by Ute Grossman

‘Russian eggs, anticlockwise’

Raku, white stoneware clay, glazes, 1020 ° C


Biopop vase by Ute Grossman in grey, black and green



300px-450px-trau-luna ceramic bottle by Ute Grossman

‘Frau luna’ – Ute Grossman



‘SPutnik’ – Ute Grossman



475px-222px-ute-grossman ceramic abstract figures

‘From the Knitting Magazine: The good and the bad fairy’ – Ute Grossman





Woman Up contemporary vessel with horizontal curved stripes and handles

‘Woman Up’ – Ute Grossman



 Ute Grossman website here