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1001 pots, Quebec – Exposition de céramique



1001 Pots, Val David, Quebec


Enclosed in the wild beauty of the Laurentians, in the heart of the charming village of Val-David, the exhibition showcases the excellence of contemporary Quebec ceramics. 1001 Pots is renowned for the beauty of its location. Treat yourself to a moment of grace with a tea in the Moss Garden, the Zen Garden, or the Secret Garden. Or follow the Path of Flowers and attend the traditional exhibition of Ikebana, the quintessence of floral art. Finally, the mineral enclosure of the Silica Garden is also immersed in culture, welcoming musical and poetic performances.

Running till August 12, 2018 – Open all days from 10 am to 6 pm
  • 2435, rue de l’Église
  • Val-David, Quebec, Canada J0T 2N0
  • 819-322-6868
  • [email protected]


A collection of the artists exhibiting at the 30th edition of 1001 pots

More information on the ceramicists here



Cindy Labrecque



Ensemble bols cafe insectes_Cindy Labrecque

Ensemble bols cafe insectes motif  – Cindy Labrecque



1001 Pots Quebec

1001 Pots Quebec



Catherine-Reeves ceramic vessel

Catherine Reeves


Humpback whale - Catherine Reeves

‘Humpback’  – Catherine Reeves



Diane Denault-raku-sculpture temple gate

Diane Denault raku sculpture



Pauline Pelletier ceramic bowl

Pauline Pelletier ceramic bowl



Pauline Pelletier tea pot and cup

Pauline Pelletier tea pot and cup



Christiane-Paquin teapot

Christiane Paquin



Christiane Paquin ceramic footed cups

Christiane Paquin cups





Christiane Paquin teapot



Amandine Daviet ceramic artist

Amandine Daviet



Amandine-Daviet--ceramic-bowl with lady bathing

Amandine Daviet–ceramic bowl



Amandine Daviet--ceramic bird mugs

Amandine Daviet



Annie Fournier Canadian artist

Annie Fournier



Annie Fournier--ceramic vases

Annie Fournier — ceramic vases



1001 pots - Quebec

1001 pots – Val David, Quebec


Loïc Thérien

“If I take a look behind my almost 40 years as a potter, a clear trend is emerging: that of letting the earth and the heat speak and favoring their natural expression, first by working the forms to purify and adapt them to the type of glaze to come, then giving the maximum space for cooking and the chance that it generates. Thus, after having explored salt glazes, I am now happy or sorry for the random and capricious formation of crystals.”


Loïc-Thérien ceramicist

Loïc Thérien



Therien Assiette crystalline plate

Loïc Thérien



Anne Marie Vigneault ceramic artist

Anne Marie Vigneault



Anne Marie Vigneault ceramic vase

Anne Marie Vigneault vase



Anne Marie Vigneault footed bowl

Anne Marie Vigneault bowl



Annie-Rémillard portrait

Annie Rémillard



Annie Rémillard ceramic mugs

Annie Rémillard



Daniel Gingras

“My work is strongly inspired by Asian art, especially Japanese. The work of the textures and the fire effects of cooking with wood and gas, fascinate me and characterize my utilitarian pieces.”

Daniel Gingras potter

Daniel Gingras


Daniel Gingras footed bowl

Daniel Gingras footed bowl



Carole & John Bandurchin ceramic sculpture

Carole & John Bandurchin



Carole Fontaine-samurai raku sculpture

Carole Fontaine-raku sculpture


Carole Fontaine raku sculpture

Carole Fontaine raku sculpture



Catherine De Abreu lidded vessels



Catherine De Abreu porcelain cup

Catherine De Abreu porcelain cup



Catherine De Abreu teapot and cups

Catherine De Abreu teapot and cups



Chantal Auger

“Sometimes I interpret, sometimes I compose and always I learn, I learn. I work sandstone and porcelain. I mainly make utility pottery in connection with the preparation, cooking and serving of food. I take special care to produce quality objects that can be appreciated in their daily use.”

“My enamels are made of clay picked respectfully at the belly of our mother earth. I decline it pure in a deep brown, lengthened with salts to find a rustic flavor or mixed with wood ashes for the depth of the sunny ocher. High temperature fire reveals all of its immense alchemical power.”



Chantal Auger-tea-pots with wooden handles

Chantal Auger



Claudel Hébert ceramic figure lamp

Claudel Hébert ceramic figure lamp



Don Goddard raku vessel

Don Goddard


Elaine-Michaud-canadan ceramics

Elaine Michaud



Cache pot Elaine Michaud

Footed cache pots with succulents  —   Elaine Michaud



Elisabeth Gauthier peacock motif cup

Elisabeth Gauthier peacock motif cup


Elise Rubin

“Clay plasticity is a great playground that fuels my creative breath. I want to give life to this material that thinks itself in three dimensions, embodying it in objects of sharing and everyday poetry. I am both an artist who explores the sensitivity of the earth and a craftswoman who works to produce objects of comfort and refinement. My production is made of porcelain. I favor this clay for its qualities of brightness and finesse of work. The harmony of shapes, light and textures is at the heart of my work.”


Élise Rubin-Montreal ceramics

Élise Rubin



Élise Rubin-- elegant vase

Élise Rubin–vase



Tasse haute-Élise Rubin high cup

Tasse haute (high cup)- Élise Rubin



Emmanuel Dufour


“Inspired by the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century I draw each of my pieces with pear and brush. I cook my high-temperature gas oven parts to give an old newspaper effect to my drawings. This high cooking temperature allows my parts to achieve total vitrification and keep the bare earth on a larger surface. I use in some cases the electric oven and so, my drawings appear with greater contrast in a pure black and white. In this case, I use a transparent glaze.”



Emmanuel Dufour vase

Emmanuel Dufour



Esther Legault porcelain cups

Esther Legault porcelain cups



Eva Ferenczy Reichmann female sculpture vessel

Eva Ferenczy Reichmann female sculpture vessel



Eva Ferenczy Reichmann teapot

Eva Ferenczy Reichmann sculpture teapot



Eva Ferenczy Reichmann sculpture

Eva Ferenczy Reichmann




Fabienne Synnott

Sandstone or porcelain. Shot, fashioned, carved. Single pieces or small series. Reduced cooking … sometimes with wood but most of the time with gas. I treat each piece as a composition in its own right, necessarily derived from the earth and which also keeps track of it. Nature inspires me; plant, animal, human. I like to play, to experiment, to discover, to understand, to share. I am listening to what processes and materials have to say.

Fabienne Synnott ceramic bottle

Fabienne Synnott ceramic bottle



Fabienne Synnott ceramic teapots

Fabienne Synnott


Florence Poirier ceramic artist

Florence Poirier



Florence Poirier cup

Florence Poirier cup


Gaële Dufaux Mathieu cup and saucer black and white

Gaële Dufaux Mathieu cup and saucer


Oriana Ivaniuta


“My meticulous main collection is inspired by several traditional Ukrainian symbols that are part of my origins. These sets, although mainly used in Ukrainian traditional embroidery and costumes, all have a very special meaning. So I take these scenery to transcribe them in my work. I find a tradition that bubbles in my veins, in my mind and nourishes my imagination. My approach is a long fantastic journey between my roots and origins as well as my personal universe where I feel and exploit different ideas, paths and convictions.”

“It is too easy to fall into a serious daily life, where the duties of life make us forget the imagination and the infinite universe of cerebral vagrancy. So I come to create a world more childish, traditional, calm and positive, to give full place to the daydream in each of us.”


Grand vase Oriana---Oriana Ivaniuta

Grand vase Oriana—Oriana Ivaniuta



Guy Simoneau conical footed bowls

Guy Simoneau conical bowls



Guy Simoneau-ceramic vessel

Guy Simoneau



Hugo Didier ceramicist

Hugo Didier



Black and white porcelain cylinder vessel - Hugo Didier

Hugo Didier



Hugo-Didier-ceramic bowls

Hugo Didier ceramic bowls



Isabelle Simard-portrait-photo monochrome

Isabelle Simard



Isabelle Simard-hand made pinch bowls

Isabelle Simard


Isabelle Simard porcelain cups



ishizukag_pitcher Gordie Ishizuka

Gordie Ishizuka – matching pitcher and cup



Josee Drouin-holding-dog

Josee Drouin



Josee Drouin - Vase Ailerons

Josee Drouin – Vase Ailerons


Kinya shikawa bird motif tea pot

Kinya Shikawa tea pot



Marie Ève Dompierre momchrome portrait

Marie Ève Dompierre


Marie Ève Dompierre speckled cup, saucer, plate



Marie Josée Desjean butter dish

Marie Josée Desjean butter dish



Mélanie Pageau pouring tea

Mélanie Pageau



Mélanie Pageau asymmetrical bowl

Mélanie Pageau



Ceramic cup with square saucer Mélanie Pageau

Ceramic cup with square saucer – Mélanie Pageau



Nadine Desmarais head shot

Nadine Desmarais



Grosse tasse-Nadine Desmarais

Grosse tasse – Nadine Desmarais



Theiere_et_tasse-Nadine Desmarais

Theiere et tasse – Nadine Desmarais



Sophie Pelchat


“My creations are inspired mainly by my urban environment but also by nature. I shape and turn utilitarian objects with two clays: porcelain and semi-gray sandstone that I color with engobe. So much diversity to create contrasts between plant colors and concrete gray. In their everyday use, I hope my ceramics will tinge your lives with simple pleasures while allowing you to enjoy the moment.”


Pelchat-Bols 2 grandeurs no 5

Pelchat — Bols 2 grandeurs no 5



Wai Yant Li-Tasses Classiques

Wai Yant Li – Tasses Classiques



Catherine Auriol black and white spiral vessel

Catherine Auriol black and white spiral vessel



Catherine Auriol--black and white spiral dish

Catherine Auriol


Evelyne Rivest Savignac

Evelyne Rivest Savignac porcelaine lidded jar



Evelyne Rivest Savignac porcelain goblet

Evelyne Rivest Savignac —  porcelaine gobelet