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Home Decor ceramics


A presentation of ceramics in a decorative living space context. The innate curvy lines of a wheel thrown pottery piece always has a classical feel about it and becomes nicely juxtaposed against the numerous straight lines that appear in most furniture and architecture, adding to the dynamic with the polarity. Classical ceramic pieces also blend nicely into a contemporary interior; their relatively compact size generally doesn’t detract from the theme and enhances the dynamic. The earth element in pottery is harmonious with the wood element and makes a room more grounded where there is a lot of wood in the structure and the furniture. Pottery with colourful glazes also are an easy way to add a splash of colour to a room featuring more muted tones.









modern decor

Nettleton 199 by Saota and Okha interiors




Vase with blue hydrangea

Classical vase with indigo blue Hydragea




Mas Amadeo – Interior Designer Gerard Faivre




Stylist Deb McLean

Stylist Deb McLean





18th Century Italian Torcheres

( thewhitedresser.com )






Mid-century-Yuling Qiu

Mid-century style vase  -Yuling Qiu


 Houses of Veranda – Photo:  Francis Amiand

( belgianpearls.blogspot )




 Modern Atomic Retro Lamp

Mid Century Modern Atomic Retro Lamp




Thibaut design

 Thibaut design




Aleksandra Miecznicka

 Seated Buddah statue




Garcia Ochoa Family

Mexican vase – Garcia Ochoa Family





Long-necked jar with stamped floral and geometric decoration. Korea, Silla kingdom, 7th–8th century. Stoneware.

National Museum of Korea. Image via The Met.


Glenn Gissler Design

Glenn Gissler Design



Apartments of the Duchesse d’Elampes, Fontainebleau, Franc

 Los Penascales in Spain

 Los Penascales in Spain



 Linda Holt Interiors




Crosby Street Hotel,- NY

Crosby Street Hotel,- NY




mf architect

M22 house – mfarchitect





Designer Bronnie Masefau.

( designhunter.com )





Designer Bronnie Masefau.

( designhunter.com )





Southern Acadian House

( cotedetexas.blogspot )




Interior designer Amy Lau

 Mid-century styled apartment – interior designer Amy Lau.




Ikebana by Mario Hirama

Ikebana by Mario Hirama



Isabellastyle on Flickr

Isabellastyle on Flickr




Ishi Doro Lantern

Ishi Doro Lantern




Favrile Glass Vase — Tiffany Studios New York

7 inches height – Macklowe


June Schwarcz’s enamel vessels displayed in her home.

( thesparemedium.tumblr )




Le Mas des Isords - Gérard-Fai

Le Mas des Isords  – Gérard Faivre




Le Moulin De Manville

Le Moulin De Manville – Gérard Faivre





( makeupalley.com )




Mark D. Sikes

Plaster bust from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris

( elle decor )









Matt Wedel - Flower Tree 2010

Matt Wedel – Flower Tree 2010




Nordic inspired beach retreat

Christopher Elliott design


 Ontario Based Interior Designer Jewel Weeks




Ralph Lauren

Rosecliff Collection  –  Ralph Lauren Home



Tiffany Eastman interiors

Tiffany Eastman interiors




Tiki Tiger on Etsy - Atomic lamp

Mid-century Atomic lamp – Tiki Tiger on Etsy




Edith Tergau

Edith Tergau




vision design group

Vision Design Group




via Belgian Pearls

 {via Belgian Pearls}




via adorablelife.tumblr

via adorablelife.tumblr




via casa.abril.com.br

via casa.abril.com.br









Interior designer Michael S Smith

Interior designer Michael S Smith




Flow Fitzgerald Oraganic 6

Flow Fitzgerald – Oraganic 6




Fantoni Pair of Lamps

Pair of Lamps – Fantoni


Japanese bedroom decor

Matilda Elizabeth Amissah

Beehive – Matilda Elizabeth Amissah


Modern Jakarta residence – TWS & Partners

( freshome.com )


Shell design home, Kitasaku, Japan

( ARTechnic architects )


Turquoise long neck vase – Sjostrom antiques



Ceramics by Antoinette Faragallah.

Photo by David John

Fired Earth

Fired Earth interior design

Jaffa House by Pitso Kedem

Jaffa house by Pitso Kedem, Israel

Modern Interior Design

Interior Designers –  Delhi NCR



Photo Claude Smekens

Ceramics Peter Lane

Ceramics by Peter Lane

Photo by David John

Josh Herman San Diego

Josh Herman – San Diego

Stone bath tub by Errikos Artdesign

Stone bath tub by Errikos Artdesign

Colonial Revival home

Colonial Revival home in San Diego

Brooklyn Home Company

Brooklyn Home Company

Lime Green themed decor - Apartment Therapy

Lime green themed retro decor – Apartment Therapy