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Futuristic and virtual pottery






Modern Ceramics – Re-inventing the wheel :


l’Artisan Electronique from Unfold Design Studio

The pottery wheel is one of the oldest artisan techniques for making utilitarian objects. Belgian company Unfold, in collaboration with Tim Krapen and the RepRap community, developed  L ‘Artisan   Electronique, which  is a virtual pottery wheel that can be creatively manipulated on the touchscreen of a  tablet. This also acts as the interface for running a  3d scanner, adapted to pipe clay through nozzles to build the pottery form. The innovative process imitates the traditional technique used by ceramicists, in which the form is built up by stacking coils of clay. The result is a curious meeting of an ancient craft with modern technology and digital design software. And futuristic pottery styles can be created.


Scale Unfold Design Studio

 Simple glazed printed porcelain scaled forms – Unfold Design Studios


The L’Artisan Electronique installation was commissioned by the Z33 Art Centre for the exhibition ” Design by Performance ” According to Jnathon Keppat Unfold, , the clay qualities desirable in more traditional pottery techniques hold true for printing with clay too. The general rule of thumb with clay is that the whiter it is the less plastic and malleable it is. What is known as ‘short’ clay. The darker the clay, the more sticky it is and often the more plastic and able to bend before breaking. The converse is, the whiter the clay the higher the temperature it can be fired to before distorting. So porcelain is higher fired and stronger than say red earthenware red clay. There is always a payoff and that is why most clay bodies are a blend of a number of materials.




More technical details here → http://unfoldfab.blogspot.com.au/




 ‘Volcanoes’ – ave size 9 x 9 cm (Experiments in modelling with ‘sculpt mode’ in the 3d program Blender)


Virtual Pottery from Yoon Chung Han on Vimeo.

Virtual Pottery is an immersive audiovisual installation that uses hand gestures to create 3D pottery objects and compose real-time sound piece. Using the simple and anagogic metaphor, Virtual Pottery attempts to transform body gesture into a digital music domain in a compelling way. The body is transformed into this multi-sensory space as a way of sculpting sound pottery. It delivers the same manner when we do in real pottery creation; sculpting clay, polishing the shape, adding glaze materials, and finally going through the firing process. By using simple hand gestures, the user can experience a virtual creation and sculpt their own pottery pieces, while compose  real-time music. The meditative feeling, combined with experimental music, pushes the user to explore the relation between virtual sculpting and spatial sound composition.



Created in TransLab, Media Arts and Technology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Advisor : Prof. Marcos Novak
Technical Collaborator : Byeong-jun Han


Project Utanalog, Ceramic Utah Teapot

The Utah teapot is a 3D model created in 1975 by Martin Newell which has become a standard reference object in the computer graphics community. It is a simple, round, partially concave mathematical model of an ordinary teapot. The objective of Utanalog by Unfold is to return the iconographic teapot to its roots as a piece of functional dish-ware while showing its status as an icon of the digital world.






Recent ceramic innovations :



 Modern Italian Fireplace Design by Montegrappa



Pyramid Shaped Coffee Table

Horus Coffee Table

Stephane Thivend





The Reveal Cabinet Furniture

The Reveal Display Cabinet





 Modern chair modules


Ceramic wall from Naxos

Decorative ceramic wallsl from Naxos



sound collector

 The ceramic “Soundcollector” by Dutch designer Rommert Calje is suspended on wires and captures and amplifies sounds.

( an inverse ” cone of silence ” )




Modern ceramic tiles from Impronta




Porfido and Vibrazioni relief tile designs

Impronta Porfido and Vibrazioni ceramic relief tile designs




474px-320px-Italia Nuova Wall Tiles

Italia Nuova Wall Tiles





Ceramica Cielo, based out of Fabrica di Roma, Italy, espouses daring style, and this is clearly visible from their Jungle Collection. Exotic elegance is displayed with these reptile patterns. Definately appropriate for the Year Of The Snake.




Ceramica Cielo





porcelain dress

 Porcelain Dress, by Li Xiaofeng



 Porcelain Dress, by Li Xiaofeng




BRIEFCeramicASE –  Alexandros Stasinopoulos

The challenge in this project, was to mix the concept of traditional ceramics, a primitive material with long history in many cultures, with the unique properties high tech ceramics posses, like their extreme hardness, scratch- and abrasion-resistance, skin friendliness and their unique sensuous tactility.




BRIEFCeramicASE –  Alexandros Stasinopoulos





ceramic dog house

 Luxury ceramic dog house by Marco Morosini. Italian designer dog bed for the pampered and spoiled dogs.


 Ceramic dog house











future figurines – Kim Simonsson





  Matthias Kaeding’s ceramic Neolithic Knives

Time to re-discover our ancient culinary skills. This is just a concept knife, but I’d say a handle wouldn’t go astray.




Urban Knome

Urban Gnome collection from London designers Vitamin

 The Collection comprises a Money Box, Bottle Opener, Salt & Pepper shakers, and a Kitchen Timer.









grey hand crafted modern ceramic plantersA grey hand crafted modern ceramic planters from NATURE




KERAMION Foundation

KERAMION Foundation – Center for Modern and Historic Ceramics in Frechen, Germany



Kim Been Ceramic ToasterPortable Ceramic Bread Iron by Kim Been




 Guarantee perfectly crisp toast by toasting your bread manually.

Silverware Vase

Strips of seaweed have left their mark on the photosensitive surfaces of this vase by Anglo-Dutch design duo Glithero

Glithero developed ‘Silverware’, a photographic technique that captures direct impressions of seaweed specimens on porcelain. The resulting images resemble abstract art from the 1950’s on surfaces that echo Wedgewood’s black and white Portland vase.

castagna dog house bosa

Castagna ceramic dog house by Bosa




A piece of Delftware pottery, developed  in 3D for selling in a virtual world shop, on display in a virtual world apartment.


An impressive abstract facade – Wintergarden Shopping Complex in Brisbane, Australia

” Our work on Wintergarden has enriched the studio’s knowledge in the fields of screen geometry, cutting, folding and panelising to the point where the most complex elements of design and construction are converted from creative potential and idealism to practical achievability. ” –  Studio 505

photo – John Gollings


Teeny flower vases made from sea stones – Mitsuru Koga


A ceramic wig ( actually a bowl )

Claydies and Gentlemen by claydies-hairdo18

Claydies and Gentlemen ceramic bowl by Claydies

( Dazeen )


Dezeen Tyvek Vases by Jiwon



Creating Crockery With A Hammer – Max  Lamb





Tom Collins - Large Pottery Vessel

Tom Collins – Large Pottery Vessel with Lid

MASATOYO KISHI - Cast Stone Sculpture

MASATOYO KISHI – Cast Stone Sculpture

KUKI modernist freeform Bird in Flight design.

( liveauctioneers.com  )

Victoria Morris - sea stone vessels

Victoria Morris – sea stone vessels

Young Jae Lee

Young Jae Lee vessel

Bauhaus style tea pot

Mid Century Bauhaus style tea pot made in Chile

Peter Biddulph Ceramic Design

Ceramic lamp with Led and optic fibre lights by Peter Biddulph of Ceramic Design

Peter Biddulph Wind on Water

Peter Biddulph Wind on Water – a ceramic platter with  violet terra sigallata under ice blue qingbai glaze.

Peter Biddulph site here

Vintage Bruno Gamboni

Vintage modernist bottle by Bruno Gamboni, Italy

Stacking Mugs - Billy Lloyd

Stacking Mugs – Billy Lloyd

Inalco pocelain tiles from Spain

Spanish Inalco ceramic porcelain wall tiles emulating the look of Corten steel.

“Alice” series by Rachel Boxnboim


Israeli Rachel Boxnboim – the pieces retain the texture and seams of the fabric from which they were formed.


Rachel Boxnboim pours the liquid clay into stitched moulds and gradually syringes it out again, leaving a thick layer clinging to the inside of the fabric.

During kiln firing, the cloth burns away, leaving the delicate ceramic vessels behind.

( Dazeen, photos by Oded Antman. )


Drawing Vessels by Japanese ceramicist Fumiaki Goto

  The Drawing Vessels project combines clay with graphite to produce an object that has a dual function as both a bowl and a drawing implement.

The process involves mixing clay, graphite and water then casting the material into the desired shape and firing it part-submerged in charcoal.

The top part is exposed to air during firing and turns white, while the bottom section is deprived of air and turns into pencil lead.

CEramic and graphite drawing vessels by Fumiaki Goto

Drawing Vessels by Fumiaki Goto

So after sipping your green tea, if you get the sudden urge to jot down some notes, a pencil is never far away.

Drawing vessels by Fumiaki Goto- ceramic pencil fused

Drawing vessels by Fumiaki Goto

Modernist sculpture - Uniques and Antiques

Modernist sculpture – height 28 inches

Uniques and Antiques