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Mix media ceramic – 2D and 3D




‘Findings#8’ – Nancy Selvin





‘Bottles’ – Catherine White



Still Life 3D


Nancy Selvin and Catherine White are both talented artists that fuse imagery of pottery, real pots and drawings into clever collages that blur the distinction between 2D and 3D, to present hybrid wholistic dimensions that could almost be described as 2.5D, presented in a still life tradition. The matt finishes they both favor with their pottery tends to support a flatter, non reflective appearance, that blends more naturally with their 2D backgrounds. Nancy uses historical and functional themes to pay homage to the diversity of pottery while Catherine draws on seasonal themes using fresh produce and flowers to embellish her pottery.


Nancy Selvin


“For over four thousand years ceramic artists have made all manner of clay objects: ritual bowls, tiles covering vast palace walls, jars for oil, pots for tea, industrial toilets, bricks for construction, plates for dinner. My work acknowledges this historic tradition and pays tribute to the ceramic forms that surround us.” This statement by Nancy Selvin sums up her current direction in the clayarts where she focuses on the relationship of human beings to objects and the implied history contained in those forms. Below is an example where the composition has origins in the rows of canning jars that lined her mother’s pantry. She uses images of books, bottles, teapots and historical context in her ceramic sculptures by exploring the surface design and arrangement of various forms.The resulting vessels serve as a canvas for building up surface and information. Her forms are completed with simple screen printing techniques and underglaze applications.The text, screened on the surface, hints at the ideas contained within.

She also uses still life constructions that are metaphorical pots, ignoring function but built from traditional and authentic material. The seemingly casual arrangement, the architectural format and the brushwork on the surface directly address the painter’s still life tradition.
Nancy Selvin is an independent studio artist living and working in Berkeley, California. She has taught for more than 40 years at colleges and workshops internationally. Nancy trained as a sculptor at the University of California, Berkeley and studied with Ron Nagle and the late Peter Voulkos while earning her master’s degree at UC Berkeley. Here she grasped the lessons of scale, volume, compositional finesse and, most importantly, energy — how to channel and express it.







Nancy Selvin – ‘Findings#21′




Nancy Selvin— ‘Teabowl with Rim’




Ceramic bottles and wall shelf by Nancy Selvin

Nancy Selvin




NancySelvin_Ceramics_Side Portrait

Nancy Selvin




Is-Less-More-series-Nancy Selvin - ceramic bottle in wall display box

‘Is Less More’ series by Nancy Selvin – ceramic bottle in wall display box



nancyselvin_red bowl on ceramic support base

Red bowl and white base – Nancy Selvin




Rinsing,-Mix-Media-on-Paper-Nancy Selvin

‘Rinsing’, mixed media on paper by Nancy Selvin




Nancy-Selvin-four ceramic bottles on a shelf

Four ceramic bottles on a shelf    Nancy Selvin




Large coil and slab built vase – Nancy Selvin




Selvin-wall-art mixed media ceramic and wire

Nancy Selvin mixed media wall art






Nancy Selvin bowl

Forrest L. Merrill Collection



Works-—-Nancy-Selvin--checking-the-firing mixed media art

‘Checking the firing’ – Nancy Selvin



selvin_nancy-untitlled_2000_earthenware_square ceramic mix media art

Nancy Selvin



Works-—-Nancy-Selvin-Sifting-Glaze red pot with historical Chinese pottery panel

‘Sifting Glaze’ – pottery collage – Nancy Selvin



Works-—-Nancy-Selvin red tea bowl-w-Marbled-Napkin,-MixMedia-on-Paper,-10x11,-2009

Nancy Selvin – Tea bowl with Marbled Napkin, Mix Media on Paper




Large-Rutile-Pot,-26x18inch-diameter,-2014 Nancy Selvin

Large Rutile Pot, 2014 Nancy Selvin

26×18 inch diameter



Pareve-Nancy Selvin ceramic plate with vintage photo

‘Pareve’ -Nancy Selvin mixed media



Oxen-Mixing-Clay,-MixMedia-on-PaperNancy Selvin

‘Oxen Mixing Clay’ – Mix Media on Paper – Nancy Selvin



Catherine White


Catherine White uses hand drawn paper backgrounds to highlight the shape and textures of her pieces with contrast and perspective

“Using a poetic language of material, shape, and surface, my plates, bowls, cups and vases seek to translate life and landscape. I often collect local raw materials, transforming them by manipulating clay bodies, surface slips, and firing effects. Each object has markings and irregularities that intentionally reveal the touch of the hand. One recent focus, a series of landscape plates, reveals painterly transformations of shadow and contour, each set creating site-specific layerings of atmosphere, terrain, and light.

Because pottery itself abstractly expresses—through clay, glaze and shape—nature’s landscape, it can be as spirited as a spring day or as barren as a raw and sullen winter afternoon, barely touched with color. I am aiming for distillations from nature, historically alive and poetically inspired. In my studio practice, throwing and hand-building are also intertwined with extensive drawing, painting, and collaging on paper. Firing ceramics in both a gas kiln and a woodfired anagama kiln, objects are often roughly layered with white slip and celadon glaze or stripped to essentials when woodfired. Choosing to exploit both surface and volume while remaining within the sphere of physical function, my forms range from intimate cups to large coiled jars  As depicted in my clay and paper works, images range from seasonal portraits to drawings of digested visions, quite specific yet not overly-literal.’






 ‘Water Reflections’ plate – Catherine White



Catherine-White_dogwood flower mix media on paper

 Dogwood flower mix media on paper – Catherine White




Catherine White - daffodils in ceramic contemporary vase

Catherine White




Catherine White – pottery brushing



Catherine-White_grape_tendril mix media on paper

Grape tendril mix media on paper – Catherine White



Catherine White---ceramic terracotta platters with red chillies on painted paper

Ceramic terracotta platters with red chillies on hand painted paper – Catherine White



Catherine-White_wild_onion on paper mix media

Wild onion on paper mix media – Catherine White




Catherine-White---2008-Winter-Solstice teapot and cup on hand painted paper

Winter Solstice – teapot and cup on hand painted paper – Catherine White



Catherine-White_sprouting_peas on hand painted paper

 Sprouting peas on hand painted paper – Catherine White



Catherine-White---2008-Winter-Solstice-Bottles two asymmetrical ceramic bottles on hand painted paper

‘Bottles’ two asymmetrical ceramic bottles on hand painted paper – Catherine White

Winter Solstice series




Anagama ‘Box Kite’ – Catherine White





Catherine White – ceramic cup





Catherine White – Winter Solstice Gourd




‘Boulder’ – Catherine White



Catherine-White---2009-Summer-Solstice--white flower in a vase

Catherine White



Catherine-White---2008-Winter-Solstice---Moon-Vase on hand paintd paper

‘Moon Vase’ – Catherine White




Catherine-White---2009-Summer-Solstice-Horizontally Ribbed-Vase

Ribbed Vase – Catherine White





‘Shell Bowl’ with hand painted background – Catherine White





Catherine White





‘Triangles’ – Catherine White



Catherine-White---2009-Winter-Solstice---Orange pumpkin on a ceramic platter

Catherine White – Pumpkin on a ceramic platter



Catherine-White---2009-Summer-Solstice 4 pottery bottles

Catherine White




Catherine-White---2009-Winter-Solstice---Chinese-Magnolia-Seed-Pod on a footed ceramic platter

Chinese Magnolia Seed Pod on a  footed ceramic platter – Catherine White





‘Monkey Balls’ – Catherine White




Catherine-White---2009-Winter-Solstice---Pepper-Line on elliptical dish

Catherine White – ‘Pepper Line’





‘Cycladic Shadow’ – Catherine White




Catherine-White---2011-Summer-Solstice-rotated-Cocoon vessel

Rotated Cocoon – Catherine White



Catherine White--Acorn-spoon-October-2014

‘Acorn spoon’  Catherine White

October 2014



Catherine- White----Bearded-iris-in-rockscape-vase

Catherine White — Bearded iris in rockscape vase



Catherine-White-square platter with small apples

Catherine White




‘Vines and Bottles’ – Catherine White




Rambutan-on-woodfired-plate - Catherine White

Rambutan on wood fired plate – Catherine White




Catherine White—Anterior aspect shadow

2010 Winter Solstice



Giorgio Morandi still life bottles

Giorgio Morandi still-life




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