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Milano Art in the Mid-Century



La Triennale di Milano is a design museum and events venue located at Park Sempione in Milan, Italy. It hosts exhibitions highlighting contemporary Italian design, architecture, music, and media arts, highlighting the relationship between art and industry. The museum also features the Collezione Permanente, a permanent collection of art objects in contemporary Italian design.

Like searching for a hidden chamber in an ancient temple, I came across a Mid-Century collection of photos from La Triennial di Milano deep in the archives of the Lombardy Cultural Heritage collection. Getting there was a challenge as I don’t read Italian and Google Translate abandoned me, but my intuition prevailed on my hunch in the end. It was worth the perseverance as some really intriguing images representing some of the  artists of this era were on display. Most of the images are from the fifties and are in Black & White which was de rigueur  for a lot of photographers then. Excellent composition and use of shadows characterise the photos of modernist inspired ceramics, furniture and sculpture.



X Triennale – Sempione Park. 1954

 Ceramic High Relief “Madonna and child enthroned” – Angelo Biancini






X Triennial 1954  Scandinavian exhibit






Federico Patellani






 XI Triennale 1957

Abstract design dish with wrought iron tripod in the section of the Exhibition of Ceramic Art Productions

photo: Sergio Bersani





 X Triennale – France display – Plaster Sculpture “El’ll think” – Ossip Zadkine

Photo: Giancolombo





 Ceramic pencil holders

Photo Aldo Bailo

Museum of Contemporary Photography






 Quatterini  Oreste – Careerism

MAGA – Museum Art Gallarate, Milan, 1974


 Scultura Jacques Lipchitz

 “Le marin à la guitare” – Jacques Lipchitz

XI Triennial

Foto Mercurio






 X Triennial  – Stig Lindberg modernist ceramic forms






Constantin Brancusi – Portrait of Mademoiselle Pogany






The Embracers  – Henri Gaudier-Brzeska




Spanish ceramic vases

Vases from the Spainish section. XI Triennial 1957






 X Triennale – Giovanni Gariboldi

Photo Dainesi






 X Triennial – ceramic amphora vase – Ernestine Cannon







 1957 XI Triennial – Vase in the shape of fish in the section of the Exhibition of Ceramic Art Productions

photo: Sergio Bersani






 Ceramic vase/pitcher by Leon Ferrari

X Milano Triennial – 1954

Henri Gaudier--Parco Sempio

 Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound, carved in 1914.

The writer Ezra Pound recognised Gaudier’s genius and was keen to promote and support him, and so commissioned the artist to do a portrait bust and bought a block of stone for the purpose. Pound understood the importance of direct carving as a marker of modernism.






Sculpture Portrait of H. Rouart – Medardo Rosso

XI Triennale – Parco Sempione






 X Triennale – Exhibition of art schools – Ceramic Vase

Foto:  Ancillotti



XI Milano Triennale – 1957

Mid-Century modernist bottles





XI Triennale – modern ceramic vessels 1957

 Sergio Bersani – Giornalfoto





 1954 X Triennale – Germany ceramic exhibit


Marcello Fantoni tall pitchers

 Marcello Fantoni tall pitchers





Anthropomorphic sculpture ‘ Scream ‘ by Aldo Zuliani





 Reliquary Bust of Saint’Ottaviano silver and gold of the fifteenth century

XI Trienniel 1957 – photo: Sergio Bersani






 Terracotta display of Lazio and Campania in the  Italian Show Productions section





  XI Triennale – abstract ceramic vessel   ( maybe a teapot )

Milan 1957




 XI Triennale Ceramic Ornaments in the Yugoslavia display





 XI Triennale – French exhibition – Sculpture and bowl by Charles Zublena

XI Trienniel 1957 – photo: Sergio Bersani






 Sculpture “Mushrooms blacks” by Alexander Calder

International Exhibition of Sempione Park, Milan 1957

photo: Sergio Bersani






XI Triennale –   – International exhibition of sculpture in the park Sempione- Sculpture “Draped reclining figure” – Henry Moore

Photo Mercury






 XI Triennale  Scandinavian exhibit





Sculpture Bouquet Pablo Picasso

Sculpture “Bouquet”  – Pablo Picasso

Park Sempione XI Triennale 1957





 An exhibit at the Triennale di Milano reconstructs, 50 years later, the fundamental moments in the construction of Brazil’s new capital.


Sculpture “Grand Cheval” – Raymond Duchamp-Villon

Park Sempione XI Triennale 1957





 Vases designed by Angelo Mangiarotti

Photo : Aldo Bailo





 Milano – VII Triennale d’Arte – 1940 (?) Angelo Biancini, Diana,





White Porcelain Pitcher - Majda Kumar

 XI Triennale – Section of Yugoslavia – Porcelain Pitcher – Majda Kumar






Ceramic bottles Guido Gambone

X Trienniel 1954 – Ceramic bottles Guido Gambone






X Trienniel 1954 –  Ceramiche Guido Gambone





ceramic vessel Guido-Gambone

 X Trienniel 1954 ceramic vessel – Guido Gambone





 X Triennale – France – Sculpture in bronze and brass lined – Antoine Pevsner






Ceramic wall plaques-Sweden

X Milan Trienniel 1954 – Ceramic wall plaques-Sweden – Stig Lindberg






XI Triennale  1957 – Alabaster sculpture by Mirko Basaldella.

photo: Sergio Bersani





XI Triennial selection of ceramics – 1957






Milan – VII Art Triennial. Guido Andloviz, two ceramic pots







 Photo – Simone Magnolini





Martini-Pasquale italian sculpture

Forms Symbol – Pasquale Martini



Stig Lindberg ceramic vases

 X Triennial  Stig Lindberg ceramic vases


Mrio Tedeschi 1951

Storage cabinet modernist – Mrio Tedeschi 1951

Emilio Scanavino Italian ceramic

Emilio Scanavino Italian ceramic vessel

Emilio started working with clay in the early Fifties, in Tullio Mazzotti’s studio in Albissola Marina.

( http://www.thatsarte.com/ )



George Robustelli

The sign of the memory – George Robustelli






Del-Pezzo-Lucio Column sculpture

Column n. XXVII
Lucio Del Pezzo




Cornini Marco

‘ The wonder’ – Cornini Marco




1989 Borghi Paolo

In the land of Persephone

Borghi Paolo





Maurizio Cattelan

Middle finger salute – Maurizio Cattelan







Fernanda Borio – 1951





Galvagni Mario

‘ Portrait of Silvio Zanella ‘

Mario Galvagni

 MAGA – Museum Art Gallarate


Portrait of a Man – Klaus Zaugg, 1980 –  Milan

( Shot with a film camera, the falling car hasn’t been created in photoshop )




Rognoni Franco

Rognoni Franco

Exposition - BUSATO Gualtiero

Exposition – BUSATO Gualtiero


Aldo Bailo  – Optical Projection

Costantino Nivolaz - Mothers Secret

Costantino Nivolaz – Mothers Secret

Cubist Torso,-1987-Jim di Rich

Cubist Torso,- 1987 – Jim di Rich

All above images sourced from  www.LombardiaBeniCulturali.it