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Alessandra Foletti – Lenca Pottery


globular crackle glaze ceramic vase -- Alessandra Foletti

Globular crackle glaze vessel – Alessandra Foletti



Lencan pottery meets Alessandra Foletti


Alessandra Foletti helped to establish training workshops in 1986 for female ceramicists in Honduras and organize production teams for creating traditional and contemporary Lencan pottery. The underlying theme of the project was to forge a creative fusion between anthropology and design by rescuing traditions and renewing them under a contemporary vision to reinforce cultural heritage and develop work opportunities that generate income for their communities. Her input, as an artist and a designer, was to introduce and market designs of sculptures, jewelry, paintings and ceramics that preserved their traditional handcraft techniques and decorative styles and motifs.
Alessandra has been surrounded by art since she was a child. “Art runs in my family: my grandmother used to paint, two of my uncles were jewelry makers, a cousin was a sculptor, and my mother painted beautiful compositions on silk. I was born in Trento (Italy) and my career in painting and ceramics began in Switzerland and Italy. I studied engineering in Switzerland, then anthropology in Mexico. In 1983 my husband and I moved to Honduras to work with the Lenca people and here I began an ethnographic research on their artisanal traditions, especially pottery. Thanks to the research I met many women ceramists, and I was able to publish a book together with the Honduras’ Anthropology and History Institute.”


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Volcan de Fuego -- Museum of America,, Madrid

‘Volcan de Fueg’o — Alessandra Foletti

Museum of America,, Madrid



Ceramic bead and leather mesh necklace – Alessandra Foletti



ovoid short neck vase Alessandra Foletti

Lenca Ovoid crackle vase

The Lenca people are descendants of the Mayans and some of their techniques are pre-Columbian. The application of resist material to their sculptures and pottery are never identical, which makes them all unique works.


Alessandra-Foletti-ceramic-neck piece

Rust glaze ceramic necklace – Alessandra Foletti


Ceramic bead and mesh necklace  —  Alessandra Foletti



Allesandra Foletti-Honduras-Serpienteem Plumada

Allesandra Foletti — ‘Serpienteem Plumada’ plate





Honduras Lencan ceramic Andros vase



Lencan-necklace from Honduras

Ceramic beads and leather necklace

ACTA de Honduras



Andros-2--Lencan-pottery ceramic vase

‘Andros 2’ — Lencan pottery



Cabeza-de-serpiente-emplumada-Alessandra-Foletti mosaic wall panel

‘Cabeza de serpiente emplumada’  mosaic panel – Alessandra Foletti



Vintage handmade Lencasn vase with geometric pattern

Vintage handmade Lencasn vase




Andros biomorphic vase - Alessandra Foletti

Andros red biomorphic vase – Alessandra Foletti



Beautiful feathers flower - Alessandra Foletti

Beautiful feathers flower – Alessandra Foletti



Indiginous Mesoamerican lencan bowl


Indigenous Mesoamerican Lencan bowl

Width 9.5 inches



Celaque wall art--Alessandra Foletti

‘Celaque Magic Forest’ wall art — Alessandra Foletti




Ceramic spiral ‘Messenger Pigeon’ – Lenca

Handcrafted from ceramic, this beautiful Honduran sculpture of a messenger pigeon is covered with spiral motifs in crackled alabaster and coal black. Designed by Alessandra Foletti, the sculpture, handcrafted using the ancient pottery burnishing technique of rubbing a flat stone on a surface to create a sheen. During firing, a resist technique similar to batik is used, protecting the natural color of the clay while the uncovered parts of the surface achieve a black finish.



Ceramic-vase,-'Acatenango'Handcrafted Lenca Ceramic Vase-from-Honduras

‘Acatenango’ Handcrafted Lenca Ceramic Vase




Ceramic vases - dt.common.streams-Alessandra-Foletti

Alessandra Foletti tall vases



Alessandra Foletti



Cylindrical vase with spiral motifs--Alessandra Foletti

Cylindrical vase with spiral sgraffito  motifs — Alessandra Foletti



Ceramic stretch bracelet, 'Azacualpa Rainforest'--Designed by Alessandra Foletti, this stretch bracelet is a celebration of Lenca and Maya artistry.

Ceramic stretch bracelet, ‘Azacualpa Rainforest’

Designed by Alessandra Foletti, this stretch bracelet is a celebration of Lencan and Mayan artistry.



Shaped like a volcano, this ceramic vase evokes the pumpkin tones of sweet mamey fruit.

Lena Pottery-Alessandra Foletti



Cylindrical crackle glaze vases-Alessandra Foletti

Alessandra Foletti



Alessandra Foletti Lenca pottery vases

Alessandra Foletti



Alessandra Foletti contemporary ceramics

Alessandra Foletti



Alessandra Foletti---Ferns. la tigra wall art

Alessandra Foletti — ‘Ferns. la tigra’ wall art



Heart sacrificed by aztec sun-Alessandra Foletti

‘Heart sacrificed by Aztec sun’ – Alessandra Foletti




Alessandra Foletti turquoise crackle glaze volcan




Honduras dolorosa – Alessandra Foletti



Lenca Iguana Medic girinding stone

Lenca Iguana on tortoise Medic grinding stone



Black and white Lenca spherical vessel with spiral decoration

‘Serpentine Loops’ – Black and white Lenca spherical vessel

Featuring swirl motifs in crackled alabaster tones against a coal black body



Life-memories-Alessandra-Foletti ceramic wall art

‘Life memories’ – Alessandra Foletti



'Lunar Ecplisis' Alessandra Foletti

‘Lunar Eclipsis’ plate – Alessandra Foletti



Alessandra Foletti  (left)


Memory, Carnivorous Flower - Alessandra-Foletti

‘Memory, Carnivorous Flower’ – Alessandra Foletti



Original Mystery - Alessandra Foletti wall panel

‘Original Mystery’ – Alessandra Foletti



Rampage-Alessandra Foletti wall art

‘Rampage’ — Alessandra Foletti


Substrates -- Alessandra Foletti beaded wall art

‘Substrates’ — Alessandra Foletti



Summer-Alessandra Foletti-ceramic bottle with crackle glaze and weave pattern

‘Summer’ -Lenca Pottery ceramic bottle with crackle glaze and weave pattern



Sacred rowdy turkey-Alessandra Foletti ceramic wall decoration

‘Sacred rowdy turkey’  – Alessandra Foletti




Sunset in Amapala-Alessandra Foletti squat vessel

‘Sunset in Amapala’ – Alessandra Foletti/Lenca Pottery



The Origin-of-the-World-Alessandra Foletti wall art

‘The Origin of the World’  –  Alessandra Foletti



Volcan Concepcion - Alessandra Foletti

‘Volcan Concepcion’ – Alessandra Foletti



Volcanic Lagoon-Lenca Pottery-Alessandra Foletti

‘Volcanic Lagoon’ – Lenca Pottery – Alessandra Foletti



Volcanic weave vases-Alessandra Foletti

‘Volcanic weave’ vases – Alessandra Foletti



Lencan ceramic bottle in black and white with geometric pattern

Square Lencan ceramic bottle



Estrella Venus Roja,-clay-art-work-Alessandra Foletti

‘Estrella Venus Roja’ – Alessandra Foletti



Black and white ceramic bowl

Black and white ceramic bowl – Lenca Pottery



Lenca ‘San Cristobal Lava Flow’ vase

Reminiscent of the shape of the San Cristobal volcano, this ceramic vase contrasts orange and black in a design from Alessandra Foletti. Shaped like a volcano, this ceramic vase reveals the pumpkin tones of sweet mamey fruit and features black, narrow paths climbing sinuously up the mountain. It is handcrafted with ancient techniques by Lenca artisans in Honduras.

Height 8.25 inches



Volcanic Years vase-Alessandra Foletti

‘Volcanic Years’ vase- Alessandra Foletti



The origin of the 3 worlds'wall panel-Alessandra-Foletti

‘The origin of the 3 worlds’ wall panel  – Alessandra Foletti



Volcanic-years vases-Alessandra-Foletti

Alessandra Foletti