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Yasuhisa Kohyama anagama



Yasuhisa Kohyama sculpture - William Wilkins painting

Yasuhisa Kohyama London Exhibition 2017

Yasuhisa Kohyama’s latest exhibition comprises 28 ceramics by Yasuhisa Kohyama and four paintings of Kohyama’s work by William Wilkins and is running till 30th November, 2017 at Erskine, Hall & Coe Gallery. Details here


Kohyama has played a very unique and significant role in reviving the use of the traditional Japanese ‘anagama’ wood firing kiln, as he was the first potter in Shigaraki to build such a kiln since the Middle Ages. He is also a contemporary master of the ancient practice of Sueki, a method that originated in southern China and which accounts for his unglazed yet glassy surface textures. His works are inspired by ancient Japanese Shigaraki, Jomon and Yayoi ceramics, and are collected internationally.

Yasuhisa Kohyama was born in 1936 in Shigaraki, a historically vital ceramics production centre in Japan. Kohyama was fifteen years old when he became employed by one of the largest ceramic factories in Shigaraki, Oumi Kagaku Touki. From 1958 until 1960, he took evening classes at a vocational training school, where he was taught basic techniques such as glazing and throwing on a potter’s wheel. A well-known ceramicist designer, Sakuzo Hineno, visited the factory in 1955 while he was working under a government scheme to improve the quality and originality of the ceramic arts in Japan. Following several workshops, Kohyama asked Hineno about being coached individually and was honoured by becoming an apprentice, specializing in tableware.



Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculpting in studio

Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculpture



Kohyama and wilkins-2017-exhibition Erskine, Hall and Coe

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’,(wind)

2017  Erskine, Hall & Coe



William Wilkins – ‘Still Life III, Kohyama Vessels’



Yasuhisa Kohyama with his sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama



Ceramic sculpture - Yasuhisa-Kohyama-&-William-Wilkins-Exhibition-2017-

Yasuhisa Kohyama -‘Danpen’ {fragment), 2017



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Anagama-fired-stoneware

Yasuhisa Kohyama – Anagama fired stoneware sculpture vessel



Yasuhisa Kohyama with flame sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama with ‘Homura’ flame sculpture – 2017



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Kaze,-2012

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’ (flame)




Yasuhisa Kohyama-Danpen,-2012--

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Danpen’




Yasuhisa Yohyama-Homura,-2012

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Homura’



Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculptures

Yasuhisa Kohyama


Yasuhisa Kohyama walking his white dog in forest

Yasuhisa Kohyama








Yasuhisa Kohyama-Kakehana,Vase with purple flower

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kakehana’ vase




Yasuhisa Kohyama -‘Kaze’ ceramic sculpture




yasuhisa-kohyama-Sora,-2014 vessel

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Sora’




Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’



Yasuhisa Kohyama  using the anagama kiln he built

Yasuhisa Kohyama anagama kiln

“Every time I fire, I’ve come to recognize that I am in Nature; I am a small part of Nature. Intently I watch Nature over and over again; working with clay, inspired by Nature,
I am free to allow creation to happen, approaching the experience as the ancients did.”



Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Suemono’


yasuhisa-kohyama-Homura-(flame),-2016 Japan sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama  — ‘Homura’ (flame),



Yasuhisa Kohyama –  ‘Suemono’



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Suemono,-2017

Yasuhisa Kohyama- ‘Suemono’



A video from the autumn of 2016, filmmaker where Cristobal Zanartu spent over two weeks at Kohyama’s studio in Japan.