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Garden fountain sojourn


Street fountain in Provence

Saignon fountain in Provence, Fra

Fountains of fluid beauty   


Gravity and water are a marriage made in heaven, a source of eternal captivation in waterfalls and fountains, providing both a visual and sound ambiance of delight. The calm inducing qualities and natural serenity created by a water feature made fountains an essential decor addition at many great palaces, gardens and villas. The ancient Greeks were the first to use aqueducts and gravity-powered fountains to distribute water. Prior to this, large carved stone basins were employed to collect and act as a distribution point for their precious water along with the digging of deep wells. As the Egyptians had to draw their water up from the Nile river, they didn’t build any gravity fed fountains. Until the late 19th century when mechanical pumps were introduced, most fountains needed a source of water higher than the fountain, such as a reservoir or aqueduct, to make the water flow or jet into the air.


Tritons and a dragon (emblem of Pope Gregory XIII. Boncompagni) Spruce fountain, Rome

HEN-Mainz Flickr

Pliny the Younger wrote about a banquet room in a Roman villa where a fountain began to jet water when visitors sat on a marble seat. Of course the display was more spectacular after the banquet had finished. Ancient Rome was a city of fountains and around 100 AD, it had nine aqueducts which fed 39 monumental fountains and 591 public basins. Roman engineers built aqueducts and fountains throughout the Roman Empire and there are still surviving examples of this. By the middle of the Renaissance, fountains had evolved to become a form of theater, with cascades and jets of water coming from marble statues on a grand scale. Unfortunately, after the aqueducts fell into ruin, some of the fountains ceased to function. It is always sad to see a dry fountain being a shadow of its former self. Still, many did survive by virtue of the accompanying statue decorations and the durable carved stone and marble that they were constructed from.
The graceful, shape shifting fluidity of water is wonderfully symbiotic with stone fountain statues and highlights the texture and lines of the form. It’s an added bonus that it has its own dynamic sculptural qualities. I’ve add an image below of the of the Fontaine des Innocents, the oldest fountain in Paris, created in 1547.



Fontaine-des-Mers,-Place-de-la-Concorde fountain in Paris with strong water jets

‘Fontaine des Mers’,– Place de la Concorde, Paris



Hestercombe Gardens Arch Fountain - water running from a classical head sculpture

Hestercombe Gardens Arch Fountain, Somerset , England; photo Doyle Herman




Fontaine-des-Innocents-Paris fountain

‘Fontaine des Innocents’ – 1547

Architect Pierre Lescot and sculptor Jean Goujon



Fountain,-Paris-France,-by-Jim-Rappaport with nude female water bearers

‘Fountain’,by Jim Rappaport

Paris France


street Fountain-of-Neptune in Italy

‘The Fountain of Neptune’ (Italian Fontana di Nettuno)

Eponymous square, Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna



‘Juturna, Roman Water Goddess’ of Fountains, Wells and Springs

Design Toscana



Garden Fish-fountain-at-Tybee-Island

Tybee Island fish sculpture fountain



Two Cherubs and a lion head wall fountain

Winged lion and cherubs fountain, France

Voyage Visuel


Stone carved angel fountain Sicily

Angel fountain as S. Giuseppe dei Teatini Church , Palermo, Sicily.



San Paolo street fountain

San Paolo, Roma – LZ – Italia.

Photo William McClung




Figurative sculpture fountain. Regents Park, London.



Emile Bourdelle -‘Penelope’ (left)




mexican talavera jug an bowl in iron frame fountain

Mexican talavera ceramic jug and bowl fountain



Arles-Green Fountainhead,-France

Arles turquoise green fountainhead, France



The-Tiki-Pool-sculpture head in-Duinrell

The Tiki Pool, Duinrell

Wassenaar, The Netherlands




Santa-Cruz-fountain - kneeling female figure sculpture

Kneeling female figure sculpture fountain, Santa Cruz



Polyxena at the fountain, watched out by Achilles (right). Attic white-ground lekythos, ca. 480 BC. From South Italy.

Polyxena at the fountain, watched out by Achilles (right). Attic white-ground lekythos,

ca. 480 BC Southern Italy

Louvre Museum




‘Fontana del Tritone’ – 17th-century fountain in Rome, by the Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.



Aix-en-Provence courtyard fountain

Aix en Provence

Photo by cb de damiette, Flickr




Indoor koi pond and waterfall



"Fountain of the Four Rivers" is a fountain by BERNINI in Rome

The Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi  (“Fountain of the Four Rivers”) – Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Rome, Photo Pat Kofahl, 500px



Bethesda-Fountain with an angel sculpture on its top, NY

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, NY



Blue-amphoras-vase located-at-Stadtpark

Blue amphora vase – Stadtpark, Vienna



Bartholdi Park fountain Washington DC

Bartholdi Park, Washington DC




Cobalt blue glaze birdbath



Cherub sculpture courtyard fountain

Courtyard fountain with cherub sculpture, Provence



A fountain by Utah artist Gary Prince

Harrison garden, Attica, Indiana



Gold Danaida_fountain_of_Peterhof---Yair-Haklai

Gold Danaida fountain of Peterhof

Photo Yair Haklai



terracotta angel statue

Terracotta English Tudor garden angel



‘Fontana del Pantheon’ fountain in front of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy

Inge Johnsson / Alamy



Garden of St. Eloi island whale sculpture

Fountain Blue Whale , 1982

Garden of St. Eloi island, Paris 12th district



Fontaine léanaise

Photo by Zagreusfm on Flickr



Fontaine Saint Michele Photo by Michele Campus

Fontaine Saint Michele

Photo by Michele Campus




Fountain Saint Michel

Tamar Marie on Flickr



Fountain.-Newport-RI---David Fuller Photo

Fountain Rhode Island—David Fuller



Art Deco fountain - Francois Sicard - 1932

Art Deco fountain – Francois Sicard – 1932

photo Jamie Williams

The Archibald Fountain is located in Hyde Park North, Sydney




Friendship-of-Nations-fountain - Moscow

Friendship of Nations fountain, Moscow



Galatea-Fountain-(gilded-bronze) Goddess statue with flowing wavy hair

Galatea Fountain (gilded-bronze), Audrey Flack

South Pasadena, Florida




Ganesha statue fountain – Bali



Art Nouveau fountain

Art Nouveau maiden fountain




Havlystparken-Hvitsten,-Norway garden lake fountain

Havlystparken Hvitsten, Norway-©-Kari Meijers




green dragon fountain, Japan

Dragon fountain, Japan



Large elephant fountain sculpture

Elephant fountain sculpture (waiting for some water)

Home Magazine by STUDIO Gannett – – Issu



A female rufous hummingbird hovers above water droplets from a backyard fountain.

Photo by Alandra Palisser



Japanese garden with waterfall and pagoda

Tranquil Japanese garden, Portland, Oregon



Moroccan tiled geometric pool fountain

Moroccan geometric tiled pool



National-Orchid-Garden fountain

National Orchid Garden fountain, Singapore



Naum Gabo fountain London

Revolving Torsion’  by constructivist sculptor Naum Gabo, London

Photo by Pemberley Oak



turquoise fountain with cascading discs

Contemporary water fountain



” Moses”  by Michelangelo, 1515

church of San Pedro in Víncoli, in Rome



Concorde-Square-Fountain-Paris-merman holding a fish

Concorde Square Fountain, Paris




garden fountain by Kari-Meijers

Garden fountain

Photo by Kari Meijers



La Fontaine Bartholdi ~ sculpted by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi in 1889 and erected in the Place des Terreaux in Lyon centre square in 1892.




Jade green heron fountain sculpture

Jade green heron fountain sculpture




Neptune fountain-Congress-Library-Washington

Neptune sculpture fountain – Library of Congress, USA



Stacy-Bass-photo of evening light in a garden

In The Garden – Stacy Bass



McNay-Art-Museum statue

McNay Art Museum




Water Goddess Victoria_Square_-_Birmingham

Floozie in the Jacuzzi – Dhruva Mistry

Victoria Square, Birmingham



Fontaine de Medicis by Auguste Ottin

The Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.



Todji Kurtzman




 ‘Moon Garden’  – Tom Stuart Smith

London’s Connaught hotel — Image MMGI Marianne Majerus



Lotus lily pond




Red rock Uluru-Waterfalls,

Uluru Waterfalls, Central Australia



Versailles fountain statue

Versailles fountain



Versailles gold fountain

Versailles — Bosquet de l’Arc de Triomphe




Atlas fountain Villa-Aldobrandini-

The Atlas Fountain, Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati, Italy

“Villas and Gardens” Flickr




Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge’s Moroccan oasis garden



Fish wall sculpture Lucy Smith

Bronze fish sculpture wall fountain by Lucy Smith







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