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Creasing and Fluting pottery

Fluted flower pot


David Voorhees shows: How to crease a vase 2011.

Simon Leach – fluting a bowl


Green Fluted Bowl – Ian Drummond

Van Briggle fluted top mulberry and blue vase ( 1920’s )

Fluted Serving Bowl -pottery by kate

Celadon Blue Vases –  Barry Singleton


Camark ribbed and fluted vase.

ZSOLNAY Pecs. Rare Fluted EOSIN Vase

ZSOLNAY.Pecs..Rare Fluted EOSIN Vase Flowing Art Deco Design

Woburn Pottery

Art Deco BELGIUM Vintage Vase

Belgium Art Deco Vintage Vase




Vase 1930-40s Brush McCoy