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Functional pottery – flora and cuisine



Flower sushi rolls---Flickr- bananagranola--Miki Nagata

 Flower sushi rolls – Miki Nagata

For a master class in colour diversity, depth, shape and textures, its hard to go past plants and flowers. The colour richness is unsurpassed and countless design trends have been directly influenced by the features of theses natural wonders. From the symmetrical to the abstract, from random to mystically sequenced dimensions, all are innately structured in a sublime state of balance.
I regard the presentation of Japanese foods to sit at the pinnacle in the art of food display, so it was a logical choice for showing ceramics in a functional context. Miki Nagata’s work in the field of photographing Japanese food is as sumptuous as the subject. For the flowers I mainly chose the excellent displays used by Frances Palmer to promote her wares.









Fig slice Craftai

Fig Slice





ginger cubes in a bowl - craftai

Sweet ginger candy




Cabbage rolls with hijik i- Miki Nagata

 Japanese cabbage rolls with hijiki – Miki Nagata

Flickr – bananagranola




Avocado shashimi




Japanese cuisine Cold shabu shabu---Miki Nagata

 Cold shabu shabu – Miki Nagata

Flickr – bananagranola




Fujitsuka Mitsuo porcelain dish with Fuji apples





pouring Japanese green tea

Green Tea




Flowers of Kumquat---Flickr---Miki Nagata

 Three flowers of Kumquat -Miki Nagata




Ganmodoki---Miki Nagata

Ganmadoki  –  fried tofu fritter made with vegetables, egg white and sesame seeds

Miki Nagata




fresh garlic on platter

Garlic on ceramic platter – Catherine White





Grilled Manganji--Miki Nagata

 Japanese grilled Manganji–Miki Nagata

Manganji pepper is the one of the traditional vegetables of Kyoto.





Fresh bream fish on a platter Miki Nagata

Bream on a platter – Miki Nagata





Simmered down pork spare rib with orange marmalade and soy sauce---Flickr--NikiMagata

 Pork spare rib simmered down  with orange marmalade and soy sauce—Flickr–NikiMagata





Japanese banquet--Flickr--Miki Nagata

Healthy banquet – Miki Nagata




kyoto-food-Nakahigashi---Flickr---Miki Nagata-

 Kyoto strawberry desert -Nakahigashi eatery

photo Miki Nagata



frances Palmer black/white vase and compote

Black and white striped ceramic vase and compote. Frances Palmer Pottery





Pressed Salad with Seasonal Vegetables---Flickr-Miki Nagata

Pressed Salad with Seasonal Vegetables- miki Nagata





japa sweet Sakura Manju--Sakura-flavored-bean-jam-buns----Flickr--MikiNagata

Sakura Manju--Sakura flavored bean jam bun





Salted savory cakes---Flickr---Miki Nagata

Salted savory cakes – Flickr—Miki Nagata





Simmered kumquats in syrup---Flickr - Miki Nagata

Simmered kumquats in syrup

Flickr – Miki Nagata – bananagranola




Akiyoshi's-Room---wagashi sweets

 Wagashi sweets – Akiyoshi’s-Room

 Wagashi  is a traditional Japanese confectionery which is often served with tea, especially the types made of mochianko (azuki bean paste), and fruits





White porcelain fruit bowl with oranges Frances Palmer

Deep Footed Bowl full of oranges – Frances Palmer Pottery






Okra and natto ( miso ) salad





Goldfish jelly---Flickr---MikiNagata

 Goldfish Jelly

flickr – Miki Nagata


Wavy-statement-white-porcelain-Aya-Kon - by JInnai-Sakata

Wavy white porcelain Aya Kon –  Jinnai Sakata




Wen-Jin-Caiyun-shaped-magnetic-wavy-white-dish by Jinnai Sakata`

Wen Jin Caiyun shaped magnetic wavy dish and tea set –  Jinnai Sakata




Jinnai Sakata - wavy white platter with black border with seafood

 Wavy white platter – Jinnai Sakata




JInnai-Sakata----Japanese platters table decoration

Jinnai Sakata




jinnai-sakata-Shinanomachi food platter

Jinnai Sakata- Shinanomachi food platter



Apple-Jam-Jelly---Flickr---Photo-Sharing-Miki Nagata

Apple Jam jelly flower

Flickr—Miki Nagata





Mid-Century planter brushed gold and green




 Frances Palmer porcelain fruit bowls

Frances Palmer




Twin handled Greek vase  with roses – Frances Palmer




summer-solstice-2014 Catherine White

Vases by Catherine White

Summer Solstice 2014



Scallop bud vase with roses and peonies

 Roses and peonies,  in a scallop bud vase.





White ribbed vase - Frances Palmer

 Bulbous white ribbed vase – Frances Palmer





Ceramic Bird Planter Orange White Folk Art Vase-Home-by-sewZinski

Folk Art Ceramic Bird Planter Orange and White by sewZinski





Diego Urn - Frances Palmer Pottery

White Diego Urn  – Frances Palmer Pottery





mosaicked-berlin.de mosaic vase

Mosaic vase





 mrkitly.com.auShino Takeda leg planter without drainage holes - blue

Shino Takeda leg planter





Pottery Francis Palmer Bam pot

Bam Pot – Francis Palmer






Japanese Ikebana by Sennin






 Succulent Paddle Plant

Country Living




Little white ceramic vase LUKKILI-etsy by Margriet-Kramer

Little white ceramic vases by Margriet Kramer





muddy fingers etsy Ceramic wall pocket

Ceramic wall pocket – Muddy Fingers etsy





August vase with flowers Frances Palmer

Frances Palmer August Vase




River stone pottery vase and flowers

Hope Fregerio – River Stone Pottery





Oblong Vase---Frances Palmer Pottery

Oblong Triangle Vase – Frances Palmer




rothko_grandeRothko Inspired Flower Arrangement

Rothko Grande – Rothko Inspired Flower Arrangement

Frances Palmer




Rustic Funky Ceramic Cone Wall Pocket-8-by DirtWares-on-Etsy,

Turquoise Ceramic Cone Wall Pocket by DirtWares on Etsy





The Circle Pot by Potted---hanging-planter

Hanging planter, The Circle Pot by Potted




Squash Vase---FrancesPalmer Pottery

Footed Squash Vase—Frances Palmer Pottery






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