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Vintage album cover, sheet music art collection



'Sweet Child', Cover illustration -- Fabien Loris-(1925)

‘Sweet Child’, Cover illustration — Fabien Loris–1925


In the early 1900s, music publishers in the USA had drawn the connection that the marketability of sheet music was directly related to the quality and artistic input of the covers. The NY firm of Leo Fiest promoted the artistic development of decorative covers where the beauty of the design and colour scheme was solely important or with illustrative covers, the story of the song influenced the art.

The inclusion of enticing cover art in the creation of a brilliant album was also recognised as a valuble marketing asset by the record companies, especially from the 50’s onwards.. Along with the essential element of the music it became a definitive part of how the package was percieved and it became a potent cultural influence. Abstract, avant garde art became more aligned with modern jazz music releases in the 50’s and acted as a subtle art lesson for many of the music connoisseurs. Surrealist art, collages and provocative art also featured in the 60s with the likes of Mati Klarwein’s art for Miles Davis Bitches Brew LP album and the quirky, humorist art of Robert Crumb on Joplin’s Cheap Thrills album.

Browsing through a large album collection was like visiting an art gallery, which is why Tony Bennett said of the marvellous album covers of the 50’s that, when you bought a record, “you felt like you were taking home your very own work of art”. Incisive portrait photography was also introduced at this time along with ambitious photographic themes and exotic graphics as used on Axis Bold As Love from Hendrix. Klaus Voormann’s pop artwork on the Beatles Revolver was also praised for the classic 1966 album. When he heard the tracks for the recording at the Abbey Rd studios he was so shocked by the extent of their innovation that he felt a radical piece of artwork was needed, leading to his monochrome, psychedelic and Beardsley inspired sleeve art. Bold, artistc and original cover art had now become entrenched with the release of music.


‘Flamin Mamie’ published by Leo Feist, NY




John Lennon asked Klaus Voormann to create a design for the Revolver album. Manager Brian Epstein was so enthralled with the result that they approached more art designers for the upcoming Sgt Peppers.


For ‘Tomorrow Never Knows” John Lennon hoped to sound nothing like his usual self. “I want my voice to sound like the Dalai Lama chanting from a mountaintop, miles away,” he proclaimed in the studio. Engineer Geoff Emerick achieved that effect by running Lennon’s voice through the rotating speaker of a Leslie cabinet,  “That is bloody marvelous!” Lennon exclaimed repeatedly after hearing his effect. McCartney’s reaction was equally joyful: “It’s the Dalai Lennon!”   There was no other place for this track on the album but the end. “Eleanor Rigby,” “I’m Only Sleeping,” “Love You To” and “She Said She Said” were all bold steps toward the unknown — “Tomorrow Never Knows” was the jump from the cliff.



David Stone Martin cover art

David Stone Martin cover art




The Strange Waltz,-1922--Roger De Valerio

‘The Strange Waltz’ – sheet music art Roger De Valerio




From-the-1904 Broadway Musical,-'Piff! Paff! Pouff!'---Radium Dance by RetroRocketeer,-via-Flickr

‘The Radium Dance’ by Jean Schwartz – from the 1904 Broadway Musical, ‘Piff! Paff! Pouff!’

RetroRocketeer, via Flickr



LP Album ‘Bitches Brew’ – Miles Davis

German painter Mati Klarwein


Party After Hours – Wynonie Harris

Aladdin 703


Wynonie Harris – ‘Around The Clock’- 1955



1924-Jan Garber-Jazz Sheet Music-(I Never Care About Tomorrow)

Jan Garber Jazz Sheet Music – ‘I Never Care About Tomorrow’




1956,-‘Relaxin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet

‘Relaxin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet




Zule Guerra

Zule Guerra – ‘El Viaje’ 



‘Marcianita’   Billy Cafaro & Lucio

Cover art by Daniel Bacelar and Os Conchas, 1960



Afif Brothers Quartet-@ The Fringe by Dozign

Afif Brothers Quartet @ The Fringe by Dozign



Earth,Wind and Fire---Millenium

Earth,Wind and Fire—‘Millenium’



‘Jarabi’ by AfroCubism





Bryan Ferry Orchestra



Perlen Der Celopatra – art by Willy Herzig



Boogie-Woogie-piano -Albert-Ammons

Boogie Woogie Classics – Albert Ammons



Patrick Latimer



Calypso Vol. II, illustration by David Stone Martin.

Calypso Vol. II, label: Disc (1946) early illustration by David Stone Martin.



What's-Going-On - Marvin Gaye soul

‘What’s Going On’ – Marvin Gaye



Cover - The Incomparable Jelly Roll Morton

The Incomparable Jelly Roll Morton



Castillian Nights fox trot

Artwork by Raymond Erny, ‘Castilian Nights’





‘Hello ma baby’,  Howard and Emerson




Igor Stravinski--1940

Igor Stravinski–Columbia



‘The Prophet Speaks’ – Van Morrison



Javapache – B. Cherubinbi




Joni Mitchell — Hejira





Mes Del Jazz



'Underneath The Havana Moon' - Mark Gordon/Mark Revel

‘Underneath The Havana Moon’ – Mark Gordon /Mark Revel



Eddie Daniels – Live at Iridium



Jazz Festival-Monterey

Monterey Jazz Festival



Joe Henderson Big Band



Joje Loco Mambo

Joe Loco – ‘Mambo Y Cha-Cha Cha ‘




French 'Kamgaroo Dance' - Ad Gauwin

‘Kamgaroo Dance Cake Walk’ – Ad Gauwin, France


Mambo for Cats album cover

Mambo for Cats – Album cover design by Jim Flora



Count Basie

Count Basie – art by David Stone Martin



Desmond Decker and the Aces, 1968



Stanley Turrentine – ‘Easy Walker’



It Is Springs Mistake – art by Einer Nerman




Empire State March art deco poster

Empire State March – E.Henri Klickmann



The Exotic Sounds of Martin Kenny

The Exotic Sounds of Martin Kenny



Sheet music cover art – Willy Herzig




Art Willy Herzig music Eduard May

Art Willy Herzig



Meade Lux Lewis-the-Cat house piano-the-designer--David Stone Martin--1955

Meade Lux Lewis- ‘Cat house piano’

designer–David Stone Martin–1955



Mothers Finest

Mothers Finest funk rock



Design: David Stone Martin 1950



Nico Gomez pink afro




Orchidee, s.d. (ill. Paul Telemann)

Orchidee (illustrator Paul Telemann)



Raymond-Emy art for Suivez La

Raymond Emy art for Suivez La



Samba-Dorpheus New Orleans poster

Samba Dorpheus New Orleans




The ‘Jelly Roll’ Blues, composed by Fred ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton




‘Some Smoke’ – S.Romberg



Sista-Varvet-musik eric-alberg

Sista Varvet



Sonny Rollins



It dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing

‘It don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing’ – Duke Ellington



The-Sound-Of-Tiki -- Swen A Kirsten

The Sound Of Tiki — Swen A Kirsten



Tin Roof Blues -- New Orleans Rythym Kings

‘Tin Roof Blues’ — New Orleans Rythym Kings



Tito Puente-(USA)-1958-Art Jaro Fabry

Tito Puente-(USA)–Art Jaro Fabry



poster-image-inspired by jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt,--illustrator Nearchos Ntaskas

Poster inspired by jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt,–illustrator Nearchos Ntaskas




Billie holiday Al lor Nothing at all

Billie holiday ‘All or Nothing at all’

David Stone Martin



Lionel Hampton Quintet

Lionel Hampton Quintet

David Stone Martin cover art




What is this thing called love-Cole Porter

‘What is this thing called love’ – Cole Porter



Yo yo love you and adore you,-1923-(ill--Charles Gesmar

‘Yo yo love you and adore you’  —  illustrator–Charles Gesmar




Donna Vatra – Tango serenade Arghentine

Art by Willy Herzig



harmonica_blues album art R.Crumb

Harmonica Blues – cover art by Robert Crumb



Chromatica - Lady GaGa 

‘Chromatica’ – Lady GaGa

Photo – Norbert Schoerner



Benjamin Jephta Quintet--homecoming Mzwandile-Buthelezi

Benjamin Jephta Quintet — ‘Homecoming’

Cover art – Mzwandile Buthelezi