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Mud Fun

Funny Mud Pottery

Ever since it was discovered that mud was malleable in around the year dot, clay has been modeled into shapes for the amusement of others. Novelty ceramic giftware, which is quite often quirky and kitsch, sometimes become desirable to collectors purely by virtue of its audaciousness and originality, rather than any aesthetic qualities. It’s ability to hold its colours and surface gloss longer than plastic giftwares also keeps it in the favourable stead with collectors despite its fragility. There is always a steady stream of fun ceramic pieces from low art to high art entering the giftware market, sometimes with marketing campaigns that are as entertaining as the product. Some ceramic gems can be the result when creators have some fun in the mud.



Sally Meekins ceramic

Sally Meekins ceramic cat lid teapot



Southdowns ceramic toastrack

Southdowns ceramic toast rack




Exquisite Pottery coffee set

 Pottery coffee set by Exquisite




Swineside mantle teapot

Swineside mantle teapot





‘The Guest’  by Jaime Hayon for lladro




Vintage FLORAL Ceramic Bunny

Vintage Floral Ceramic Bunny

 Enesco Giftware

coffee mug

Starbucks 2011 Anniversary Mug

Melusina Mermaid with gold  confusion, highlighting the grade


( A few things lost in translation here )





Virgil Ortiz - Siamese Twins

Virgil Ortiz – ‘Siamese Twins’




Wiggly Box Julia Roxburgh

‘Wiggly Box’ – Julia Roxburgh, UK




Chinese figurine - Caxistreet

Wenchang Wang, god of literature and scholarship – Caxistreet, China

Lost in a state of vacuous suspension ? Suffering from writer’s block? Facing the bloggers wall of blank ?  Put a figure of Wenchang on your desk .




Rhino eggcup

Rhino Eggcup by Canterbury Cross Collections



Tiki beer stein

Tiki absinthe skull stein drinkware

Clive Michael’s store, Fujian





 Flush away that morning fatigue with your ceramic toilet coffee mug.


ACDC headbanger gift vase – Pierre Blanc



50s Housewives Mugs - Peggy

Dupenny 50’s Housewives Mugs – ‘Peggy’





Diego Romero –  Bowl with Chongo Brothers



Ceramic teapot

( artintenrnational.ru )


Rare ROBJ Paris Art Deco

Rare ROBJ Paris Art Deco Lady Figural Powder Box  c. 1925






Ceramic Afro Mug

Ceramic Afro Mug with lid






 Retro atomic bowl – Herta Gerz, BC Ceramics, Vancouver, late 1950’s

BC Ceramics was British Colombia’s largest manufacturer of ceramic giftware, including vases, lamps, bowls, and figurines. Their distinctively shaped and decorated products were sold nationally.





Blue Fire Studio - etsy

Blue Fire Studio – etsy





terra artesana-ceramic toilet Mexico

 Mexican hand painted ceramic Talavera toilet ‘Acapulco Oro’

( www.terraartesana.com )





Ceramic handbag 41cm x 23cm

Jingdezhen ceramic handbag  41cm x 23cm

Can be used as a vase or an actual handbag !





Frog Figurines Damon Gift

Frog Figurines – Damon Gift






I wonder what’s in that pipe

Garden Gnome – Battersea’s Spring Decorative Fair





Helen Liedloff - Goldscheider

Asian lady bust designed by Helen Liedloff – Goldscheider – 1950’s






Jingdezhen ceramic Japanese wind chime






 Be very wary of what you say in the morning when the missus is holding her knuckleduster coffee mug.






La Bottega Wonderland – Livellara  day  mood  tea pot  ‘Carmen’ 






Laurel Burch-1999

Laurel Burch-1999

Laurel Burch Ceramic modernist cat

Modernist Cat – Laurel Burch





Laurel Burch - Ceramic Cats

Laurel Burch  – Ceramic Cats





Lectora Veronique Didierlau

Véronique Didierlaurent figurine


Intarsio Art Nouveau jug  vase designed by Frederick Rhead for Wileman & Co. circa 1898






Aloha Hawaiian Girl  Maile  on Pineapple

( mahalotiki.com )





Natural-World-Collection penguins

Penguin Pair  – Natural World Animal Collection




Noi Volkov Teapot - Botero

Noi Volkov Teapot – ‘Botero’





Nordic Porcelain Hen Gongyuta

Nordic Porcelain Hen – Gongyuta





Keiko Masumoto pottery

‘Life inside a pot’ – Keiko Masumoto





Orange Box - Vaughan Nelson

‘Orange Box’ – Vaughan Nelson

Pirate Mugs

‘Pirate Skull Cup’

Yiwu Bing Cui E-commerce

Ceramic crab Caroline Selmes

Ceramic crab bowl – Caroline Selmes




Patricia LazarTeapot

Patricia Lazar ‘Geisha Girl Teapot’


Jason Bige Burnett – ‘Clown Nose Container’



sally meekins ceramics-red-jaster-teapot

Jolly Jester teapot – Sally Meekins





‘Melt Mug’ – Lenka Czereova




Twin CHAMELEON VASE Ardmore Australia Two ceramic chameleon figures

Twin Chameleon Vase  – Ardmore Australia




Ayanda-Mji Twin handles African terracotta vase

African terracotta vase Ayanda-Mji






enhanced-Lionel Richie tea mug

Lionel Richie Hello Mug





‘Dog Treat Jar’– cheers pottery – Etsy




Godzilla-Mug-by-Eileen-de-Rosas - white ceramic mug with green godzilla motif

‘Godzilla mug’ – Eileen de Rosas





‘Peach Tilt Teapot’ –Tom Hurbert




Space-mug-with-astronaut-space-walking-in-stars-and-planets Morris Pottery

‘Space Mug’ – Morris Pottery



vincent-magritte_ceramic teapot

Vincent Magritte teapot



Cheers Pottery etsy ceramic mug with cat motif

Cat Mug – Cheers Pottery etsy





Betty Boo Salt and Pepper Shaker – Westland





Found in the mud :  Local farmer with ancient (pre-Incan Moche culture) pottery he found while working in his fields.



More mud stuff :


MudStuffing Pottery



Mud Stuffing Pottery

Mud Stuffing Pottery –  Keith Phillips

My name is Keith Phillips and I make stuff. I make a lot of stuff. I’m a human factory of stuff making goodness. Most of the stuff I make is made from mud-like stuff, but sometimes I make stuff from other stuff. Some of the stuff I make isn’t real stuff, it’s virtual stuff, but most of the stuff I make is real stuff you use to drink stuff from. I’ve even made stuff that had stuffing in the stuff I made. That’s where the name MudStuffing Pottery came from.

Mud Stuffing Pottery – etsy




Keith Phillips teapot MudStuffing pottery

Keith Phillips teapot – MudStuffing pottery





‘Couple Tossed in the Wind’  Dinner Plate – MudStuffing pottery




Bathroom-Canister---Men-Fighting-Over-a-Woman MudStuffing pottery

‘Men Fighting over a Women’   – Keith Phillips




Keith Phillips Sandblasted Dessert Cup NC

Keith Phillips – Sandblasted Dessert Cup

MudStuffing pottery




Keith Phillips Cup

Keith Phillips Cup

Dinner Plate --Steampunk Moon by Keith Phillips

Dinner-Plate—Steampunk Moon By Keith Phillips

MudStuffing pottery