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Ceramic Mug Shots


The mug would have to be the most utilised item of functional ceramic wares.  In an age of  hi-tech and tough composite materials, it is remarkable that  ceramic materials are still favoured for mugs, even though they are breakable and on the bulky side. Whether it is earthenware, bone china, porcelain or stoneware, it’s hard to beat the organic earthiness of a ceramic mug. With the caffeine connoisseurs,  some people do over 30 cups a day, so I’d imagine a certain amount of bonding would be going on with their trusty ol’ coffee mug. The vehicle of the morning lifeline to get the day started and the companion of  the evening hot chocolate to help close it down. The hot chocolate of the 17th century was an extravagant brew infused with citrus peel, jasmine, vanilla, musk and ambegris.





Newcomb College art pottery mug

 Newcomb College Art Pottery Mug, c. 1900, decorated by Gertrude Roberts Smith with pitcher plants, high glaze with blue and green underglaze and base marked with Newcomb cipher




Early Neolithic mug

An early neolithic mug found in a tumulus at Fischbeker Heide, Neugraben-Fischbek, Hamburg, Germany.

( Wikipedia )

Switzerland coffee set by Friedrich Haas

Switzerland coffee set by Friedrich Haas from Schaan 1950’s





Slab built and stamped greenware

Slab built, stamped greenware

( Myrtle and Lucy – fickr )

Modernist Mug Mid Century

Laurentian modernist mug  – Mid Century




art deco sugar bowl

Art deco sugar bowl

( antique auctions now )





Art Studio MiroI Stani Red Ram Ceramic Mug

Red Ram Ceramic Mug – Art Studio MiroI Stani

All of the ceramic pieces are twice fired for strength and durability, with the second firing reaching over 1100 C degrees in an electric kiln.

( Etsy )





Back Bay Pottery

Back Bay Pottery

Bonnie-Seeman ceramic mugBonnie Seeman





brayceramics on Etsy

Bray ceramics –  ” I apply and layer a variety of colored clay slips and glazes to achieve the surface on my pots, I use sgraffito and slip trailing techniques to add lines, circles, and squares onto the forms. “

( etsy )


Pueblo ceramic mug

Pueblo ceramic mug ( 900 – 1300 AD )



Charity Davis Woodard

Charity Davis Woodard





Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh





Dameon Lynn ceramic mug

Dameon Lynn – mug with saucer





Textured Slab Mug

Textured Slab Mug

( Clay Blog )





Denby Chevron mugs

Denby Chevron mugs

( A LA Modern )





Dick Lehman

Dick Lehman





Dragonfly Coffee mug

Dragonfly Coffee mug

( One Clay Bead Etsy )





Edinburgh Pottery.Tankard

Edinburgh Pottery Tankard/mug






Gillian Parke

Vintage French Poster 1920

Vintage French Advertising Poster Print CAFFE ESPRESSO Servizio Istantaneo –

 V. Ceccanti – 1920





Hand Built Ceramic Coffee Mug

Hand Built Ceramic Coffee Mug – Laura B. Cooper Ceramics





Herringbone Slab Built Stoneware Mug

Herringbone Slab Built Stoneware Mug





JD Wolfe Pottery

JD Wolfe Pottery





Jennifer Falter Sgraffito mug

Jennifer Falter Sgraffito mug





Jim Koudelka ceramic mug

Jim Koudelka ceramic mug





John Roberts mug

John Roberts

( Mudfire Gallery 2011 )





Julie Covington

Julie Covington

( Mudfire Gallery 2012 )





Ken Nyberg highway sculpture

Ken Nyberg Sculpture


Dragon  coffee/tea set


Danish coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl and mugs.





Lauren Bausch Original Mug

Lauren Bausch Original





Little Art Monsterr

Skull Mug – Little Art Monsterr





Mangum pottery drinking mug

Mangum pottery






Mid Century Vintage Tiki mug





Turkish tankard/mug





Rachel Miller cool mug

Hand-built lace texture mug  – Rachel Miller

( Windfall Arts Etsy )





Ceramic rhinoceros mug

Ceramic rhinoceros mug

( Artfire Shop )





Ronan Kyle Peterson

Ronan Kyle Peterson





Royal Copenhagen Fajance Langalinie

Royal Copenhagen Fajance Langalinie Mug






Sandcastle Clay Works Pottery mug

Sandcastle Clay Works Pottery mug




Shadow May mug MudFire

Shadow May – ceramic mug

( MudFire )



Slab Mugs Waconia Senior High arts

Slab Mugs  – Waconia Senior High Arts





Stacey Esslinger

Stacey Esslinger textured mug





Steven Hill Pottery mug

Steven Hill Pottery mug


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