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Sebastian Moh, Malaysian inspired pottery.


yunomi porcelain

Sebastian Moh, of Malaysian background, produces pottery that reflects an Asian aesthetic and exudes a subliminity that I find really appealing. Created for everyday use, his beautiful pottery straddles the line between meditative object and  functional item.

"Sebastian Moh"

Sebastian Moh’s artistic statement:

Years ago in Malaysia I witnessed a demonstration on a pottery wheel and it planted the seed. I was drawn to the idea of indefinite variation, of tapping an eternity of creativity. From that point I paid close attention to the ceramic arts. Upon arrival in the United States, I received my degree in product design in 1993 at the  Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where he explored  the opportunity to take ceramic classes as an elective. After working in hospitality for a few years, I decided to pursue the vision that had formed so strongly as a youth. I set up a small studio and began exploring the possibilities.
The essence of my work is to create a visual interest that will trigger an aesthetic response. The vessels articulate a rhythm that appeals to an abstract of universal human emotion. My goal is to simply to make good work.

Sebastian is currently Vice President of the Louisville Clay Association.

His deep glazes are electric fired. ” The kiln is obviously an integral part of my process, I make the work and my kiln finishes it.  My glazes articulate the forms.  It is imperative that the kiln in which they are fired is reliable, making it an indispensable tool for me. My time is valuable and, for this reason, the kiln needs to be low maintenance and consistent.”

See Sebastian Moh :

Group Exhibition
Weber Gallery
1151 S. 4th Street,
Louisville, KY 40203
October 10 – December 31, 2012porcelain teabowl

Porcelain teabowl, electric kiln, multifired

" porcelain ewer"

vase porcelain

Porcelain Vasecup porcelain, electric firedgreen porcelain vase

 bowl porcelain

Porcelain Bowl – Sebastian Moh

Sebastian Moh Mug

Yunomi Teabowl

porcelain covered jar

porcelain, electric fired

covered jar

Nebula Tenmoku Bowl

Nebula Tenmoku
tea bowl, porcelain

yunomi chawan tea bowl

Yunomi chawan porcelain, electric fired.

Porcelain Bowl

Porcelain tumbler with slip and glaze

Tea Bowl