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White porcelain Royal Dux water bearer figurine

White porcelain Royal Dux water bearer



A collection of ceramic pieces, lively in diversity, colour and designs.


—-“indeed this substance, with its precious humility becomes, through its indestructibility, the most faithful bearer of man’s message. As far back as one goes in time, the works of humanity, from prehistoric times, have reached us not through stone which crumbles and wears away, or through metal which oxidizes and becomes like powder, but through slabs of pottery, the writing on which is as clear today as it was under the stiletto of the scribe who traced it.”  …..  Bernard Leach



Charles Schneider—Le Verre Français Art Deco vase

circa 1927


Alisher Nazirov,-Alisher Rakhimov, Abdulla Narzullaev (Uzbekistan) ceramic artisans

Alisher Nazirov, Alisher Rakhimov, Abdulla Narzullaev (Uzbekistan) ceramic artisans


Katsunori Sawa--Trax Gallery

Katsunori Sawa — Trax Gallery


Korbito-Yo Japan

Korbito Yo


Gambone Guido vintage vase

Guido  Gambone vintage vase




Fratelli Fanciullacci-'Spiral'-Italian-Ceramic-1950s-60s-Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci ‘Atomic Spiral’ Italian vase



Italian Ceramic tile--Gio Ponti--Richard Ginori

Italian Ceramic tile–Gio Ponti–Richard Ginori



Vintage Italian pitcher - Meli Salvatore

Vintage Italian pitcher – Meli Salvatore


Midcentruy ceramic landscape table

Otello Rosa—San Polo—Venezia


Paoli Pillin Paperweight-decorated with horses,-Los Angeles, late 20th-c

Paoli Pillin Paperweight – decorated with horses

Los Angeles, late 20th century


Peter Sparrey rose vase

Stoneware vase — Peter Sparrey

copper red glaze with iron decoration




Peter Voulkos ceramic plate-1957

Peter Voulkos ceramic plate



Rometti vase collection

Rometti silhouette vases

Umbertide 1930


Sargadelos Sargillos coffee set

Spanish Sargadelos Sargillos coffee set


Whirling Dervish SilleArtWork-etsy

Whirling Dervish – Sille Art Work @etsy



Walter Crane swan vase

Walter Crane swan vase


harvest grapes-Michael-Kay-vase

Michael Kay — harvest grapes vase



Rometti, vase -Dante-Baldelli-(1904-1953),-Umbertide

Rometti futurist vase – Dante Baldelli



Kumakura-Junkischi seed vase

Kumakura Junkischi




Lauren Gallaspy



Joseph Mougin-porcelain soap dish

Joseph Mougin – porcelain soap dish


Joan Miró-sculpture--Personage-(1978)

Joan Miró sculpture — ‘Personage’



Akio Takamori---1986

Akio Takamori




Angelo Biancici---Madonna

Angelo Biancici—Madonna


Aztec Style Sun Image--Pottery Wall Mask Mexico

Aztec Style Sun Image Pottery Wall Mask



Jan Edwards serving platter



Jean Cocteau-labre de science-Centrotevola terracotta

Jean Cocteau-labre de science-Centrotevola terracotta


Face vase--Michelle Blade

Face vase — Michelle Blade, SF



Marliz Frencken-–-A vase is a painting…

Marliz Frencken -–- ‘A vase is a painting…’



Vally-Wieselthier-RARE-Austrian lidded box

Vally Wieselthier Ceramic Box



Losol Ware stanley pattern

Footed and lidded vessel – Losol Ware stanley pattern



Meli Salvatore mid century vintage jug

 Salvatore Meli mid century vintage jug



Mentori Tokkuri faceted Saki bottle

Mentori Tokkuri faceted Saki bottle


Artic Rim--Merilyn Wiseman NZ ceramics

‘Artic Rim’ — Merilyn Wiseman NZ ceramics




Terracotta Dining Collection and Ceramic Vases by FAINA

Design by Victoria Yakusha – The most obvious visual reference to terracotta in the collection is the ZTISTA table, which in Ukrainian means ‘made of dough’. Yakusha explains her particular inspiration as “the spontaneous and naïve designs of a dinner table shaped by hand with a technique, that our ancestors used to create a hut-hut.” The base resembles a hand-made hunk of clay, complete with irregular perforations, though it is in fact made from steel, flax rubber, biopolymer, and cellulose.




Jessica Jordan Ceramics---Green Lands

‘Green Lands’ — Jessica Jordan Ceramics


Sculptural Vessel  – Jessica Jordan




Large Mermaid Bowl, Art Deco Sculptural Piece by Waylande Gregory



Midcentury Ceramic Italy Italian Large Lobster Vibrant Colors Red Blue 1960's Pottery---

Midcentury large ceramic Italian Lobster

Vibrant Colors Red Blue 1960’s



Bursting with life floral display

‘Bursting with life floral display’  —  Mohamed Alba



ceramic bowl -- Nani Champy Schott

Ceramic bowl — Nani Champy Schott



Stoneware dragon floor vase by Gunnar Nylund, 1950s




Eric-Astoul ceramic sculptural vase

Eric-Astoul ceramic sculptural vase




Fugi Naim doll figurines

Fuginaim etsy



Abstract face tikes--G. Şahin Kütahya--Turkey

Abstract face ceramic tiles panel — G. Şahin Kütahya




Glazed earthenware table –Salvatore Meli, 1953

 Colourful, mythical dog base



John Chamberlain -- Fenollosa's Column and The Arch of Lumps (right)

John Chamberlain — Fenollosa’s Column and The Arch of Lumps (right)



John Maltby-cup

John Maltby



Neera Gatti footed jug

Neera Gatti quad footed jug



Raoul Dufy fauvist underwater vase

Raoul Dufy fauvist underwater decor vase




Italian Art Nouveau vase F Pierrott

Italian Art Nouveau (liberty) vase – F. Pierrott



slip cast moulded vase, exposed underglazes and matt glazes-Caroline Cole

Caroline Cole slip cast moulded vase, exposed underglazes and matt glazes



Justin Telhet vases

Justin Telhet vase set



Klaus Fußmann jug vase

Klaus Fußmann jug vase


Ancient Greece vessel


Zoomorphic-polychromed-tripod vessel

Zoomorphic polychromed tripod Mayan vessel



Art Deco Clarice Cliff, 'Bizarre' vase

Art Deco Clarice Cliff, ‘Bizarre’ vase



Contemporary Japan Vase-by Hiraga Taeko

Contemporary Japanese Vase by Hiraga Taeko



Ceramic sculpture Horseman---Vladimir Mudrenko

Ceramic sculpture Horseman—Vladimir Mudrenko




Christe Soledad

Christie Soledad



Tang Dynasty Horse, China

Tang Dynasty terracotta horse, China



Mother Of The Universe Vase--Joey Le Meche

Mother Of The Universe Vase — Joey Le Meche



Vintage craquelure -/ vase-France-50s

Vintage craquelure vase, France 50s



Satsuma Pottery; Japanese, Vase, Baluster-Form, Bird & Flowering Branch, 12 inch.

Satsuma Pottery Vase, Baluster Form, Bird & Flowering Branch,

12 inch height



Yoichi Ohira lidded ceramic vessel

Yoichi Ohira lidded ceramic vessel



Kaku Hayashi Japanese ceramics

Kaku Hayashi



Laminated porcelain Lunar, small bowl by Dorothy Feibleman

 ‘Lunar’ – Laminated porcelain small bowl by Dorothy Feibleman



Kaku Hayashi ceramic sculpture

Kaku Hayashi ceramic sculpture



Mari Simmulson for Upsala Ekeby-ceramic vase

Mari Simmulson ceramic vase for Upsala Ekeby


Meli Salvatore monumental vessel

Meli Salvatore monumental vintage vessel



Poole charger

Poole charger

Rob’s Poole Pottery Blog



Shozo Michikawa

Shozo Michikawa


Huge Merino sculpture

Huge Merino sheep sculpture




Polia Pillin-(1909---1992);-Bulbous vase with-women and bird10ins height

Polia Pillin–Bulbous vase with women and bird

10ins height


Theo & Susan Harlander-Brooklin pottery vase

Theo & Susan Harlander – Brooklin pottery vase


Hinrich Kroeger porcelian poodle

Hinrich Kroeger porcelain poodle



Alessandra Foletti exhibition –  Galerie La Bouee, Cherbourg, France

19th March to 11th July, 2021


Shoji Hamada japanese pottery

Shoji Hamada