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Brussels – Ceramic Event 8  


Brussels ceramic event eight




Ceramic Event 8   —  23rd September to 1st October 2017

139 Moliere Avenue, Brussels  — Midday to 6pm

An annual event dedicated to contemporary ceramic arts featuring 65 artists displaying 400 works in the heart of Brussels.

A versatile selection of ceramic artisans including
Paule Fattaccioli, Atsuhi Kitahara, Lee Bomi, Chloé Peytermann, Denis Castaing,
Eve Vaucheret, Jo Schoenmakers & Marjo de Vries, Margot Thyssens, Oana Stoica, Patrick Jadot, Simona
Janišová, Valérie Ceulemans, Mirka Janeckova, Claire Marfisi, Edwige Thiou, Rosana Guest Freixas, Vera
Stoef, Anima Roos, Marta Armada, Claudia Aravena and  Nevin Arig.

PDF  program

Composition of the selection committee –

Gallery of Ô
Private Collector
Mels Boom, ceramist and editor of the magazine Klei.
Sylvette Gaudichon, in charge of collections and exhibitions of applied arts at the Museum La Piscine, Roubaix.
Lynn Fridmann, ceramist, co-president and co-ordinator of the Swissceramics events.

An additional Ceramic Artshop boutique space will be dedicated to ceramic jewelry



Art Nonuveau building Brussels

Ceramic Event Venue  — 139 Avenue Moliere, Brussels





Chloé Peytermann ceramic bowl




Mirka Janeckova

Mirka Janeckova




Claire Marfisi



Lee Bomi ceramics





Marta Armada ceramic pendant




Paule-Fattaccioli-ceramic-bowl with tulips

Paule Fattaccioli





Patrick Jadot


Also exhibiting at this current event (asterisk) and past Ceramic Event artists


Anima-Roos-footed ceramic-red koi bowl

Anima Roos*  —  red koi bowl


Nathalie-Jover three matt porcelain cups

Nathalie Jover




Albane Trolle – elegant footed bowls




Thérèse-Lebrun-white porous ceramic-sculpture

‘Concrétion’ — Thérèse Lebrun*



Anne-Marie-Laureys-folded-ceramic-sculpture - natt peach colour

Anne Marie Laureys* ceramic sculpture




Anne Marie Laureys*




Atsuhi Kitahara – Japanese contemporary bowls




Liz-Lescault contemporary vases

Liz Lescault




Bernard-Pierre-french ceramique vessel

Bernard Pierre



Didier-Joly--glass and clay sculpture

Didier Joly* sculpture


Cecil Kemperink ceramic jewelry

Cecil Kemperink*



Bol-fleur-Christelle-Gourmet ceramics

Ceramique bol fleur  — Christelle Gourmet




'Elodie-Chenu----five ceramic cups

‘Elodie Chenu—-ceramic cups



Virginie-Besengez ceramic vase

Virginie Besengez ceramic caldron




Lucy-Morrow-geometrical ceramic-sculpture

Lucy Morrow*



Claudia+Wassiczek-ceramic-sculpture raw abstract

Claudia Wassiczek ceramic sculpture




Domingo Nathalie–ceramic sculptured bowl


Eliane-Monnin-ceramic sculpture with budding plants

Eliane Monnin ceramic sculpture




Art Deco St. Augustin Church in Altitude Cent- by architects Léon Guianotte and André Watteyne

Forest, Belgium



'Elodie-Chenu---ceramic sculptural bottles

‘Elodie Chenu




Elsa Alayse



Eve-Vaucheret Brussels ceramics

Eve Vaucheret* porcelain artist Brussels



Eve Vaucheret




Fabienne Withofs*



Fabienne-Withofs-with large ceramic plate

Fabienne Withofs


Frédérique-Fenouil-abstract-céramique sculpture

Frédérique Fenouil  abstract céramique sculpture




Nathalie-Jover ceramique tumblers and cups

Nathalie Jover



Brussels-Avenue-Molière-Bas-relief-de-Jef-Lambeaux - art nouveau

Brussels, Avenue Molière Bas relief de Jef Lambeaux



Markéta Nováková and Mira Podmanická bio vases with relief texture

Markéta Nováková and Mira Podmanická bio vases


Monika-Patuszynska ceramic vases

Monika Patuszynska


Monika Patuszynska sculptural vases





Myung Joo Kim*



Nathalie-Doyen-ceramic-art vessel

Nathalie Doyen sculptured stone art



Nathalie Doyen

Nathalie Doyen sculptured stone

 Nathalie Doyen creates intricate textures on stone by meticulously repeating the same gesture of pricking the earth with a needle and adding colour.



Nathalie-Jover-elegant-porcelain bowls

Nathalie Jover elegant bowls



Nathalie-Van-De-Wouwer-footed chawan

Nathalie Van De Wouwer chawan



Nathalie Van De Wouwer–ceramic bowl


Daniela Schlagenhauf ceramic porcelain sculpture

Daniela Schlagenhauf




Charles Buls fountain, Brussels



Dorothée Loriquet. white polymorphic sculpture

Dorothée Loriquet



Ceramic Event 2 – Forest, Belgium





La Ville de Bruxelles



White tree ceramic-plate-dufour-laurent

White tree motif ceramic-plate — Laurent Dufour*




rouge bols-Isabelle-Leclercq

Rouge bols – Isabelle Leclercq



Jane-Norbury-raku-vase with fresh flowers

Jane Norbury* raku vase




Pascale-de-Visscher ceramic sculpture

Pascale de Visscher




Marianne-Vandebussche-porcelain-dish-textured exterior, smooth interior

Marianne Vandebussche porcelain dish



monika-patuszyńska-tea-set - black, white and yellow

Monika Patuszyńska tea set



Eliane Monnin




Marianne Vandebussche



myung-joo-kim-sculpture anomorphic

Myung Joo Kim* anomorphic sculpture




Noemi Niederhauser



Olivia-Walker--ceramic-artist in studio

Olivia Walker*





Paolo Polloniato




Paolo-Polloniato---contemporary ceramic-sculpture

Paolo Polloniato — contemporary ceramic sculpture





Stéphane Guiffrey—ceramic artist



Stéphane Guiffrey handpainted ceramic ovoid vessel

Stéphane Guiffrey hand-painted ceramic ovoid vessel




Suzy-Balkert--terra-sigillata-bowl. orange and black glaze

Suzy Balkert — terra sigillata bowl





Art Nouveau sgraffiti on La Maison Cauchie, artist Paul Cauchie’





Thierry Luang Rath


Thierry Luang Rath

Thierry Luang Rath geometric pattern ceramic/glass cup




Valérie Ceulemans*



Valérie Ceulemans*



Vera-Zegerman-surrealist sculpture

Vera Zegerman-surrealist ceramic sculpture



Tjok-Dessauvage--ceramicist holding a ceramic sculpture

Tjok Dessauvage



Tjok-Dessauvage-ceramic sculpture

Tjok Dessauvage




Nicolas Raguin



Nicolas-Raguin black and white striped cup

Nicolas Raguin



Olivia-Walker-ceramic footed cup

Olivia Walker*



Omur-Tokgoz-(Turkey)---perfectly-imperfect-white paperclay vessels

Omur Tokgoz (Turkey) — paperclay vessels



Renhilde Van Grieken sculptural ceramic form

Renhilde Van Grieken*



sylvie-gorde-porcelaine sculpture bowl

Sylvie Gorde porcelaine




Sylvie Gorde

Sylvie Gorde



Caroline Andrin pottery

Caroline Andrin




Ceramic anthropomorphic sandstone pyrité sculpture — Puisaye Cloutier




Frédéric Pagace– ceramic chawan



Sarah-Clotuche--ceramicist artist creating a sculpture

Sarah Clotuche



Hasan Baskirkan

Hasan Baskirkan