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Art quotes, quirks and conquering clay


Milan Villa

Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta – Renassaince Lombardy palace filled with classical statues and lavish embellishments




Art quotes interspersed with the diversity of ways that nature and humans conquer clay.




Natural Elephant-Rock-Iceland

Elephant Rock, a natural lava formation created in 1973 after the sudden eruption of Mount Eldfell, Iceland



Minoan wall art

Shakespeare quote with Minoan wall art procession



Huge natural Balancing Rock Albany, Australia

Huge natural ‘Balancing Rock’ Albany, Australia



Shozo Michikawa ceramic sculpture

Shozo Michikawa ceramic sculpture


Modigliani quote



Benalla garden mural

Benalla Botanical Gardens mural –

Created by skilled and unskilled artists alike with recognised input from aboriginal groups, the curvaceous terracotta clay Ceramic Mural, with its collanades, cave seats, “thongaphones” and amphitheatre invites the curious to explore its many features. Much of the ceramic work was completed by local artist Judy Lorraine and David W Moore



 Ceramic mural in Victorian town of Benalla



benalla gardens ceramic-mural

Benalla ceramic mural



Ceramic mural relaxing throne



Rock climbing at Big Chief, Lake Tahoe

Rock climbing at Big Chief, Lake Tahoe





Lion statues - Bradley and Robin Teets

Lion statues

photo – Bradley and Robin Teets




Ceramic vase Decembrance 2020-Catherine White

Decembrance 2020 – Catherine White



Mukta Top-India hikes-Leo Saldanha

Mukta Top – India hikes –

Photo Leo Saldanha


Grython meets storm


Camouflage by Elnaz Nourizadeh

‘Camouflage’ ceramic bust by Elnaz Nourizadeh



Megalithic culture on Nias Island in Indonesia




David G Wright wavy incised teapot

David G Wright wavy incised teapot


Joan Miro Disque1956

Joan MiroDisque’



Frozen Angel


Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park



Roger Capron pitcher mid century

Roger Capron pitcher






'End Of The Trail'-Clarence Addison Shaler

‘End Of The Trail’ – Clarence Addison Shaler



Guardia statue on mountain side

Guardian statue overlooking harbour



late 17th century Japanese Imari lacquered vase

Japanese Imari lacquered vase

late 17th century



Picasso vase--Le Musee Magnelli Musee

Picasso vase–Le Musee Magnelli



Arucas statue,  Canary Islands



Eric-Roinestad ceramic art

Eric Roinestad


Buddha statue

Buddha holding a lotus bowl



Hyper Fast-Cedric Ragot ceramic vessel

‘Hyper Fast’ – Cedric Ragot



Herman Kahler in his workshop by-Laurits Ring-1890

Herman Kahler in his workshop by Laurits Ring



Herman A Kahler art pottery vase, Denmark




Ideal Palace-France

Ideal Palace – France



Postman Ferdinand Cheval created the Ideal Palace

Postman Ferdinand Cheval created the Ideal Palace, working 10 hours a day after doing his post deliveries for 10 hours, over a span of 33 years.


Bronze Bowl with Lace--Ursula von Rydingsvard

‘Bronze Bowl with Lace’ — Ursula von Rydingsvard







“I’d rather risk an ugly surprise then rely on things I know I can do.”



Rodin’s ‘Monument to Balzac’ was originally rejected by the critics in Paris. This overly innovative monument caused such an outrage when it was unveiled in 1898 that the commission was cancelled. Rodin never saw his monument cast in bronze. Balzac is depicted in a monks habit, which he liked to wear as a dressing gown when he was writing. The contours were diffused to create a blurred figure alluding to an impressionist style and a dishevelled appearance was favoured but the unmistakable depth of spirit was overlooked by the superficial critiques.



Statue of Saint Peter




Jean-Michel Voge photo

Jean-Michel Voge photo



‘Circle’ – Jackson Pollock



Juan Bordes ceramic bust

Juan Bordes ceramic bust



Limestone rock formations. The Stone Forest, Shilin Yi, Yunnan

Limestone rock formations. The Stone Forest, Shilin Yi, Yunnan

photo – Juan Carlos Munoz


Roger-Herman abstracted ceramic from

Roger Herman



‘Woman and Bird’ statue





Joan Miro sculpture

Joan Miro ceramic totem sculpture



ceramic Buddha figure

Large Hand Painted Clay Buddha Figure



Slipping Stone Series, 2005----Robyn Horne

Slipping Stone Series—-Robyn Horne




Balancing act at Step, Istanbul

Ceramic sculpture balancing act at Step, Istanbul



Nathalie Cuvelier-Ya Teak-Pyan-cave-hpa-an-kayin-state-karen-state-Myanmar-burma-asia_u-l-q12s9zz0

Ya Teak Pyan Cave, Myanmar

photo – Nathalie Cuvelier




Valencia porta Almoina o dels Repobladors — The last Cathars



Mount Wudjub Guyun (Hollow Mountain)-–-Gariwerd

My son climbed this mountain recently and noticed the Wandjina (cloud spirit) face in the cave

Mount Wudjub Guyun (Hollow Mountain)-–-Gariwerd

The Grampians, Australia


Dragon profile

Mount Wudjub Guyun (Hollow Mountain)-–-Gariwerd



Pair of porelain Dragon vases



Batei ishi-–-Dragon Gate

Batei ishi-–-Dragon Gate — Suiseki stone



Hollow Mountain dragon

Hollow Mountain accent




Outdoor sculpture RHS-garden-Rosemoor

Outdoor sculpture at RHS garden, Rosemoor




Villa Monastero Neptune – Photograph by Judy Wolinsky



Visconti classical statues

Villa  Visconti Litta – Milan Province



Villa  Visconti Litta Venus


Villa  Visconti Litta palace


Villa  Visconti Litta


Villa Visconti Litta Venus water feature




Porcelain Venus by Jeff Koons

Porcelain ‘Venus’ by Jeff Koons

NGV Triennial 2020 till April 2021


Dionysus statue adoration



Golden Bodhisattva-Malaysia Ipoh Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple-Gold-Statue

Golden Bodhisattva – Malaysia Ipoh Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple



Bruce Lee quote




Demeter Goddess of Abundance

Boboli Gardens, Florenc



Spike Milligan qoute on VeniceClayArtists



Making a Monumental-clay-pot demonstration

Monumental clay pot demonstration




Peter Voulkos – ‘Black Bulerias’



Scheier-Pottery relief cup

Scheier Pottery



French ceramicist Georges Jouve---Sculpture--1951---37ins

French ceramicist Georges Jouve—abstract figure sculpture

1951 — 37ins height



Steven Forbes De soule-ceramic art

Steven Forbes De Soule — Earth and Sky raku vessel



Art Deco Rene Lalique-Archers Vase

Rene Lalique – ‘Archers Vase’



dragon abode-Calderona

Dragon abode – Sierra Calderona




Michael Lucero - North American Dreamer

Michael Lucero – ‘North American Dreamer’



Milan--VI-Art-Triennial.-Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art-Albissola-Head design by De Salvo

Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art, Albissola-Head design by De Salvo

Milan VI Art Triennial 1936



'The Lovers' - Raymong Duchanp Villon sculpture relief

‘The Lovers’ – Raymong Duchanp Villon



Mosaic statue

Mosaic statue at Tarot Gardens – Nikki Saint Phalle



Mosaic Water Bearer  – Nikki Saint Phalle


Red and silver rocket – Nikki Saint Phalle



The fountain at Wittenberg Platz in Berlin--el_vogel

The fountain mermaid at Wittenberg Platz, Berlin





One of the largest equestrian monuments in the world weighing 28 tons

Alagir gorge on the Transcaucasian highway