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Street Sculpture





“Monument Au Fantome”

Jean Dubuffet, 1977 –  Discovery Green Park, Houston


Sculpture on the streets


Thankfully, installation and reverence for outdoor art has endured through the ages, resulting in many remarkable sculptures being accessible publicly. Installations of public art offers the opportunity to establish a narrative with the natural, historical and mythical worlds in an urban setting. At times acting as a poignant vehicle for political statements and social commentary. They exist as a permanent fixture that in some instances acts as a reminder of a triumph or a tragedy. It has brought sculpture to many people who might never look at or think about this art form, and it has continued to promote art as a topic for discussion.
Public art can express a multitude of insights and feelings. It can provide a valuable conduit of knowledge and emotion from a distant historical event, and exist as a defining record that encapsulates what occurred. Public art icons have been created over time that have captured the cultural milieu and stood as a monument to that era. Outdoor art at its best can enthrall, challenge, educate, illuminate and be a delight. For some it can be a revelation and awakening.


Rocket-Thrower-19641-Donald DeLue flickr

 ‘The Rocket Thrower’ – Corona Park, NY


The original public art was spiritually motivated and existed to promote objects of worship.This ancient instinct is still aroused and provoked through all types of public art, especially where a collective adoration develops for an art piece. The relevance of this art should never be underestimated or carelessly discarded. The disticntive elements of a culture and its cohesive forces are quite often defined through art.
Public art allows artists and their creative vision to have an influence on the civic decision making process and inspire aesthetic awareness and community identity. For example Gaudi’s architectural art in Barcelona or Picassos contribution to contemporary public art in Chicago.
Bland environments offer a perfect juxtaposition for being enlivened by a dynamic street sculpture.. The tremendous accessibility of outdoor art and diversity of locations can be utilized for vivid impact and invigoration of public spaces. Public art offers the opportunity to humanize a bleak location. The visual presence of outdoor art sustains the celebration and preservation of the human spirit, reflected through its subject matter and the  inspiration and creativity of the artist.



Baltasar Lobo_ Madrid_Dec_2008

 Baltasar Lobo ‘Hommage à la femme’

Madrid  2008



Street Sculpture - Baltasar Lobo 'Hommage à la femme' - 1985

Baltasar Lobo ‘Hommage à la femme’






Fernando Botero – Botero Plaza, surrounded by the Museum of Antioquia and the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture





Australian sculpture Broken Hill

 Living Desert – Broken Hill





Belgian sculptor Rik Poot

 Rik Poot, Belgium



‘Convergence 1’ – Peter Newsome

 Artpark Sculpture




 ‘Rex’ – Bielsko Biala

City fountain–Reksio, Poland






“Gathering of the Moon”, standing 17 feet tall,  installed in Olympic Park, Beijing

Bruce Beasley, USA





 Boston Park duck sculpture




Chessmar-Sculpture--Brian Anders Chessmar--Santa-Barbara-CA YinYang

 ‘Yin Yang’ – Brian Anders Chessmar

Santa Barbara- CA





Henry Moore’s abstract sculpture, Three Way Piece No. 2 — more commonly known as The Archer.

New City Hall, Toronto – Canada

Some of the viewing public were aghast when they witnessed the unveiling of Henry Moore’s ” The Archer” in 1966 in Toronto. Local newspapers dubbed it “Henry Moore’s big bronze whatchamacallit”Appreciation levels have increased somewhat since then for the monumental work. Henry Moore liked the architectural design of the New City Hall  by Viljo Revell so much that he offered the sculpture at a discount with free shipping and installation. At first, the design was not accepted; many councillors and citizens felt that the city council should concern itself with sidewalks and sewers, not abstract art. In the end the purchase eventuated but the controversy cost the Mayor, Phillip Givens, his re-election.  

source – http://citiesintime.ca/toronto/




 ‘The Archer’ , Toronto




Abstract bronze Grand Piano Player sculpture

Shijiazhuang Yuanzhao

Xiamen, China



Outdoor sculpture "Mirroring 1995" Keld Moseholm (Denmark)

“Mirroring 1995”  Keld Moseholm (Denmark)




 ‘Ethos’ – Tom Bass – 1961

Height 4 metres – Civic Square , Canberra



Èze,-Provence sculpture - France

 Eze seaside sculpture, France




“Figure” by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi.

San Francisco International airport




Fisheye-lens.-Bert Flugelman's-stainless-steel Mall's-Balls

Stainless steel sculpture –  ‘Mall’s Balls’ – Bert Flugelman

Adelaide, Australia




‘Gaia’ (1998) in Utrecht – Fons Bemelman, NL




Dutch artist - Fons Bemelman sculptures

Fons Bemelman





French artist - Henri Matisse

 Sculpture by Henri Matisse

Musée Matisse, Le Cateau-Cambrésis




Italian Bicycle Monument

 ‘Le Tour de France dans les Pyrénées’

l’Aire des Pyrénées

18m high monument, made of alumina and steel, 1995


Karma- A Tower of Blinded Men Rising into the Sky by Do Ho Suh


 ‘Karma- A Tower of Blinded Men Rising into the Sky’

Height 23 feet, New Orleans Museum of Art.

by Korean sculptor Do Ho Suh




Les dames vertes sculpture de Deny Lavoyer-à-la-Petite-Pierre-(Parc-Naturel-Régional-des-Vosges-du-Nord)

 Les dames vertes sculpture de Deny Lavoyer




lespassionsdetom Walter de BUCK sculpture

Sculpture by de Walter de BUCK, Belgium


Les Passions de Tom






 Monte Carlo –  The Sculpture Path



Sculpture Nymph Diana, designed-by-Louis Auguste Leveque,-Tuileries-garden, Paris

 Nymph Diana, designed by Louis Auguste Leveque

Tuileries garden, Paris




Nymphe allongée Auguste Guénot,-Palais-de-Tokyo,-Paris

 Auguste Guénot

Palais de Tokyo, Paris



Pablo-Atchugarry monumental sculpture

  Uruguayan sculptor Pablo Atchugarry




36-foot-tall concrete sculpture enlargement of Pablo Picasso’s 1934 ‘Bust of Sylvette’, executed by Carl Nesjär and Sigurd Frager in 1967

Silver Towers, NYU

New York

Wally Gobetz – flickr





Sculpture on Malecon (boardwalk) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico





Ruth Duckworth,-Untitled-sculpture-in-porcelain

Porcelain bird sculpture – Ruth Duckworth




 Plamen Dimitrov – ‘Sudden Meeting’





Statue of Ingolfur Arnarson the Viking--the-first-Nordic-settler-of-Iceland

 Statue of Ingolfur Arnarson the Viking

Made by Einar Jónsson in 1924 and located on Arnarhóll, Reykjavík




The-weight-of-life-by-Giovanni-Sottile - Sculptor ?

 Sculpture by artist ?

photo Giovanni Sottile




The Bamberg Horseman  is a life-size stone equestrian statue by an anonymous medieval sculptor in the cathedral of Bamberg, Germany.


Photo – Tilman2007 – Wikipedia




 WB Yeats statue by Rowan Gillespie

Sligo, Ireland



Mark Hill Maori Chiefs sculpture-'Welcome O Visitors From Afar'-Queenstown airport

 Mark Hill Maori Chiefs sculpture – ‘Welcome O Visitors From Afar’

Queenstown airport, NZ




Wenceslas-Square garden sculpture

Prague , Czechoslovakia



 Reclining figure sculpture by waterfall – Charles Umlauf

 Umlauf  Sculpture Garden and Museum, Austin – Texas



Philip Jackson's-Garden -Skittles with Scarlatti

 ‘Skittles with Scarlatti’   – Phillip Jackson

Philip Jackson’s Garden




Tuileries- Garden,-Paris Tuileries-Statue-by-Stewart-Leiwakabessy-on-Flickr

Tuileries Garden statue, Paris

Stewart Leiwakabessy on Flickr




Roger-Capron-France sculpture Roger Capron decorated by Jacotte Capron.

Roger Capron sculpture, decorated by Jacotte Capron.

Valbonne, France

Stone, Flickr



artpark_sculpture Ginger Gilmour - Aeriel_2


 Ginger Gilmour – Aeriel 2

artpark sculpture



Jacques Lipchitz,_Birth of the Muses_(1944-1950), MIT Campus

Jacques Lipchitz, – ‘Birth of the Muses’


MIT Campus, USA



Ann Davey Masters Memorial Sculpture Garden Larry Bechtel sculpture - 'Calling-the-Powers'

 ‘Calling the Powers’ – Larry Bechtel

Ann Davey Masters Memorial Sculpture Garden, Roanoke, VA



Abduction_of Europa - European parliament Strasbourgh --statue,-standing-in-front-of-the-Winston-Churchill-building

‘Abduction Of Eurpoa’ – Strasbourgh

 Refers to ancient mythology and depicts one the most ancient representations of Europa.




 Sculptor Theodoros Papagiannis




Andy Scott,-Lifeline sculpture

‘Lifeline’ – Andy Scott






Limestone mandala sculpture – Dale Enochs



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