Venetian Art

Tomb with an equestrian statue of condottiero Nicolo Orsini-(1442-1510)-Captain General of Venice, San Zanipolo

Tomb with an equestrian statue of condottiero Nicolo Orsini-(1442-1510)-Captain General of Venice, San Zanipolo


Venetian Murano Glass Compote with Scene of Neptune and Venice

Blue and gold Venetian Murano Glass Compote –  Scene of Neptune and Venice





Murano nude sculpture by Stefano Toso



Jaume Plensa-à-Venise---Flickr--RUI-RUI

Jaume Plensa- Venice Biennale

Flickr–Rui Rui




La Palla dOro_(Venise)Sculpture atop the Dogana building

La Palla dOro Sculpture atop the Dogana building in Venice





 Manfred Kielnhofer- Guardians Of Time

Venice Biennale 2013




Venice-Biennale’s-Encyclopaedic-Palace Sculpture by Khaled Zaki © Khaled Zaki

Sculpture by Sculpture by Khaled Zaki  © Khaled ZakiVenice Biennale’s Encyclopaedic Palace  © Khaled Zaki

Venice Biennale’s Encyclopaedic Palace




San Zanipolo,-medieval tomb in Venice, italy

San Zanipolo, medieval tomb




Venice_-_Well courtyard of the Ca’-D’Oro

Well in the courtyard of the Ca’-D’Oro. The Ca’ d’Oro (House of Gold), which is situated on the Grand Canal, is one of the oldest palaces in Venice. It was built in the early 15th century.

Photo Nino Barbieri – wikimedia



Venice, Pala d'Oro,-centro---Christus Pantocrator & four Evangelists

Pala d’Oro, centro—Christus Pantocrator & four Evangelists, Venice





Doges palace, venice




Venice,-Basilica di San Marco, north facade

Basilica di San Marco, north facade, Venice




Gold lunar venetian mask

Venetian Crescent Moon mask





Glazed terracotta figurines – Otello Rosa — San Polo, Venice




pierre - venetian mask with canal scene

Venetian mask with canal scene




Venetian art glass blackamore figural candleholder

Venetian art glass blackamore figural candleholder




Gallartroma---Victor Panchenko - Venice Samarkanda dream

Venice Samarkanda dream’ – Victor Panchenko  





Conjoined vases – San Polo, Venice




Henri Cartier Bresson-boat in Venice

Boat on Venetian Canal  –  Henri Cartier Bresson




Venetian_water_jug_with a bird on the top

Venetian water jug




Mid Century cat sculpture – San Polo






Matching pair of Blackamoor’s with Shell Trays





Vase with abstract motif – San Polo



Carnevale Di Venezia


The famous Carnevale Di Venezia has a traditon that dates back over a thousand years to 1094 where carnivale festivities as public entertainment in the days leading up to Lent were decreed by the Government of the Doge Vitale Falier. The carnivale lasted for over a month up to Ash Wedensday and the Venetians celebrated wearing masks and colourful costumes. The beginning of the carnivale starts with special traditional celebrations such as the warrior dance of the ” Morescoa” and the “Svolo del Turco ” ( flight of the Turk ), which is a dangerous stunt. Carnival represents a sort of  ” time out of time ” in which fortunes are reversed: the poor become rich, the powerless become powerful. Social customs are overturned; women aggressively pursue men, for example. During the time of Carnevale, it’s important to remain anonymous, so when “real time” returns, it returns to exactly the same place.

Venice Carnivale

Venice Carnivale




kuprat-on-Flickr - Venice Carnivale - red costume, white mask

Red carnivale costume

kuprat on Flickr




Venice Museo Storico Navale. Bucentaur

“This lavishly decorated boat with the Goddess Libra ( who is ruled by Venus), was used every year on Ascension Day up to 1798 to take the doge out to the Adriatic Sea to perform the ‘Marriage of the Sea’ – a ceremony that symbolically wedded Venice to the sea every year on the ‘Festa della Sensa’





venice-mask in red and gold

Carnivale mask – Venice





Venice carnival costume- minube




Venice Carnival on canal

Susanna – minube




Photos-of-Carnival-of-Venice-Susanna-minube - girl in pink carnivale costume

Carnival of Venice and the four Tetrarchs

Susanna – minube





Photos-of-Carnival-of-Venice--Maria Cabrera Lozano

Carnival of Venice–Maria Cabrera Lozano – minube




Staircase at Ca Segredo Hotel, Venice. with cherub statue

Staircase at Ca Segredo Hotel, Venice.




Venice gothic architeture


‘Svolo del Turco’

“The Flight of the Angel” from the tower of St Mark’s Campanile Bianca Brandolini D’Adda

( )




aA lady wearing a burnt orange carnival outfit. Venice, Italy

Carnival in Venice, Veneto, Italia.

pedro lastr – flickr, 2012


Venice Italy carnivale

alessandro 1948 – flickr )

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