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The End of History’s dazzling displays

50's Murano glass

50’s Murano glass

Italian Bitossi Ceramic

Italian company Bitossi.


 The End of History  is a uique store in Manhattan that is mainly dedicated to decorative glass and ceramic wares displaying over 10,000 pieces. It boasts the largest single showroom of ceramic and glass pieces in the world. Their specialty is vintage Mid-Century art pieces from the 50’s and 60’s sourced from  America and most of Europe including Swedish Gustavsberg, Italy’s Murano Glass, Denmark’s Soholm and Saxbo and German Rosenthal. There are also original glass and ceramics from the 20’s t0 40’s and it’s easy to see why it has become favourite for prop stylist’s and professional decorators.. A dazzling array of style and colour pervades the displays. Owner Stephen Saunders has been runnng the store for 15 years and has amassed an impressive collection that is worthy of a museum.

He sends pickers to antique markets across the country and overseas because they have become so popular; and he believes his shop has really contributed to that. He claims ” I am allowing people to rediscover things. I buy things that I love and re-present them as the luxury goods they once were. Everything goes through a period in which it’s unfashionable, but now that it has come back for the second time, it’s here to stay.’ As the store name suggests and being 2012 and all that, if we’re going under…lets go down in style.




Carstens West German pottery

” Ankara ” – Seide for Carstens West German pottery factory, from 1964.


A turquoise porcelain hand carved vase.

Designed by Karl Leutner in 1954 for Heirich as part of their Gemmo line.

Yves Klein. Germany

 The trademark indigo  blue of  Yves Klein. Germany

Designed by Kaarina Aho  for a company called Arabia, Finland, 1960’s

  Modernist Italian Ceramic wall plaques –  1950s



Handcarved Swedish Vase

Handcarved Swedish Vase – Per Liliengren

Danish Saxbo

Danish Saxbo -an avacado celedon

A giant clam – the pearl is the size of a baseball !

Royal Haeger Tall Vases

Royal Haeger – 22 inches in height

Ronbo vase - Denmark

Ronbo vase – Denmark

Karlsruhe Majolica, Germany

Karlsruhe Majolica, Germany

Gunnar Nylund for Rörstrand, Sweden, 1950’s

Swedish artisan Claes Theil Ceramic

“Carbon Crystalline” glazing with pitted gunmetal.

Swedish artisan Claes Theil in the early 80s.

Upsala-Ekeby , Sweden 50's

“Kokos”  ( coconut ) Designed by Hjördis Oldfors for Upsala-Ekeby , Sweden  50’s

1960’s Danish ceramic vase.

Barbini, Murano

Fluted Vase – Barbini, Murano – 1950s.

Murano Egg Sculpture,12" tall

A Mid-Century Modern Murano Egg Sculpture,12″ tall

Töpferhof Gramann Römhild Studio

 Lava glaze vessels by Siegfried Gramann for Töpferhof Gramann Römhild Studio, Germany

Schmid Porcelain

Produced in Japan for Schmid Porcelain and designed by lauded American modernist LaGardo Tackett in 1958.

Wallakra, Sweden

Arthur Andersson for Wallakra, Sweden

Scheurich Keramik

Speckled Taupe and Teal Vase  – Scheurich Keramik, West Germany, 1950s


 Stig Lindberg bowl for Gustavsberg, Sweden

Doyle Lane

 Spherical crackle white vase Doyle Lane


Arne Bang Denmark

 Arne Bang Denmark 30’s – 40’s

Barbini bowl -circa 1950s, Murano, Italy.

Meko - Denmark

Modernist salt cellars, Meko – Denmark ( enamel on silver base )

Heinrich - Germany

50’s porcelain with Art Deco styling , Heinrich – Germany

Transmutation glaze – Michael Andersen & Sons around 1940

All above photos by Daniel Petix

The End of History Blogspot here : http://theendofhistoryshop.blogspot.com.au

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