Monthly Archives: September 2008

Random wares

Inspired by Australian aboriginal dot painting.

The design on these first two Australian ceramics were inspired by aboriginal dot painting.

Teapot and mug inspired by Australian Aboriginal dot painting Dot Painting Cockatoo Teapot & Mug

Green Dragon teapot Green Dragon Teapot from Lions-head  Mountain, Taiwan

 Green Celadon Teapot

Royal Dalton Orchid series

Royal Dalton ” Orchid Series “

This unique piece was given to me by a friend who worked at an antique shop but so far I haven’t been able to determine  its origin.

Qing Dynasty Vase Qing Dynasty Vase

Opp Shop find

  Korean Celedon Vase

Japanese porcelain translucent cupJapanese translucent porcelain tea cup